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gress in, 282

BBOTS, jurisdiction of, 109

Baker and Graham in the Eastern
Abyssinia, King John of, 615-651

Soudan, with, 975-1003
Adrianople, Sunday at, 938

Ballot Act, bribery under the, 124
Africa, South, vacillations of British

Baltimore, epidemic of cholera at, 330–
policy in, 524-526

Agnosticism, Christian, 337-344

Banks (Thomas), sculptures of, 43
Agnosticism, the ghost of religion, 496 Barcelona, Sunday at, 935
Aždé (Hamilton), The Art of Public Barclay (James W.); A New View of
Speaking, 969-978

Mormonism, 167-184
Ainslie (Prebendary), on a lay court of Barnett (Rev. Samuel A.), The Univer-

appeal in ecclesiastical cases, 313-314 sities and the Poor, 255-261
Albert (Prince), statues of, 30

Beaconsfield (Lord), his prophecy of
America, elementary education system revolutionary agitation, 217
of, 268-269

on the day of rest, quoted, 686
effect of railways on national pro- statue of, 30

Bell (C. S. Moberly), How long halt
Anne (Queen), statues of, 29

ye between two opinions ?' 897-904
Ants of Ashantee, 244–245

Benedictine monks in England, 108
Apparitions, 791-815

Bengal, acquisition of, by the British,
Appeal, proposed new Cout of, in eccle- 565-567
siastical cases, 312-316

Berar, acquisition of by the British, 570
Arab Race, the forthcoming, at New- Beresford-Hope (A. J. B.), An Ecclesi-
market, 753-763

astical Olive Branch, 305-316
Arcady, Peasants' Homes in, 389-408 Berlin, Sunday in, 936, 942
Argyll (Duke of), The Prophet of San Bermudas, the, 835-836
Francisco, 537-558

Bible, Luther's translation of the, 666-
Aristocracy, influence of the House of 667
Lords upon the, 220–222

Bibles, Forgotten, 1004-1022
Army, Free Trade in the, 1055-1074

Bird, sculptures of, in Westminster
Arnold (Mathew), Numbers; or, the Abbey, 39-40

Majority and the Remnant, 669-685 Bishops in the House of Lords, 212–
- his opinion of Wordsworth and 213
Byron, 583-586

Blunt (Wilfrid Scawen), The forth-
Arnold (Thomas), a schoolboy's reminis- coining Arab Race at Newmarket,
cences of, 463-467

Arnold-Forster (H. O.), Proportional Bradley (Dean), My School-days from

Representation : a l'est Election, 716- 1830 to 1810, 455-474

Brassey (Sir T.), Ship Insurances and
Art, influence of, upon the people, 427- Loss of Life at Seu, 445–454

A Voyage in the Sunbeam in 1883,
Arundel Society, the, 610-625

Ashantee, travels in, 239-254

Bribery Act, the New, and the York:
Auctor, meaning of, 188

Election, 103–137
Australia and the Imperial Connection, Brodrick (Hon. Geo. C.), Democracy

and Socialism, 626-644
Australian Empire, our growing, 138- Brussels, Sunday at, 942

Brutes, the, on their Master, 435-444
Burgos, Sunday at, 933

Byron, Wordsworth and, 583-609, 764-
ABER (E. Colborne), on the natural 791

phenomenon known as the Glory
of Buddha,' quoted, 358-359
Bacon (John), sculptures of, in West- YADIZ, Sunday at, 931
minster Abbey, 42-43

Campagna, malaria of the, 320
Bahamas, the, 831-833

Camperdown (Earl of), Floods, 94-99

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Canon law, necessity for reviving the,

Caraccas, 898
Carpenter (Dr. W. B.), The Germ

Theory of Zymotic L'iseases, 317-336
Carthusian systein in England, 104
Cbantrey (Francis), statuary of, in

Westmioster Abbey, 44-45
Charles I., statue of, 28.
Charles II., statues of, 29
Chatham (Earl of), monument to, in

Westminster Abbey, 42-43
Cholera, causation of, by germs, 323–

Christian Agnosticism, 337-344
Christiania, Sunday in, 942
Church, disestablishment of the, in Ire-
land, 83-84

