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properly be stiled the Fribbles of our has been frequently reproached? What . species. It is true, they are of 'fo. though we, together with the Spaniels,

reign extraction, which alone is fuf- ' have been accused, I do not fay wrong' ficient merit; and seèm, indeed, to "fully, of crouching to our enemies, and 'be as much preferred by the beau ! licking the band that beats us? Is not

monde to our English Grey-hounds, this every day practised among Your ' as their countrymen in the Haymarket speeies? And is it not countenanced

are to our English fingers. But though • by the greatest examples ? In fawning this breed is lo diminutive, that I my. and flattering we are by no means fin

self have coursed one of them for an • gular; and crouching and cringing • hare, yet I will venture to pronounce, « are not confined to the brute fpecies. " that, be the tax what it will, not a I very heartily second the requelt of Fide in the land will be facrificed to my friend; and I doubt not but the the laws.

arguinents you will use in our behalf "Our request to you is to display our I will be able to divert the itorm that merits to the world, and convince

" threatens us. This you may be af• mankind of the innocence of our in- ' sured of, that if my life is fpared

tentions, and the hardships that we through your means, it shall be de* already labour under. Though I ' voted to your service; and you shall

have enlarged on my own case, I have fup, as often as you pleafı, on a brace the honour to address you in the name • of birds.' of all my brethren ; fuch of them, I This fpeech was attended with a bark mean, as think themselves endangered of applause; and I was next accosted by

by this scheme for our destruction. a Lap-dog, who, after dolefully making "At the same time, we de ire you to his ears, began the following harangue.

apprize the public of the hazard they Though I am aware that many of

may run, by coming to an open rup. my species will remain unhurt by this 'ture ; fince, in such a case, the Maf- • scheme devised for our destruction,

tiffs and the Bull-dogs are determined yet I have on my own account great to join their forces, and will sell their - reason to be alarmed. I was born, lives at the deareft rate.'

' indeed, in a noble family in St. This lait resolution was confirmed by James's Square, but unfortunately a general growi. After which I was was, within these three months, rea thus accolted by another of the com- • signed over to my prefent mistress, an pany, of the Pointing-breed.

• old maid, who has been through her Little did I think, that the pains I · whole life as frucal of her money as ' have taken, and the blows I have fuf- ( her favours. She is, indeed, so very ' fered, to perfect me in the art I pro- faving, that I have more than once

fefs, would have been thus requited. been beat for lapping up her breakfast

Having lost the best of masters by an cream; and it was but last wecks that ' accident from his gun, which I can ' I was severely corrested for devouring ' scarce cver think of without an howl, 'a theep's heart, for which she had • I have now, like my friend Smoker, • been to market herself. Such a mil

the misfortune to live with a poor 'tress will undoubtedly sacrifice me to

man. A misfortune I must call it; this cruel tax; and though you may • fince, alas! he will not be able to save perhaps imagine, that the loss of life

me from the halter, by paying my ' in these circumstances is not much to tanícın. He too, I an afraid, will 'be regretted, yet death is a terrible

be reduced to beggury; since, at pre- remely, and a living dog is better 'fert, I and his gun are his chief (up. than a dead lion. But if some of our

port. If he is deprived of ine, and species must perih, furely a regard thereby prevented from what the ring (thould be had to national merit; and maliciouily term poaching, his best the storm should frit fall on those fo. refource will be to dispatch himself reign intruders, who, by the flatness with his gun before he surrenders it, ' of their notes, are supposed to be of or to hang himself with the fame rope • Dutch extraction. If the ladies allo

that ties up me. When I was a puppy, have any regard for the honour of 'I was every day fed in the kitchen, and their country, or any love remaining

careffed in the parlour; and I have now for us, it becomes them to take our a brother thac always points for the best case into consideration. And I make of company. What though our race no doubt, since the Female Parlia.


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* ment is now sitting, (if you, Sir, use of by a Bulldog from Norfolk; • would but draw up a petition in our who declared, that he was so inftru.

favour) as the other fex have taken mental to the inirth of the country, that

noceltwy precautions for the preferva- he firinly believed they would never part ction of the Game, the ladies would in with bim: but begged at the same time,

their turn bring in a bill for the pre- that, if fentence must país, it might be servation of Lap dogs.'

changot into banishment, and that Spain Various were the arguments that (where Bull-feafts are held in fo much many others used in their own behalf. honour) might be the place of his transThe Mastiff insisted on the protection portation, he afforded us, and the terror he struck The eloquence and gesture of my into thieves and house. breakers. King four-footed visiters had such an influence Charles's black favourites came fawn- over me, that I was jutt going to answer ing upon me, and hoped that their breed them in the manner they could with; might be preserved in deference to the when my own Dog on a sudden jumped taite of so wirry a monarch. I could into my lap, and rouzed me from my not help finiling at the argument made dream.








