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lovely; but I actually pity those that fies were sent from every part of the have none. I am told there was a time world to invite him, and to display the when ladies, with no other merit but superiority of their claims.. youth, virtue, and beauty, had a chance : And first the beauties of China apfor husbands, at leait among the mini-peared. No country could compare sters of the church, or the officers of the with them for modesty, either of look, army. The bluth and innocence of dress, or behaviour, their eyes were fixteen was said to have a powerful in never lifted from the ground; their robes fluence over these two professions. But, of the most beautiful buk hid their of late, all the little traffic of blushing, hands, bofom, and neck, while their ogliog, dimpling, and fimiling, has faces only were left uncovered. They been forbidden by an act in that cafe indulged no airs that fe might express wisely made and provided. A lady's loose desire, and they seemed to study whole cargo of tmiles, fighs, and whif- only the graces of inanimate beauty. pers, is declared utterly contraband, till Their black teeth and plucked eye. the arrives in the warm latitudes of brows were, however, alledged by the twenty-two, where commodities of this Genius against them; but he fet them nature are too often found to decay. entirely aside, when he came to examine She is then permitted to simple and their little feet. tmile, when the dimples and smiles be- • The beauties of Circassia next made gia to forsake her; and, when perhaps their appearance. They advanced and grown ugly, is charitably entrusted with in hand, singing the most immodett airs, an unlimited use of her charms. Her and leading up a dance in the moit luxu. lovers, however, by this time have for- rious attitudes. Their dress was bút saken her; the captain has changed for half a covering; the neck, the left breast, another miltrefs; the priest bimtelf leaves and all the limbs, were exposed to view, her in solitude to bewail her virginity, which after some time seemed rather to and the dies even without bencht of satiate than inflame defire. The lily clergy.

and the role contended in fonning their Thus you find the Europeans discour complexious; and a foft fleepinels of raging love with as much earnestnels as eye added irregltible poignance to their the rudest savage of Sofala. The Ge- charms: but their beauties were obnius is surely now no more.

truded, not offered, to their admirers; region I find enemies in arnis to oppreis they seemed to give rather than receive him. Avarice in Earope, jealouty in courtship; and the Genius of Love dilPersia, ceremony in China, poverty nified them as unworthy his regard, among the Tartars, and luit in Circaflia, fince they exchanged the duties of love, are all prepared to oppose his power, and made themselves not the pursued, The Genius is certainly bavilhed from but the pursuing sex, earth, though once adored truer fuch ** The kingdom of Kashmire next proa variety of forms. He is no where to duced it's charming deputies. This be found; and all that the ladies of each i bappy region seemed peculiarly sequestcountry can produce, are but a few ered by ÎNature for his abode. Shady tritling reliques as instances of his for- mountains tenced it on one lide from the mer refidence and favour.

scorching fun; and fea-born breezes, on -.* The Genius of Love (lays the Eastern the other, gave peculiar luxuriance to Apologue), had long relided in the hap- the air. Their complexions were of a py plams of Abra, where every breeze bright yellow, that appeared almost was healih, and every found produced transparent, while the crimion tulip tranquillity.! Hiis iernpic at first was seemed ro blokom on their checks. Their crouded; but every age leffened the features and linibs were delicate beyond number of his votaries, ior cooled their the tatuary's power to exprels; and their devotion. Perceiving, therefore, ' his teeth whiter than their own ivory. He altars at length quite deterted, she was was almost perfuaded to reside among resolved to remove to fame more propi them, when, unfortunately, one of the tious region; and he apprized the fair ladies talked of appointing his leraglio. fex of every country, where he could • In this procellion the naked inhabi. hope for a proper reception, 10 afert tants of Southern America would not their right to his presence among them. be left behind; their charns were found In return to this proclaination, embala to furpals whatever the warmest imagi,

In every

nation could conceive; and ferved to cle; and, waving his youthful pinions, fhew, that beauty could be perfect even left this earth, and few back to those with the leeming disadvantage of a ethereal manfions from whence he debrown complexion. But their favage scended. education rendered trem utterly unqua- • The whole assembly was struck with lified to make the proper use of their amazement: they now justly apprehendpower; and they were rejected as being ed that female power would be no more, incapable of uniting mental with sena fince Love had forsaken them. They fual Satisfaction. in this manner the continued fome time thus in a ftate of deputies of other kingdoms had their torpid despair; when it was proposed by fuiis rejected: the black beauties of Be- one of their number, that, lince the nin, and the tawny daughters of Bor- real Genius had left them, in order to neo;, the women of Wida, with well continue their power, they Nould fit fearred faces, and the hideous virgins up an idol in his stead, and that the laof Cafraria; the fquab, ladies of Lap- dies of every country should furnith him land, three feet high, and the giant fair with what each liked belt. This pro. ones of Patagonia.

