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or bagnio, Mould enter all the backs in wher, on paying a certain rate, they may their lervice at an exeise-office appropri- be indulged in a private execution froin ated to this purpole; and that, to prevent the hands of Jack Ketch, and the Cofrauds, as well as to point out the means roner's inquest thall be directed to bring of application to the office for redress in in their verdict, Lunacy. I am, Siri case of complaint, thele backs should be your humble servant, &c. ail marked and numbered like the hackney-coaches.

TO MR. TOWN. As it is incumbent on every English- SIR, man to expose his life in detence of his As you are a Connoisseur, I fhall make country against the common enemy, I no apology for desiring you to give must particularly recommend, that some the following Advertisement (which has means may be deviled, that the gallant already appeared in the Daily Adver. feats of thole men of honour, who ra. tiser) a place in fome corner of your ther chuse to risk their lives in the modifh paper. By doing this, you will greatly way of duelling, may be attended with oblige the Virtuofi in Flowers, as well as fome advantage to their countrymen. I

Your hundle lervant, &c. would therefore advise, that (words and piftols, of a fertled length and bore,

TO BE SOLD BY SUBSCRIPTION, with the Tower-stamp, be provided by the government for the use of Duelliits,

AT HALF A GUINIA EACH PLANT, and that they chail not presume to make A Auricula raised by Mr. William use of any other, under pain of incur- Redmond, at Illington, named the ring the guilt of murder. These wea. Triumph; having fine Grafs, a strong pons may be let out at a certain price; Stem, a certain Blower, a large Truffer, and if one of the parties happen to kill the Fingers a just Length, a good Pip the other, the fu vivor shall be subject for Size and Shape, the Eye extremely to a fine according to his rank and ita- white, the Thrum full, the Margin a tion, and a jury thall be directed to beautiful Purple Black, finely variegated bring in the verdict, Self defence. In with Silver and Green, continues long like manner, persons of quality may in Bloom, and dies in ColourNo Plant have leave granted them to put an end to be sold for less than one Guinea aftet to their own lives, after an ill run at the Subicription is closed, until the cards, or the like emergent occafions; Bloom is over.




THE generality of the young un- no charins for a woman of spirit. The

married ladies of the present age presence of these antiquated females diflike no company so much as the elder- imposes a constraint on their behaviour: ly persons of their own sex, whether they are, indeed, like the Duennaš in married or unmarried. Going with an Spain, spies on the conduet of the gay old maiden aunt, a mamina, or grand- and young; and a good old gentlewomamma, to the play or to Ranelagh, is man, with a blooming beauty by her fo insipid an amusement, that it robs fide, watches her every motion, and if their entertaininent of the very riame of as much frighted, if the pretty creature a party of pleasure. To be handed into makes any advances to 'a man, as an a box, walk in the public gardens, or ken, who has been foster-mother to : make one at a card-table at a route, brood of ducklings, is alarmed at tbelt with a sprightly young noble:nan, or taking to the water. gallant colonel of the guards, has some This loofe coquet behaviour fo muck life in it; but to be kept perpetually in vogue, and consequently fo genteel, utider the wing of an old lady, can have has, I must own, no charms in my eye,

s a modelt deportment appears to me have in his addresses to his mother, and most natural and becoming in the fair whatever little acts of gallantry may fex; and I am always glad to see a young pass between them, do encouragement lady of fufficient sense and discretion, can prevail on him to treat other women to behave with an innocent chearful. with the same freedloin. Being once ness, instead of apparent uneasiness and defired at a ball to dance a minuet, inconttraint, before her more aged female stead of taking out any of the young friends and relations. But though a ladies, he could pitch upon no pártner daughter should prefer no company to fo agreeable, to whom he might offer her mother, a son, always dangling at the compliment of his hand, as his mo. the fide of his mamma, would appear ther; and I remember, when he was as ridiculous as if he wore his fiter's once called upon in a large company at petticoats: and however amiable this a tavern to give a lady in his turn, he maidenly demeanor might seem in a plainly Mewed who was the sole mistress young girl, I cannot view it with equal of his affections, by toaiting his mother. approbation in the character of a Male. The gallant custom of challenging a Virgin- character with which I thall lady to drink a bumper, hy leaving it to here prelent the reader, as drawn by her option whether the will have hob ór one of my correspondents.

