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Bar and Whitechapel, and a handsome fpect: bred up to an intercourse with apartment furnished at the other end of none but fellers of linen; and dealers in the town. The three formidable letters packthread, I considered, every man of E, S, and Q, were quickly added to with a laced coat and cockade as in. my name; and having a strong inclina. finitely my fuperior; and endeavoured, tion to be thought, I fancied in reality with a redulity of an uncommon nature, that I was, a fine gentleman.

to imitate what I fopassionately admired. The first tix weeks after it came home, Happily, my endeavours fucceeded to I spent at least fourteen hours a day in well, that in a little time I iwore, gos. my coach.

I appeared every where, drunk, broke windows, kicked waiters, saw every thing, and upon addressing and insulted modelt women, with as days frequently invited some of the al good a grace as if I had been colonel dermen to a dith of chocolate. Indeed, of a regiment. one accident happened at my first going

In theie fashionable amusements I. to court which made me vot a little wasted away above half my fortune in : taken notice of : I never before had pre- two or three years, with no other chafumed to put on a sword, and being in racter than that of a very honeit fellow; the circle making my bow, it unfortu- wher: a fpirited rape on the daughter of nately got between my legs, and threw my taylor took away two thousand ane on my face; in order to save myself pounds to hun a profecution and makes from falling, I laid hold of an officer's it up. The action increased my reputaskirt, who was just near me, and helt it tion, but hurt my circumstances much: with such a force, that I dragged him I had not now as much more left in the . with me down. The whole drawing world. I was disclaimed by my rela- , room was in a roar; the ladies rittered, tions, and delpised lsy iny father's sober the men hurtt into a horse-laugh, and friends. One half of my companions had. even the face of majesty itself relaxed died, and the other hall were in danger into a smile. As soon as poflibie I pick of a jail. The same misfortune Stared. ed myself up, and retired; the officer ine in the face; my debts were numedid the famne; and as I had been the rous, my creditors pressing; discharged cause of his disgrace, I made him a they were obliged to be, and accorder number of apologies, and took hin ingly were; and, when every thing was home to dine. Before we putedl, a reci- finally settled, I found mylelf, instead, procal etteem was cordially expressed, of having increafed my ten thousand, io and my new acquaintance talking some have no more than leven hundred and thing about a scarcity of money, he did fifty pounds left. What was to be done? me the favour to borrow fifty pieces, I could not bear the thoughts of going and gave me a politive assurance of back into the city, and understood no coming to breakfast the next morning. business if I did. A lieutenancy of

He was/ better than his word; he fering, I purchased it as the last resource, came, and brought half a dozen brother and am now Itarving upon the half pay. officers in his hand. We dined at Al. A striking example of ignorant pride macks; drank Burgundy till we were and under-bred prodigality; at once the blind; scoured the streets, and beat the warning and contempt of our thewy watch. The frolic was new to me, little citizens. Mr. Babler; I was charmed with it; My letter needs neither comment nor and behaved so well, that my compaa application; what I fall lay may be nions honoured me with the name of a contained in the butc-end of the olde very honett fellow, and swore it was a fongdamned pity I was so aukward with my Learn to be wise from other's harms, (word.

And you thall do fuil well. These being the first gentlemen I ever had acquaintance with, it is no wonder

I am, Sir, yours, &e. I treated them with extraordinary re




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INFASHIONABLE soever as in this kingdom call themselves Cbrif.

it may be to enter upon religious tians, when, 'in the unremitting hatred subjects in such an age as the present, which they constantly entertain towards there are some who, I Aatter myself, will one another', they utterly destroy that nevertheless pay a little attention to a univerfal principle of Cbarity which topic of fuch importance without ablush, ought to be the foundation, pay, the and think it no disgrace either to their very essence of their belief? With what gentility or their understanding, to em- propriety can he, who is blessed witb vse ploy a few moments in the confidera- bounded affluence, Itije himself a Chrija tion of some points, for which, at the tian, if his ear is turned away from the awful period of their dissolution, eterni- fight of affliction, or his heart unaffectties upon eternities will hardly seem 100 ed with the fear of distress? Christianity much.