A faire dex than myselt, I was

fair face is a proper recommendation of

a man to their favour; and whether S no one has a greater refpe&t for they do not look upon those of the other

fex as a contemptible fort of rivals, who highly pleased with a letter inserted some aspire to be thought charming and prettime ago in your paper, ridiculing the ty? As many temales are also con. detestable use of paint among the ladies. scious that they themselves endeavour This practice is, indeed, too generaj;. to conceal by art the defects of nature, and for my part, when I meet a bloom- they are apt to suspect those of our sex, ing freih-coloured face in town, I no who are lo very solicitous to fet off their more take it for the real face beionging persons: and, indeed, I fear it will be to the lady, than I imagine Queen Anne's found, upon examination, that most of portrait delineated on a fi:n.poft to be our pretty fellow's, who lay on Carmine, her Majetiy's feil and blood.

are painting å roiten poit. But this fashion is not confined to the I am, Sir, your humble servant, ladies. I am alhamed 10 tell vou, that

W. MANLY. we are indebted to Spanish Wool for many of our masculine ruddy com- Many of my readers will, I dare say, plexions. A pretty fellow lacquers his. be hardly persuaded that this custom pale face with as many varnishes as a could have ever prevailed as a branch of fine lady; and it is well knowin, that male foppery: but it is too notorious, late hours at the card-table, amufements that our fine gentlemen, in several other at Hucklock's, immoderate draughts of instances belides the article of paint, Champagne, and sleeping all night upon aff at the softness and delicacy of the a leik, will Itrip the most healthy com- fair tex. The male beauty has bis plexion of it's roses. Therefore, to waihes, perfumes, and colmetics; and repair she loss, they are cbliged to fub. takes as much pains to set a gloss on stiute the unwholesome disguise of art his complexion, as the footman in jafor the native hue of a vigorous conitis panning his shoes. He has his dressingtution.

room, ini (which is Atill more ridiI must leave it to you, Mr. Town, or culous) nis Toilet too; at which he fits your ingenious correfpondent, to en- as many hours repairing his battered birge upon this fubiect; and will only countenance, as a decayed toaft dresling jult appeal to the ladies, whether a 6.700:h for a birth-night. I had once an op

portunity portunity of taking a survey of one of cises like other boys, left a fire hand there Male-Toilers; and, as such a cu- should be spoiled by being used too riosity may perhaps prove entertaining roughly. While other lads are logged to my readers, I Tall here give a de- into the five declenfions, and at length scription of it.

laihed through a whole school, these Having occasion one morning to wait pretty maiters are kept at home to imon a Very Prerty Follow, I was desired prove in whipt-Syllabubs, paltry, and by the valet de chambre to walk into face-painting. In confequence of which, the dressing-room, as his mater was not when other young fellows begin to apftirring. I was accordingly ihewn into pear like men, these dainty creatures a neat little chamber, hung round with come into the world with all the accom. Indian paper, and adorned with several plish'nents of a lady's wɔman, little images of Pagods and Bramins, But if the common foibles of the fe. and reffels of Chelsea China, in which male world are ridiculous even in theie were set various-coloured sprigs of arti- equivocal half-men, these neuter fomeficial flowers. But the Toilet moft ex- things between male and female, how cited