nob, frequently gives a delicious flavour

to the liquor, especially when, as I have TO MR. TOWN.

known it happen, joining the lips of the SIR,

glasses has proved a prelude to a meeting YOU OU have already given us several between the lips of the parties : but he

instances of those ambiguous crea- could not be prevailed on to accept a tures among the men, who are both male glass of claret from the fairelt hand, and female; permit me to add to them though a kiss were sure to follow it. I an account of those lady-like gentlemen, have known him fo very nice, as to re. whom we may distinguishi by the title fuse a glass of fack filled with walnuts, of their mother's own sons; who have which had been peeled by the snowy in vain changed the bib and leading. fingers of a beautiful young lady; frings for the breeches, and stick as though I have seen him smack his lips close to their mammas, as a great calf to after a glass of raisin wine, in which his the side of an old cow. I am intimately prudent mother had been dabbling with acquainted with one of these over-grown her snuffy finger, in order to fið out babiess who is indeed too big to be dan. the small particles of cork, which inight dled in a lap, or fed with a pap-spoon, possibly have choaked hiin. If a lady though he is no more weaned from his drops her fan, he fits without any emomother, than if he had not yet quitted tion, and suffers her to stoop for it her. the nursery.

self; or if the trikes her tea-cup against The delicate Billy Suckling is the the saucer to give notice that it is empty, contempt of the men, the jest of the wo. he pays no regard to the signal, but fees men, and the darling of bis mamma. her walk up to the tea-table, without She doats on him to distraction; and is stirring from his cha: . He would rain perpetual admiration of his wit, and ther leave the most celebrated beauty, anxiety for his health. The good in crolling the Atreet, to the mercy of a young gentleman, for his part, is neither draymian, than trust her with his little undutiful nor ungrateful: she is the finger: though, at the same time, should only woman that he does not look on his mother be lo distreiled, he would with indifference ; and she is his tutoress, not scruple to bear as much of her his physician, and his nurse. She proa weight as he could stand under, and to vides his brath every evening ; will not redeein her lilk stockings from jeopardy, fuffer him to look into a book by can- would even expose his own. dle-light, left-he drould hurt his eyes; One would imagine that this extreme and takes care to have his bed warmed: coyness and reserve, in which he lo renay, I have known him fit with his markably differs from the generality of

mamma's white handkerchief round his his own sex, would in another respect neck through a whole visit, to guard as effectually distinguish him from the him from the wind of that ugly door, or generality of women. I mean, that heshat terrible cbind in tbe wainscot. ing less polite in his address than a foot. But however familiarly he may be. man, we should hardly expect to find

7 I


him more loquacious than a chamber- hero: and yet he always looks upon his mais. But this is really the cale: luf. harmless exploits as the bold frolicks of fer him to take the lead in conversation, a Buck. If he escapes a nervous fever and there are certain topics, in which a month, he is quite a Buck: if he walks the molt prating gosip at a christening home after it is dark, without his mamwould find it difficuli to cope with him. ma's maid to attend bim, he is quite a The frength of his constitution is his Buck: if he fits up an hour later than favourite Theme: he is constantly at- bis usual time, or drinks a glass or two tempting to prove that he is not fuscepti- of wine without water, he calls it a deble of the least injury from cold; though bauch; and because his head does not a hoarseneis in his voice, and the con. ache the next morning, he is quite a tinual interruptions of a contumptive Buck. In Mort, a woman of the least cough, give him the lye in his throat at fpirit within the precinets of St. James's, the end of every sentence. The in- would demolith him in a week, should stances, indeed, by which he endeavours he pretend to keep pace with her in her to prove his hardiness, unluckily rather irregularities; and yet he is ever digniiend to convince us of the delicacy of fying himself with the appellation of a bis frame, as they feldom amount to Buck. more than his having kicked off the Now might it not be giving this genbed-cloaths in his sleep, laid aside one of tleman an useful hint, Mr. Town, to his flannel waistcoats in a hot day, or assure him, that while milk and water tried on a new pair of pumps before is his darling liquor, a Bamboo cane they had been sufficiently aired. For his Club, and his mother the sole object the truth of these facts he always appeals of his affections, the world will neves to his manma, who vouches for him join him in denominating him a Buck;' with a ligh, and protests that his care- that if he fails in this attempt, he is abJellness would ruin the conftitution of solutely excluded from every order in an horse.