obliges him to a contant relief of the When we consider the differences wretched ; and, without a behaviour enwhich daily subtiit in the various modes tirely consonant to the duties of this beor systems of the Christian religion, and lief, what possible pretendon can he think upon the inflexible partiality which have to a name that exalts bim to a every man entertains in favour of his fellowhip with angels, and lifts him own, we ought to be ablolutely certain above the ttars? Will a constant at. that the particular form which each of tendance on the public place of his worus glories to poffess, is perfecily con- flip, exculpate the opprelior of the wiformable to our notions of the Deity, dow and the fatherleis? or give the and centiltent in the minutest degree name of Chrifiian to tlre villain who in. with ihole divine lessons which were in- famously lifis a dagger to the breast of culcared by the Saviour of the world, in his benefaétor, or baiely ítrives to mur. , his ynysterious miflion to man. If we der the reputation of his friend? Can are not pofitive in this, let our belief be the betrayer of unsuspecting innocence. ditingwished by what name foever we think on the pangs of fome violated think proper, let us be Protestants or virgin, left without affittance, without Papilts, Quakers or Presbyterians, I comfort, without bread; exposed to all can take upon me to aver, that we have the upbraidings of a relentless world, to no right to the name of Chriitians; and aggravate the severity of her own remay, with equal propriety, take a lefion Acctions, and posibis plunged in the. from the ALCORAN as the GOSPEL. additional mifery of having a helplets.

It is not the cereinony used at haptiim, little innocent, and an unalterable af. the sprinkling of water, nor the promises fection for the monster by whom she is. of our parents in the presence of d, fo cruelly undone? I say, can the perwhich constitute the CHRISTIAN; no, petrator of an act like this, fit down it is an actual conformity to the precepis calmly, fatisfied with the recitude of of our Blessed LORD, and an unde- his behaviour, and think himself, as a viaring obedience to the tenets whicii are Chrifin, fincerely acquitted to his God?. jaid down in the history of his life and Alas! if any man, thus culpable, can be miracles. Nothing can be more abfurd, fo prctuinptuoully daring as to think. nor in reality more criminal, than for a himself a Chriflian, it is doubtful wheman to aspire at the glorious title of a ther he is molt a reprobate or an idiot, Christian, who is regardiess of the du- or whether he is most regardless or igties which that appellation renders indis, norant of his crimes. pentably necellary, or a stranger to the In every profession of the Cbriftias obligations which are particularly en. faith there is a number of gaod natured. joined by the name; it is at once a fatal people, who are always unealy about the deception of his own most important ex- fáte of the Mahomdans, and terribly pectations, an insult to his Saviour, afticted left the ignorant savages of anst a defiance of his God.

America fhould not, at the last day, be With what propriety, shall I beg leave received into the favour of the Supreme to ask, can the various fects of religion Being. These people entertain frange


notions of the Deity, if they can sup.' Enlightened with the lamp of science, pole that a Power all-wise, all-merci- and the fun of true religion, our actions ful, and all just, will require, at the are a perpetual ftigma on our belief: hands of such ignorant nations, a know- we acknowledge the wonderful mercies ledge which he has not thought proper of a suffering Redeemer, yet are conto beltow: a fuppofition of such a na- tinually uttering blafphemies againft his ture is highly derogatory to the Divine name; we own the infinite merits of Essence; it is a tacit implication that his Gospel, and yet act in manifest conthe great Fatber of the universe exer- tradiction to every precept it contains. cises a severity which would be cruel The Deity, we are sensible, can think in his creatures but to think of; and a us into ashes for the enormity of our palpable infinuation, that the Being of crimes, and yet we continue to behave beings is capable of a tyranny which in open disobedience to his will: in would utterly degrade the meanest, in short, both hoping and fearing the exthe human race, among the wonders of istence of another world, we sacrifice his hand. No; from such only as have every valuable opportunity in this; and, received much, much is expected; and constantly boasting the advantages acperhaps, at the last day, myriads of our cruing from our religion, we are always nominal Christians, who look upon the acting as if we had no religion at all. American Savage with pity or con- Let us, therefore, instead of condemntempt, would give a hecatomb of worlds, ing the errors of our neighbours, begin had they power to change fituations, to with correcting whatever is amiss in have so little to answer for as him. Con- ourselves ; and, instead of finding fault' formable to what he knows, he invari- with the religion of other people, be faably regulates the tenor of his conduct, tisfied that real Christianity is the balis maintains an unalterable reverence for of our own. The whole myftery, both some great object which he looks upon of religion and government, will be as his God, and pays an implicit obe found in these admirable lines of Mr. dience to his laws ; whatever his fyftem Popeof belief may be, he endeavours to do it all the honour in his power, and shud. For forms of government let fools contest; ders at nothing so much as the thought Whate'er is best adminiit red, is best. of bringing it into disgrace. Who Formodes of faith, l-t graceless zealots fight; amongst us can honeftly lay the same? His can't be wrong, whole life is in the right