my adıniration ; where I found aukwardly must they fit upon the more every thing was intended to be agree. robu't ani masculine part of mankind? able to the Chinese taste. A loking- Whit indeed can be more absird, tha: ghís, inclosed in a whimsical frame of to see an huge fellow with the make of Chinese paling, stood upon a Japan a porter, and fit to mount the stage as a tabie, over which was spread a coverlid champ.on at Broughton's Amphitheatre, of the finest chints. I could not but fitting to varoith his broad face with obterve a number of boxes of different paint and B njamin-wath? For ny kzes, which were all of them Japan, and part, I never tee a great looby aiming lay regularly disposed on the table. I at delicatesse, but he feems as strange had the curiosity to examine the con- and uncuuth a figure as Achilles in tents of several: in one I found lip. petticoats. This folly is also to be salve, in another a roll of pig-tail, and particularly condemned, when it appears in another the ladies black ticking plaise in the more folenn chara&ters of life, to ter; but the last which I opene i very which a gravity of apnearance is ellenmuch surprised me, as I saw nothing in tial; and in which the leatt mark of it but a ni mber of little pills. I like- foppery feeis as improper as a physician wile remarked, on one part of the table, wjuld seem ridiculo!is prescribing in a a tooth-bruih ani iponge, with a pot bag wig, or a serieant pleading in the of Delescot's opiate; and on the other Court of Com:non Pleas in his own hair fide, water for the eyes. In ihe mid. instead of a night.cap periwig. As I dle stood a bottle of Eau de Luce, and think an instance or two of this kind a roll of perfumed po:natum. Almond would shew this folly in the most strike pastes, powder puffs, hair combs,bruthes, ing light, I shall heie suhjoin two chaDippers, and the like, made up the rest racters; in whom, as it is most impro. of this fantastic, equipage. But among per, it will confequently appear most ridimany other whimties, I could not con- culous. ceive for what ule a very finall ivory John Hardman is upwards of fix feet comb could be deaigned, 'till the valet high, and stout enough to beat two of informed me that it was a comb for the thë fturdieft chairmen ihatever came out eye brows.

of Ireland. Nature, indeed, seems to It must be confessed, that there are have intended John himself to carry a fome men of such a delicate make and chair; but fortune has enabled him to filky conftitution, that it is no wonder appear in whatever chara&ter he likes if gentlemen of such a lady like gene- belt; and he has wisely discovered that ration have a natural tendency to the none will fit so easy on him as that of refinements and foftnesses of females. a pretty fellow. It is therefore his itudy These tender dear creatures are general- to new-mould his face and person. He ly bred up immediately under the wing throws his goggle eyes into leers, lan. of their mammas, andi scarce fed with guishes, and ogles; and endeavours to any thing less innocent than her milk. draw up his hideous mouth, which exThey are never permitted to itudy, lett tends from one ear to the other, into a it hauld hurt their eyes, and make their fimper. His voice, which is naturally beads ache; nor suffered to use any exer- of a deeper bass than an hurdy-gurdy,

T 2

is in a manner set to a new tune; and plumb-pudding would make him fwoon, his speech, which is very much tinctured Out of his Canonicals, his constant dress with the broad dialect of a particular is what they call Parson's-Blue lined county, is delivered with so much nicely with white, a black fattin waistcoat, and gentleness, that every word is velvet breeches, and silk stockings._His uninced and clipt, in order to appear pumps are of dog-skin, made by Tull; soft and delicate. When he walks, he and it is faid, that he had a joint of one endeavours to move his unwieldy figure of his toes cut off, whose length, being along in the pert trip, or easy shambling out of all proportion, prevented his. pace of our pretty fellows: and he com- having an handsome foot. His very monly carries a thin jemmy stick in his grizzle is scarce orthodox : for though hand, which naturally, reminds us of it would be open schism to wear a bag, Hercules with a diftaff.

yet his wig has always a bag front, and The Reverend Mr. Jeffumy, (who is properly cropt behind, that it may took orders only becaule there was a not ecliple the luftre of his diamond good living in the family) is known stock buckle. He cannot bear the among the ladies by the name of the thoughts of being sea-sick; or else he Beau-Parson. He is, indeed, the most declares he would certainly go abroad, delicate creature imaginable; and dif- where he might again resume his laced fers so much from the generality of the cloaths, and appear like a gentleman in clergy, that I believe the very light of a a bag-wig and sword.






A person. Besides,

fions that have been transplanted according to Dryden, into this country, there is no one more

She cannot bluih, because they cannot see. cultivated, or which seems to have taken deeper root among us, than that modest As to the rationality of this entertainand rational entertainment the Masque- ment, every one will agree with me, rade. This, as well as the Opera, is that these midnight orgies are full as originaliy of Italian growth, and was rational as fitting up all night at the brought over hither by the celebrated card table. Nor is it more strange, that Heideger; wlio, on both accounts, just. five or fix hundred people should meet ly acquired among his own countrymen together in disguises purposely to conthe honcurable title of Sur Intendant ceal themselves, than thai the fame nun. des Plaisirs d'Angleterre.

ber thould assemble at a yout, where I have called the Masquerade a mo- most of the company are wholly unacdelt and rational entertainment. As to quainted with each other. the fuit, no one can have the least fcru.