fociety; for whatever his deferts may be, I am now coming to the most extra- no allcmlly of antiquated virgins can ordinary part of his chara&ter. This ever acknowledge him for lifter, nature pulillanimous creature thinks himself, having as deplorably disqualified him and would be thought, a Buck. The that rank in the community, as he noble fraternity of that order find that has disqualified himself for every other: their reputation can be no otherwise and that, thougli he never can arrive at maintained, than by prevailing on an the dignity of leading apes in hell, he Irish chairman now and then to favour may possibly be condemned to dangle them with a broken head, er by confer- in that capacity at the apron-itring of ring the same token of their esteem on an old main in the next world, for havthe unarmed and defencelets waiters at ing fo abominably resembled one in this. a tavern. But these fcats are by no I am, Sir, your humble servant, means suited to the disposition of our







has appeared a strange kind of inverlion,

for the wheels now run upon the ladies IT T has for a long time been observ. heads. As this affertion inay probably

able, that the ladies heads have run puzzle many readers, who pay no ativo, much upon wheels; but of late there ion to the rapid and whimsical serolu


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tions of modern talte, it will be neces- modern courtship may be carried on by sary to inform them, that inftead of a means of this new head-dress. cap, the present mode is for every female Instead of a Capriole, suppose this caof fashion to load her head with fome pital decoration was called a Sourcheon kind of carriage; whether they are made of Pretence, which must not here be unwith broad wheels or not I cannot de- derftood as a term of Heraldry, but as termine; however, as they are undoubt. an invitation to matrimony. Thus, if edly excluded the Turnpike A&, it is a lady prelumes that she has a right, by no means material.' Those heads either from her wit, beauty, merit, or which are not able to bear a coach and fortune, to pretend to a set of horses, let fix (for vehicles of this fort are very apt to fix bright bays, blacks, or greys, prance crack the brain) so far act confiftently down one side of her head; and accorita with prudence as to make use of a post. ing to the rank the insists upon, let a chariot, or a single-horse chaise with a ducal or an earl's coronet, or a bloody beau perching in the middle.

hand be distinguished upon her Capriolé. The curiority I had of knowing the The females of less ambition may likepurport of this invention, and the gene- wise express their inclinations by a postral name of these machines, led me to chariot and pair; and even those who; make inquiry about them of a fashion- from a due consideration of the low con. able milliner at the court end of the dition of the funds, are so condescend. town. She obliged me with the fighting as to Atoop to a plain cit, have noof one of these equipaçes, designed for thing to do but to fix upon their heads a the head of a lady of quality, which I single-horse chaise, filled with a loving surveyed with much admiration; and couple, sticking as close together as two placing it on the palm of my hand, dried figs. As to those who have rashly could not help fancying myself, like vowed virginity, if their great proneness Gulliver, taking up the Empress of to censure the rest of the sex, and the Lilliput in her state-coach. The vehicle fretfulness of their aspect, be not fulfi. itself was constructed of gold threads, cient indications to keep the men at a and was drawn by fix dapple greys of distance, they may erect upon their nodblown glass, with a coachman, poltilion, dles a formal female leated in a Sulky, and gentleman within, of the same brit foolishly pleased with having the whole tle manufacture. Upon further enquiry, vehicle to herself, and aukwardly exer; the milliner told me, with a smile, thrat cising the imaginary power of having it was difficult to give a reason for in the sole command of the reins. ventions so full of whim, but that the As a further means of facilitating name of this ornament (if it may be this new method of courtship, I must beg called fuch) was a Capriole or Cabriole; leave to propose, that every lady's bowhich we may trace from the same ori- som should, instead of a pendent cross, ginal with our English word Caprice, which favours of popery, be ornamented both being derived from the French word with a chain and locket, something like cabrer, which signifies to prance like an

thole bottle-tickets which direct us to borse.