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the fatherless, nor did the mourning of the widow ever pass unregarded at his gate. "To sum up his character at ouce,

complacency and benevolence were alON of man, learn resignation to ways feated on his brow; and humanity por dare to drop a murmur at the dif- it formed the very core, and twisted pensations of the Moft Just. Think round the strings. Thus amiable, it not of disputing with the wildom of In- was no wonder, that by all who saw finity; nor dream of wresting the vin- him he should be instantly admired; dictive thunderbolt from the dread right- and thus deserving, no way strange, hand of God.

that by all who knew him he should be In the city of Bagdad, so celebrated cordially respected and beloved. by the fages of antiquity, lived Oras- Among a variety of virgins who lanmin, the son of Ibrahim, whose name guithed for Orasmin, Almira, a damsel was an Aromatic that perfumed the re- of Balsora, newly arrived at Bagdad, moteft corners of the East. His perfon was the only person blessed with a reciwas as noble as the rising oak in the procal esteem.' The bluth of the mornforest, and his inind as unsullied as a ing was less rosy than her cheek, and meridian beam from the sun; his boun: the diamond of Golconda not so brilliant ty wiped away the tear from the eye of as her eye; her bosom was as white as


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the swan upon the waters, and gentle heard that his Almira had captivated as the midfummer murmur of the stream. the Caliph, he looked upon the bufiness How oft, Oye groves of Balfora, have of life to be entirely over; and, unable ye echoed with ihe fame of her beauty! to support the inexpressible agonies of How oft, Oye vallies of Bag«lad, have his own mind, considered the angel of ye refounded with her praise! You know death as the only minifter of repose : for that ber voice would chain the tiger of two whole days and nights he wanderthe desart, and unnerve the wild fag ased through the various rooms of his be darted from the hill; you know that house in an absolute date of phrenzy, the spices of Ormus could not equal her calling ont at every interval, in the mott in breath, nor the daughters of Para- pallionate tone, on the name of his radife exced her in dignity and grace. vished Almira, On the third day,

Orasmin and Almia were not more growing somewhat calmer, he began to distinguished for their merit, than re- reflect on all the circumitances of his markable for their loves; and as peither past life, in order to find out in what had any parent living to oppole their particular he had given Mahomet fuch wilhes, a day was appointed for the ce- unpardonable offence, as to meet with Jebration of their nuptials, to the uni- fo levere a chastisement at his hands. versal satisfaction of their friends. Oraf. After revolving a long time, and find. min, all impatient for poflefling the only ing nothing but some youthful indiscreobject that had ever engrossed his heart, tions to answer for, which were infi. longed for the happy hour with the ut- nitely overbalanced by a number of memoit anxiety, and feasted his imagina. ritorious actions, he infenfibly dropped tion continually with the raptures he upon one knee, and began to expoftuwas to experience in the arms of Almira. Jate, in the following manner, with his She, not less impatient, though more God copfined in her expressions of the ap- " Thou great Creator of the universe, proaching felicity, painted equally warm I who fittest enthroned above the leven to her fancy the uninterrupted enjoy. • heavens, where even the conception of ment of all she held dear, and counted no prophet but the holy Mahomet over the weeks, the months, and the can dare to soar; look down in mercy years, the had a probable expectation on a wretch, who numbers himself of passing in the tenderest intercourse with the most unhappy of human bewith her adored Oralmin. But, alas! • ings, though he has constantly main. while our lovers were thus enhancing 'tained the deepett reverence for thy the prelent, by reflecting on the future, ' laws; tell him, Othou infinitely High! an erder arrived for Almira ta aitend inforın him, Othou, inexpreffihly the Caliph, who had for some time • Just! why he, who has ever made it been entertained with various reports of his unalterable study to deserve thy her unparalleled beauty, and wanted to awful fan&tion on his deeds, is deemed fee if the encomiums lavished so fie. to suffer what the most impious proquently upon her were juít. Neither

phaner of thy divine will would liwk her religion nor her allegiance could al- upon as a severity, and confidently low her to form any excuse for not at- ' exclaim, was too great a punishment tending the Commander of the Faithful, ! for the moit enormous of his crimes! much leis admit of a resolution to dil- Orasinin had scarcely ended, when a obey; he was worshipped with an im- clap of thunder shook the house, and an plicit reverence, as a successor of the unusual brightness lightened the room, holy Mahoinet, by all his people, and where he Atill continued on his knee, his word was ever looked upon as the astonished at this apparent message from ärrevocable voice of Fare. Almira, the Deity. When he recovered bimtelf therefore, was immediately carried, with a little, a voice, as awful as the trumpet a blzerling heart, to the palace; and the of heaven, desired him carefully to at

. moment the was beheld by the Caliph, tend, and thus went on Ceale, 0 declared the inolt favourite of his • mistaken man, lo doubt the macy queens.