posal was instantly relished and agreed • The beauties of Europe at last ap- An idol was formed by uniting peared : grace was in their ftep, and the capricious gifts of all the assembly, fenfibility fate imiling in every eye. It though no way resembling the departed was the universal opinion, while they Genius. The ladies of China furnishwere approaching, that they wouid pre- ed the monster with wings; those of vail; and the Genius seemed to lend Kashmire supplied him with horns; the them his most favourable attention. dames of Europe clapped a purse in his

They opened their pretentions with the hand; and the virgins of Congo furutmost modelty; but, unfortunately, as nished himn with a tail. Since that time, their orator proceeded, she happened to all the vows addrested to Love are in let fall the words · House in town, set- reality paid to the idol; but, as in other

tlement, and pin.money.' These feem- false religions, the adoration seems moft ingly harmless ferins had inftantly a fur- fervent where the heart is leaft sincere.' priting effect : the Genius, with ungo. Adieu. vernable rage, burit from amidit the cir.





TANKIND have ever been prone their battles, and inspired their teachers:

to expatiate in the praise of hu- their wizards are said to be familiar with inan nature.' The dignity of man is a Heaven; and every hero has a guard of fubject that has always been the favourite angels, as well as men, to attend him. theme of humanity; they have declaim. When the Portuguese first came among ed with that oftentation, which usually the wretched inhabitants of the coatt of accompanies such as are sure of having a Africa, these savage nations readily al. partial audience; they have obtained lowed the ftrangers more skill in navictories, because there were none to op- vigation and war; yet still considered pose. Yet, from all I have ever read or them, at beft, but as vseful servants feen, men appear more apt to err by brought to their coasts, by their guarhaving too high, than by having too dian serpent, to supply them with luxu-despicable an opinion of their nature; ries they could have lived without. and hy attempting to exalt their original Though they could grant the Portuplace in the creation, depress their real guele more riches, they could never al. value in society.

low them to have such a king as their The most ignorant nations have al Tottimondelem, who wore a bracelet of ways been found to think mot highly melis round his neck, and whose legs of themselves. The Deity has ever been were covered with ivory. thought peculiarly concerned in their In this manner, examine a favage in glory and prefervation; to have fought the history of his country and predeces.


fors; you ever find his warriors able to The Perfians, for instance, thus address conquer armies, and his fages acquaint- their prophet Haly * Tlalute thee, ed with more than possible knowledge: glorious Creator, of whom the sun is human nature is to him an unknown but the lhadow! Masterpiece of the country; he thinks it capable of great ' Lord of buman creatures, Great Star things, because he is ignorant of it's ' of Justice and Religion! The sea is boundaries; whatever can be conceived not rich and liberal but by the gifts to be done, he allows to be possible; and • of thy munificent hands. The angelwhatever is possible he conjectures must treasurer of heaven reaps his harvelt have been done. He never meatures

' in the feruile gardens of the purity of the actions and powers of others by thy nature. The primum mobile would what himself is able to perform, nor • never dart the ball of the fun through makes a proper estimate of the greatness the trunk of heaven, were it not to of his fellows, by bringing it to ihe stan. • serve the morning out of the extreme dard of his own incapacity. He is sa- love she has for thee. The angel Gatisfied to be one of a country where 'briel, messenger of truth, every day mighty things have been; and imagines • kisses the groundfil of thy gate. Were the fancied power of others reflects a • there a place more exalted than the luftre on himtelf. Thus, by degrees, ' most high throne of God, I would afhe loses the idea of his own insignificance ' firm it to be thy place, o matter of in a confuled notion of the extraordinary