Luther's restoration of the true idea

of the, 661-006
Church affairs in the West Indies, 830
Churches, monasterial, 102–103
Cibber (Gabriel), statues by, 39
Cluniac monks in England, 103-109
Cochin China, 893-894
College missions, 256-258
Colonies, proposal for representation of

the, in the House of Lords, 206, 212
Colour, Space, and Music for the People,

Coinmons, the House of, 507-536
Conservancy - Board scheme of the

Floods' Prevention Bill, 94
Continental Sunday, the, 933-944
Conrent, the term, 101, 108
Coomassie, a Walk to, 239-254
Co-operative Shirtmaking, Eight years

of, 1037-1054
Coral reefs of the Bahamas, 832
Corn laws, l'epeal of, during the Irish

potato famine, 74
Court of appeal, proposed new ecclesias-

tical, 312-316
Cowen, Jr., on Parliamentary represen-

tation, quoted, 293
Cowper (Earl), Lord Melbourne, a

Sketch, 49-56
Cramming' in Elementary Schools,

Cross (Sir Richard Assheton), Homes of

the Foor, 150-166
Curteis (Canon), Christian Agnosticism,


TAST INDIES, French possessions in

, 887-889
Ecclesiastical Olive Branch, an, 305-316
Education, payment for, according to

results, 263-268
- American system of, 263-269
- changed position of, in the present.
day, 467-473

in Ireland, 85-88
Egypt, our Protectorate in, 363–388
Egypt, British policy in, 524, 897-904
Elections, bribery at, course of legisla-
tion relating to, 123

the new Act for prerenting, 126-
Electire principle applied to the House

of Lords, 208–211
Electoral districts, equal, 301-302
Elementary Schools, Cramming in, 262–

El Teb, battle of, 936–989
Emigration from Ireland during the

great famine, 79-80

to New South Wales, 140
Emphasis in public speaking, 971
Eternal punishment, the doctrine of, 6
Evesham, constitution of, 110

FALSE Coin, 045-968

Farre (Dr.) on the day of rest,
quoted, 680
Fláxipan (John), sculptures of, 44
Floods, 91-99
Florence, Sunday in, 913
Foley, statuary of, 45
Fowler (William), India, her Theat

and her Railways, 274-292
France, the Colonies of, 873–896
Free Trade in the Army, 1055-107+



ARWINISM, 1015-1017

ABOON, French colony of, 890

Day of Rest, the, 686–702
De Cosson (Captain E. A.), King John

of Abyssinia, 645-651
Democracy and Socialism, 626-644
Dicey (Edward), Our Protectorate in

Egypt, 363-388
Disestablisbment of the Church in Ire-

land, 83-84

Gaskell (Charles Milnes), The
Yorkshire Association, 1023-1036
Genoa, Sunday in, 943
George III., statues of, 29
George IV., statue of, 29
George (Mr. Henry), theories of, 510-

558, 1019-1021
German cruisers, 827
Gerin-Theory, the, of Zymotic Diseases,

Gesticulation in public speaking, 972
Geysers (f St. Michael's, 837

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JA ,

in, 1-4


treatment of Russian prisoners

Ghosts, evolution of religion from the ! Ireland, Ungrateful, 71-93
belief in, 1-4, 497, 905

Irish Church, disestablishment of the,
Gibraltar, naral establishment at, 823 83-84
Gibson, statue of Sir Robert Peel by, Irish, the, what do they read ? 920-932

Italian frescoes, 612-1:19
Gladstone (Mr.), Irish legislation of, 83- Italy, Sunday in, 943

on the day of rest, quoted, 687
Glasgow, lodgings for the poor in, 162–

AMAICA, 829-830

James II., statue of, 29
God, character assigned to, 6

Jessopp (Rev. Dr.), Daily Life in a
ascription of emotions, will, and

Mediaval Monastery, 100-102
intelligence to, 7-8

- Peasants' Homes in Arcady, 389-
Gods, origin and progress of the belief 408

Jiggers, parasitic insects, 250
Goethe, praise of Byron by, 588

John (King) of Abyssinia, 615–151
Graham and Baker in the Eastern

Judicial Committee of the Privy Coun-
Svudan, with, 975–1003

cil, ecclesiastical authority of, 306
Granada, Sunday at, 935

Jury system, Irish, 81-85
Gregory (Sir William), The Arundel

Justification by faith, rerival of, by
Society, 610-625

Luther, 660-661
Grey (Earl), The House of Commons,

Guadaloupe, 834-885
Guiana, French, 886-887
Guinea-worn, 249-250

at, 487-488
Guney (Edmund) and Myers (Frederic Keay (J. Seymour), The Spoliation of
W. H.), Apparitions, 701-815