' and juitice of the Supreme Being, It is not in language to tell the di. .. who, though he acts by unknown Atraction of the two lovers, at being springs and seeming severities, is eyes thus unexpectedly torn for ever from watcnful for the happiness of the vir. each other jarins, Themanent Oraimia ! tuous, and peşfectly confiteut in al

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« his laws. Consider, Orasmin, that • thou wert a peculiar favourite of Hea• this world is a transitory bubble, which "ven, it was decreed to snatch Almira • must shortly burit upon the ocean of • from thy arms : The was, o man,,

time; that it is ac best but a Tort "thy fifter. Ibrahim, thy father, 6 voyage, in which every pafsenger muft • journeying to Balsora, was admitted • meet with some disagreeable gales, in 'to the Cady's wife, and the product • order to prove his dependence on the of their guilty commerce was Almira. * hand of Infinite Goodness, and thew Here again observe the kindness of Hea• that he is worthy of entering into an • ven in it's very severities, which, in orLeverlasting port. Without some ad- der to deter the parent from the commis(verse storms to ruffle the sea of life, 'fion of enormities, denounces a judg. ¢ the tide of prosperity would frequently • ment against what he values more high. " (well the creature into a forgetfulness "ly than worlds, his race. Orasmin, be ¢ of the Creator, and reduce him to a comforted; I have visited Almira, • more dangerous situation than the bit. " and informed her of these things; the • tereft blatt he can experience will ever is at ease, remain thou so tso, and • bring him tomma total indifference of remember never again to doubt the « his God. Out of mercy, therefore, • goodness of Providence, which in it's ( a variety of shoals and quicksands are own time will reward those who place 6 thrown in his way, which keeping the their confidence in it's hands.' Orar. I sense of his dependence on the Divine min after this lived niany years in • Being constantly alive in this world, happiness, and left many children, who • puts him in a capacity of steering his fucceeded to his virtues and fortune ; • bark in the proper channel, and en- the eldeit of whom was grand vizier to sables him to arrive at endless happi- the Caliph Haroun Alraichid, and or• ness in the next. But, abstracted dered these matters to be recorded in the • from this general order in the state of histories of Bagdad. " things, know, Oralinin, that because




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appeared in an instant; and from de.

serving the universal admiration of manTORTITUDE and constancy of kind, they became entitled to nothing

mind are qualities to which every but an absolute contempt. Cicero, in nation, in proportion as it is civilized, his orations, might express the greatest Jays a formidable claim; and to which, disregard of death he pleased, and tell however, very few, were we to examine us that 'a man should not hehtate à mo. the matter thoroughly, can have any to- ment in sacrificing his life for the good lerable pretension, besides the complio of his country; but the orator found ment which on those occifions each the practice irtinitely harder than the is fo extremely liberal in paving to it- precept, and leagued him feit wirh the felf. In fact, it might not be difficult enemies of the publie, after all, in hope to prove, from every day's experience, of faving the life which he affected to that the propagation of the sciences, "highly to defpile. idad while they improve, generally ere vite " Who coukl talk better mon the virthe inind; and thar nue fortitude and Tues, or give more excellent leflons of constancy of foul, are more the result of morality, than our own countryınan my a felf-approving conscience tran the Lord St. Afhans; yet who, when he fell effect of an excellent understanding. from the pinnacie of honour and prefer

A number of philofophers, who have nient, ever hewed å greater lervlay of astonished the world with the greatness mind, or took more infamous methods of their genius, and the extent of their to repair his fhartered fortune! The reading, migit talk very pretrily on this most scandalous adulation that could be subject; but when they came once to paid at court, he was constantly paying; put any of their own leífons into prac. and notwithstanding, after his disgrace, tice, this boasted resolution of which he was writing a book which confers they imagined theinfelves potleffed, dir- an honour on human nature, yet his in



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