But we can never enough admire the ple about it's innocence, if he considers wit and humour of thee meetings, which that it is always made a part of the edu- chiefly consists in exhibiting the mult cation of our polite females; and that fantastic appearances that the most the most virtuous woman is not ashamed whimsical imagination can possibly deto appear there. If it be objected, that vile. A common person may be cona lady is exposed to hear many inde- tent with appearing as a Chinese, a cencies from the men, (as the maik Turk, or a Friar: but the true genius gives them a privilege to say any thing, will ransack earth, air, and feas, reconthough cver to rude) it may be answered, cile contradictions, and call in things that no lady is obliged to take the af- inanimate, as well as animate, to his front to herself; because, as she goes allittance; and the more extravagant disguised, the indignity is not offered to and out of nature his dress can be con


trived, the higher is the joke. I re- dering the propensity of our modern member one gentleman above fix foot ladies to get rid of their cloaths, that high, who came to the Masquerade drett other Iphigenias did not inmediately like a child in a white frock and leading. ftart up; and that Nons and Veitals Atrings, attended by another gentleman fhould be fuffered ever after to be feen of a very low ftature, who olli isted as

among the Milks. But this proje&, it bis pure. The same witty ipark took seems, was not then fufficiently ripe for it into his head at another time to per-' execution, as a certain aukward ihing, fonate Faine, and was stuck all over called Bathfulness, had not yet been bee with peacocks feathers by way of eyes: nithed from the female world, and to but when he came to faften on his wings, the present enlightened times was rethey were spread to lo enormous a length, ferved the honour of introducing, howythat no coach or chair was spacious ever contradictory ihe term inay teem, a enough to admit him; lo that he was Naked Masquerade. forced to be conveyed along the Atreets What the above-mentioned lady had on a chairman's horse, covered with a the hardiness to attempt alone, will, I blanket. Another gentleman, of no less am assuredi, be set on foot by our perhumour, very much surprised the com- Sons of fashion, as soon as the hot days pany by carrying a thatched house about come in. Ranelagh is the place pitched him, so contrived, that no part of him upon for their meeting; where it is procould be seen, except his face, which posed to have a Masquerade Al Fre;co, was looking out of the casement: but and the whole company to display all this joke had like to have colt him dear, their charms in puris naturalibus. The as another wag was going to set fire to Panthecn of the Heathen Gods, Ovid's the building, because he found by the Metamorphoses, and Titian's Prints, will Icaden policy affixed to the front, that supply them with a sufficient variety of the tenement was infured. In a word, undrert characters. One set of lailies, dogs, monkies, ostriches, and all kinds I am told, intend to personate Waterof monsters, are as frequently to be met Nymphs bathing in the canal. Three with at the Masquerade, as in the Co- fitters, celebrated for their charins, devent Garden Pantomimes; and I once lign to appear together as the Three faw with great delight a gentleman, who Graces: and certain lady of quality, perfonated one of Bayes's recruits, prance who most relembles the Goddess of a minuet on his hobby-horse, with a Beauty, is now practising, from a model dancing bear for his partner.

of the noted itatue of Venus de MediI have said before, that the Masque- cis, the most striking attitude for that rade is of foreign extraétion, and im- character. As to the gentlemen, they ported to us from abroad. But as the may moit of them represent very suitably Englih, though now at invention, are the half-brutal forms of Saryis, Pans, remarkable for improving on what has Fauns, and Centaurs: our Beaux mav already been invented, it is no wonder assume the semblance of the beardkis that we should attempt to heighten the . Apollo, or (which would be more 12gufto of this entertainment, and even tural) may adınire themselves in the carry it beyond the licence of a foreign person of Narcissus; and our Bucks Carnival. There is something too in- might act quite in character, by running fipid in our fine gentlemen stalking about about stark-naked with their mistresses, in dominos; and it is rather crael to and coinmitting the maddelt freaks, like eclipse the pretty faces of our fine ladies the priests and priesteties of Bacchus with hidecus malks; for which reason it celebrating the Bacchanalian Mysteries, has been judged requisite to contrive a If this scheme for a Naked MasqueMasquerade upon a new plan, and in an rade should meet with encouragement, entire new taste. We all remember, (as there is no doubt but it must) it is when (a few years ago) a celebrated proposed to improve it still further, lady endeavoured to introduce a new Perions of fashion cannot but lament fpecies of Masquerade among us, by that there are no diversions allotted to Jopping off the exuberance of dress; and Sunday, except the card-table; an i they nie herself first let the example, hy itrip- can never enough regret, that the Sun. ping to the character of Iphigenia un- day evening tea-drinkings at Ranelagh dreit for the sacrifice, I muit own it is were laid afide, from a fuperstitious a natter of some surprise to me, consi. regard to religion. They, therefore,


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