India, 559-582, 721-740
Kebbel (T. E.), On the Abolition of the

House of Lords, 217-227
ARE (Julius), Frederick Maurice's

Krapotkine (Prince), The Exile in
recollections of, 851-853

Siberia, 475-493
Hare (Mr.), his plan of electoral reform,

Kyrle Society, work of the, 741-751
Harrison (Frederic), The Ghost of Re-
ligion, 494-506

Coomassie, 239-254
Representation, 293-304

Lamb (Lady Caroline), 51
Hennessy (Sir J. Pope), fhat do the Lambert (Agnes), False Coin, 915-963
Irish read? 920-9:32

Land Act, Irish, 88–89
Hermann (Gottfried), on the origin of Land, nationalisation of the, 542-517,

Hill (Charles), The Day of Rest, 686- Landowning, statistics of, 399-401

Language, trifling with, 915-968
Hill (Octavia), Colour", Space, and Music Latin, teaching of, in the present day,
for the People, 741-752

on the housing of the poor, 154 Layard (Sir Henry), his presidency of
- philanthropic work of, 391

the Arundel Society, 615
IIolles (Sir George), monument of, 38 Lefevre (G. Shaw), Statues and Monu-
Homes of the Poor, 150–166

ments of London, 28-48
How long halt ye between two opinions?' Lesseps, M. de, the Pretensions of, 13-27

Ley (James P.), biographical notes on
IIuxley (Professor), The State and the the Sidney family, bs, 61-70
Medical Profession, 228-238

Loans to industrial dwelling companies,


London, Statues and Monuments of, 28-
INDIA, her Wheat and her Railways,


Lonsdale (Margaret), Platform TVomen,
the Spoliation of, 559-582, 721-740 403–415
Industrial dwelling companies, loaðs to, Lords, the House of, its Reform, 200-

Inspiration of Scripture, on the, 185–199 on its Abolition, 217-227
Insurances, Ship, and Loss of Life nt Love, a Treatise on, by Algernon Sidney,
Sea, 145-134


man, 1014




Lubbock (Sir John), Proportional Re-

presentation, 703-713
Luther and Recent Criticism, 652-668

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ACAULAY (Lord), on the day of

rest, quoted, 686
Macdonald (John), With Baker and

Graham in the Eastern Soudan, 975–

Madagascar, St. Marie de, 889
Madeira, 824
Magniac (C.), The Pretensions of M. de

Lesseps, 13-27
Mahdi, the, and Mohammedan Predic-

tions concerning the Last Days, 816-

Malarious fever's, causation of, by germs,

Malta, the dockyard at, 823
Marine insurance in relation to loss of

life at sea, 446–454
Marryat (Rosalind), Sanitary Aid, 840–

Martinique, 885–886
Maurice, Frederick Denison, 819-866
Maynooth Act, Sir R. Peel's, 72
Mayotte, French colony of, 890
Mazzini, praise of Byron by, 589
Medical Profession, the State and the,

Melbourne (Lord), a Sketch, 49–56
Milan, Sunday in, 943
Monastery, Medieval, Daily Life in a,

Monks in England, orders of, 108–109

houses of, their government, 109,
daily, occupations of, 111-113
relations of, with the episcopal body,
- conflicts between townsmen and,
amusements of, 117-118
eating and drinking habits of, 118
relations of, with the clergy, 119
morals of, 119–120

from what class drawn, 120-121
Monuments and Statues of London, 28-

Mormonism, a new Vicw of, 167–184
Müller (Prof. Max), Forgotten Bibles,

Museums, &c., Sunday opening of, see

Music for the People, 741-747
Myers (Frederic W. H.), see Gurney

ACIFIC, South, French possessions

in the, 891-892
Paris, Sunday in, 933-934
Parkes (Sir Henry), Our growing Aus-
tralian Empire, 138-149

Australia and the Imperial Connec-
tion, 867-872
Parliament, proportional representation
in, 293-304

practicability of, 710-712

members of Parliament in favour
of, 713-715

a test election, 716-720
- working of majority representation

in, 294-300
Patras, Sunday at, 939
Peabody trustees, the Government loan

to the, 161
Peasants' Homes in Arcady, 389-408
Peel (Sir Robert), Irish policy of, 71-74
Peerage, as a reward for merit, 200-201

importance of a political education
for the, 220-221
Pico, island of, 837
Plantain, uses of the, in Ashantee, 250
Platform Women, 409-415
Polygamy as practised by Mormons,