port, claret, or burgundy, upon which It is not to be doubted but that this might be curioully engraved the numfathion took it's rise among the ladies bers two hundred, five hundred, or a from their fondness for equipage; and I thousand, according to the fettlement dare say, that every fair one, who car- expected. But to those female Quixotes ries a coach and six upon her head, who scorn the Capriole, and erect Wind. would be glad to be carried with equal mills upon their heads instead of it, I splenılour in a coach of her own. I mall cffer a word of advice worthy their would therefore propole a scheme which attention; which is, that they would might render this whimsical mode of provile a pipe of communication, to be some kind of service to both sexes; by conveyed from these machines to the which the la:lies may give a tacit hint brain, and constituted upon the model of their inclinations without the lealt of the ingenious Dr. Hale's ventilators, breach of mo leity; the men may pre- that, whenever the rails of the Wind. vent the danger and inconvenience at- mill are put into motion by the external tending the present method of advertising air, they may draw off all pernicious for wives; and the whole course of a vapours, which may occalin a vertigo

in the inside, as well as on the outside of may hear a vis à-vis. In a word, a their heads.

the different proposals of various fuitors I am, Sir, your humble servant, might be made by means of these orna

H. ments, which might be wory ever the

foreheads of the beaux, like the white I am much pleased with the propofol horle in the grenadiers caps; and the of my ingenious correspondent, and ladies might be as much smitten with a think it particularly well adapted to the promising Capriole on the head of a present disposition of the ladies. A lover, as heretofore with an elegant fondness for thewy equipages is now periwig. become one of their darling passions; and If this mode should prevail, the conthe splendour in which they are to be cluding a treaty of marriage between maintained, seems to be one of the chief two persors of qualitv might be consiconfiderations in modern matches. If dered in the same light, and expressed a fine lady can be carr ed to court in a in the same terms, as making a match at chair richly ornamentel, or roll to the Newmarket; and instead of the hackopera in a gilt chariot, she little consi- neyed phrases at present vied by our ders with how disagreeable a companion news-writers, we might perhaps see the The goes through the journey of life: important articles concerning marriages and a polite female would no more fix drawn up after the following manner. her affections on a man who drives but We hear that a match will be thertly a beggarly pair, than the could be con- made between the mourning coach and tented with being tumbled down to his fix of a merchant's widow, with a great country seat, like Punch's wife to Rum- jointure, and an hunter, in fine order, ford, in a wheel-barrow.

belonging to a younger brother of a noThe ladies having thus strongly ma- ble family: nifested their pasion for equipage, the A running horse, highly valued for gentlemen, I suppose, out of mere gal- his blood, is expected to start loon with Jantry, and in order to further the gra. a young filly from Yorkthire. Many rification of their desires, have taken thousand pounds are depending on this great pains to convert themselves into match. coachmen, grooms, and jockies. The A few days ago a young fellow from fapped hat, the jemmy frock with plate Ireland, mounted on a single horse, at. buttons and a leathern belt, and the tacked an heiress in her coach and fix. pride which some young inen of quality The lady made little or no refittance, take in driving, are all calculated the and suffered herself to be taken out of better to qualify them for being the la- the coach, and carried off behind him. dies humble servants. I am therefore A gay coach and fix, belonging to a for extending mycorrespondent's Icheme: young heir just of age, came to town and as the ladies now adorn their heads lait week in great splendour, and was with the sign of a coach and fix, like intended to be matched with an equi. the door of a Meuse alehouse, I would page of the saine kind: but having unhave the gentlemen also bear these em. fortunately run againit Arthur's Cho. blematical vehicles; hy which the other colate house, it broke down, and the sex may, by a single glance at a lover's owner was very much burt. head, see in what itate they will be fup. We hear from Bath that the postported; as we know a clergyman by his chaise of a young lady of great beauty rose, or an officer by his cockade. lately made it's appearance in the long

The pr.sty fellows, who study dress, room, and soon afier went off with the Inight shew a great deal of invention in landau of a neighbouring country squire. suiting their Caprioles to their circum- We are also informed froin the same ttances. Any nobleman or gentleman, place, than an old-fashioned two-wheel who has the honour to be a Knowing chaise with a single horse, contrived to One, might Mhew his affection for the hold only one person, had driven about tuif by carrying the horse and jockey; the walks for some time; but having another, who is an excellent driver, joftled against the Sulky of an old bat• might bear his own figure exalied in a chelor, in his grand climacteric, it was Phaeton; and a third, who thuks of judged expedient to join thein together; picking up a partner for lite that can when they formed a most agreeable vise be pleased with a tête-à téie or so. à vis for the mutual accomınodation ber piquet party with her husband, of both parties.


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