'the faithful! Gabriel, with all his art powers of humanity, and is willing to ' and knowledge, is but a mere scholar grant extraordinary gifts to every pre- • to thee.' Thus, my friend, men think tender, because unacquainted with their proper to treat angels; but if indeed claims,

there be such an order of beings, with This is the reason why demi-gods what a degree of satirical contempt must and heroes have ever been erected in they listen to the fongs of little mortals' times or countries of ignorance and bar- thus flattering each other! Thus to see barity; they addresled a people who had creatures, wifer indeed than the monkey, high opinions of human nature, because and more active than the oyiter, claim they were ignorant how far it could ex- ing to themselves the mattery of heaven; tend; they addressed a people who were minims, the tenants of an atom, thus willing to allow that men should be gods, arrogating a partnership in the creation becaule they were yet imperfe&tly ac- of universal Nature! Sure Heaven is quainted with God, and with man. kind that launches no thunder at those Thele impostors knew, that all men are guilty heads; but it is kind, and regards naturally fond of seeing something very their follies with pity, nor will deltroy great made from the little materials of creatures that it loved into being. humanity; that ignorant nations are not But whatever success this practice of more proud of building a tower to reach making demi-gods might have been ato heaven, or a pyramid to last for ages, than tended with in barbarous nations, I do of raising up a demi-god of their own not know that any man became a god country and creation. The faine price in a country where the inhabitants were that erećts a colollus, or a pyramid, in- refined. Such countries generally bave stalls a god or an hero: but though the too close an inspection into human weakadoring savage can raise his coloflus to neis, to think it invested with celestial the clouds, he can exalt the hero not one power. They sometimes indeed admit inch above the tandard of humanity; the gods of trangers, or of their anincapable therefore of exalting the idol, cettors, which had their existence in : he debases himself, and falls proftrate be- times of obscurity; their weakness before him.

ing forgotten, while nothing but their ' When man has thus acquired an er- power and their miracles were remem roneous idea of the dignity of his fpe- bered. The Chinese, for instance, never cies, he and the gods become perfectly had a god of their own country; the idols intimate; men are but angels, angels are which the vulgar worhip at this day but men, nay, but servants that stand were brought from the barbarous nain waiting to execute human commands. tions around them. The Roman em

• Chardins' Travels, p. 402.


perors, who pretended to divinity, were ing. The Lacedemonians Ihrewdly generally taught by a poignard that they complied with his commande by the folo were mortal; and Alexander, though he lowing farcaitic edict. passed among barbarous countries for a real g«d, could never persuade his polite

Ει Αλεξανδρος Βελεται Ειναι Θεος, Θεος ες, countı yinen into a fimilitude of think.




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HERE is something irresistibly and lead comb, before it could be

' seen in public company. fine woman; even though her tongue • But the difference between the anbe filent, the eloquence of her eyes cients and moderns is not so great as teaches wisdom. The mind sympathizes (between the different countries of the with the regularity of the object in view; present world. A lover of Gongora, and struck with external grace, vibrates for instance, sighs for thick lips; a into respondent harmony. In this agree- • Chinese lover is poetical in praise of able disposition, I lately found myself • thin. In Circasia a straight nose is in company with my friend and his I thought most confitent wiib beauty; niece. Our conversation turned upon I cross but a mountain which separates Jove, which the feemed equally capable it from the Tartars, and there flat of defending and inspiring. We were • nofes, tawny skins, and eyes three each of different opinions upon this sub. inches asunder, are all the falhion. ject; the lady infiited that it was a na- • In Persia, and some other countries, tural and universal passion, and pro- a man, when he marries, chuses to duced the happiness of those who culti- have his bride a maid; in the Philvated it with proper precaution. My lipine Ilancs, if a bridegroom Lapfriend denied it to be the work of na- pens to perceive on the fiuit night tha: ture, but allowed it to have a real exist- he is put off with a virgin, the marence, and affirmed that it was of infi. riage is declared void to all intents and nire service in refining society; while purposes, ard the bride sent back with 1, to l.eep up the dispute, affirmed it to • disgrace. In some parts of the East, be merely a name, first uled by the cun. a woman of beauty, properly fed up ning part of the fair-sex, and admitted • for sale, often amounts to one hun. by the filly part of ours; therefore no dred crowns; in the kingdom of way more natural than taking snuff or • Loango, ladies of the very best fashion chewing opium.