Poor, Homes of the, 150-166

the Universities and the, 255-261
Poor, habitations of the, 840–848
Potato famine, Irish, how dealt with by

the Government, 75-80
Prahsu, in Ashantee, 245

(APLES, Sundav in, 943

· Natural Religion, language of,
New Caledonia, 892-893
New South Wales, emigration to, 140

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RA by, 280

Proportional Representation, 293-304, Sanitary Aid, 840-848

Sanitary Laws Enforcement Society, a,
Protestantism, origin of, 657-660

Public Worship Regulation Act, 307 Saprophytes, 317–318
Punjaub, acquisition of, by the British, Scheemaker, sculptures of, in West-

minster Abbey, 41
School-days of the Dean of Westminster

from 1830 to 1840, 455-474
UEEN Victoria, Ashantee ideas of, Schools, Elementary, Crainming' in,

Science, relation of, to religion, 10-12

Scott (Sir Gilbert), his Westminster
DAILWAYS, Indian, rates of carriage Abbey improvement scheme, 46-47

Scripture, on the Inspiration of, 185-199
deficiencies of, 284-286

Sculptors, English, list of, 39-45
Rainbows, on, 345–360

Senegal, French settlement of, 883–884
Read, sculpture of, in Westminster Sewer-gas, typhoid-fever germs in, 332
Abbey, 43

Sherbrooke (Lord), his speech introduc-
Reading aloud, the art of, 973-977

ing the 'Revised Code, 262–264
Reform Act, the Irish, 82

Ship Insurances and Loss of Life at Sea,
Reform Acts, influence of, upon Parlia- 445–454
mentary government, 508-527

Shirtmaking, Co-operative, Eight Years
Religion, a Retrospect and Prospect, 1–12 of, 1037-1054
the Ghost of, 494-506

Shorthouse (J. Henry), Frederick Deni-
Renan (M.), his reason for abandoning son Maurice, 849-866
Catholicism, 185

Siberia, the Exile in, 475–493
Representation, Proportional, 293-301, Sidney (Algernon), A Treatise on Lore,

Rest, the Day of, 686-702

Sidney family, biography of, 61-70
Réunion, French colony of, 881-883 Simcox (Edith), Eight Years of Co-
Ritualism, 310-312

operative Shirtmaking, 1037–1054
Roberts (Dr. W.), on saprophytes, Smith (Adam), on the day of rest,
quoted, 318

quoted, 686
Roberts (Sir Frederick S.), Free Trade Smith (Joseph), founder of Mormonism,
in the Army, 1055–1074

Roman Catholics, biblical criticism by, Snell's law of refraction, 346

Socialism, Democracy and, 626-644
Rossiter (William), The Continental Soudan, Eastern, with Baker and Gra-
Sunday, 933-944

hain in the, 979-1003
Roubiliac, sculptures of, in Westminster Soudan, our policy in the, 374–386
Abbey, 40

Speaking, Public, the Art of, 969-978
Roumania, Sunday in, 937

Speaking, public, fitness of women for,
Rugby School, reminiscences of, 463– 409-415

Spencer (Herbert), Religion, a Retro-
Russia, drinking in, 937

spect and Prospect, 1-12
Russian convicts in Siberia, treatment Stanley, Dean, as an historian, 1017-
of, 475-493

Rustat (Tobias), 29

State, the, and the Medical Profession,
Rysbrack, sculptures of, in Westminster 228-238
Abbey, 40

Statues and Monuments of London, 28–


Stephen (Sir James F.), The Unknow-
, Azores

able and the Unknown, 905–919
St. Paul's Cathedral, sculptured Stern (C. E.), The Mahdi and Mohan-
monuments of, 43-45

medan Predictions concerning the Last
St. Petersburg, Sunday in, 937

Days, 816-822
St. Pierre and Miquelon, French colony Stevens, his monument of the Duke of
of, 880-881

Wellington in St. Paul's, 45
Salisbury (Lord), on the utility of the Stone (Nicholas), sculptures of, in West-
IIouse of Lords, quoted, 219

minster Abbey, 38-39
Salonica, Sunday in, 938

Storms, law of, 834-835
Salt Lake, 169

Strachey (Sir John), on the policy of
Salt Lake City, 171

constructing railways and canals in
San Francisco, the Prophet of, 537-558 India, 276 note

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