' are sold for a pig; qucers, however, ** How is it possible,' cried I, that • fell better, and sometimes amount to ! such a pailion can be natural, when

In short, turn even to Eng. ! our opinions even of beauty, which land, do not I there see the beauti. ! inspires it, are entirely the result of • ful part of the fex neglected; and ' fashion and caprice? The ancients, none now marrying, or making love, who pretended to be connoiffeurs in but old men and old women that have " the art, have praised narrow fore- ' saved money? Do not I see beauty,

heads, red hair, and eye-brows that « from fifteen to twenty-one, rendered

joined each other over the nose. « null and void to all intents and pur. • Such were the charms that once cap- poses, and those fix precious years of (tivated Catullus, Ovid, and Ana- • womanhood put under a statute of

creon. Ladies would at present be 'virginity? What! shall I call that

out of humour if their lovers praised rancid paflion love, which palles be" them for such graces; and should an tween an old batchelor of fifty-lix

antique beauty now revive, her face and a widow lady of forty-nine? • would certainly be put under the dis- • Never! never! What advantage is cipline of the tweezer, forehead-cloth, fociety to reap from an intercourie

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where the big belly is oftenest on the ' and advantages. In other countries, • man's fide? Would any persuade me as men find themselves stronger than • that such a passion was natural, un- women, they lay a claim to a rigorous « less the human race were more fit for superiority ; this is natural, and love • love as they approached the decline, which gives up this natural advantage " and, like filk-worms, became breed- • must certainly be the effect of art: ers, just before they expired?'

an art calculated to lengthen out our ( Whether love be natural or no,' ' happier moments, and add new graces replied my friend, gravely, 'it contri

to fociety. butes to the happiness of every society I entirely' acquiesce in your senti. • into which it is introduced. All our 'ments,' says the lady, ' with regard • pleasures are short, and can only " to the advantages of this passion, but . charm at intervals; love is a method ' cannot avoid giving it a nobler origin

of protracting our greatest maleature; than you have been pleased to affign.

and surely that gamefter, who plays " I must thinik; that those countries " the greatest stake to the best advan- • where it is rejected, are obliged to • tage, will at the end of life rife vicio: " have recourse to art to stifte fo natural "rious. This was the opinion of Va. a production; and those nations, where

nini, who affirmed, “ that every hour it is cultivated, only make nearer ad“ was lost which was not spent in love." vances to nature. The faine efforts • His accufers were unable to compre- • that are used in some places to fuppress • hend his meaning, and the poor ad- pity, and other natural passions, may & vocate for love wits burned in flames, have been employed to extinguish love. alas! no way metaphorical. But "No nition, however unpolished, is re • whatever advantages the individual omarkable for innocence, that is not « may reap from this passioni, society ' famous for paffion; it has flourished

will certainly be rehneri and improved in the coldelt, as well as the warmeit,

by it's introduction : all laws, calcu- ' regions. Even in the sultry wilds of • lated to discourage it, tend to embrutë • Southern America, the lover is not • the species, and weaken the state. ' fatisfied with pofféffing his mistress's Though it cannot plant morals in the perfon without having her mind. “human brealt, it coltivates them when

" In all my Enna's beauties bleft, there: pity, generosity, and honour;

* Amidit profufix ftill I pinė; • receive a brighter polith froin it's af

“ For though she gives me up her breast, · Iftance; and a single amour is fuffi.

« It's panting tenant is not mine.' • cient entirely to bruhh off the clown.

But it is an exotic of the most deli. « But the effects of love are too violent . cate conftitution; it requires the to be the result of an artificial paffion!

greateft art to introduce it into a state, "Nor is it in the power of fashion to and the imallef discouragement is suf. "force tire constitution into those changes

ficient to repress it again. Let us ! which we every day observe. Several • only consider with what ease it was « have died of it. Few lovers are una • formerly extinguished in Rome, and racquainted with the fate of the two « with what difficulty it was lately re: • Italian lovers, Da Corfin and Julia • vived in Europe: it seemed to sleep • Beliamano; who, after a long tepaa i for ages, and at last fought it's way ration, expired with pleasure in each

among us through riles, tournaments, other's arms. Such instances are too • dragons, and all the dreams of chia & ftrong confirmations of the reality of • valry. The rest of the world, China "the passion, and serve to Thew, that • only excepted, are, and have ever • suppressing it is but opposing the na. • been, utter ftrangers to it's delights tural dictates of the heart.' 'Adieu.

* Tradation of a South American Ode.

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