The Sportsman's Repository: Comprising a Series of Highly Finished Engravings, Representing the Horse and the Dog, in All Their Varieties

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Henry G. Bohn, 1845 - 204 strán (strany)

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Strana 72 - Tis sweeter far to me, To walk together to the kirk With a goodly company ! — ' To walk together to the kirk, And all together pray, While each to his great Father bends, Old men, and babes, and loving friends, And youths and maidens gay...
Strana 57 - Flourish'd in air, low bending plies around His busy nose, .the steaming vapour snuffs Inquisitive, nor leaves one turf untried, Till, conscious of the recent stains, his heart Beats quick; his snuffling nose, his active tail, Attest his joy ; then with deep opening mouth, That makes the welkin tremble, he proclaims Th' audacious felon ; foot by foot he marks His winding way, while all the listening crowd Applaud his reasonings.
Strana 62 - O'er his broad back bends in an ample arch. On shoulders clean, upright and firm he stands : His round...
Strana 179 - And the same shall be paid by the stable-keeper or servant having the care of such horse, and be charged by him to the owner of such horse. The Stewards shall make such orders as they think fit relative to the returns to be made by the stable-keepers or servants of...
Strana 57 - The' audacious felon ; foot by foot he marks His winding way, while all the listening crowd Applaud his reasonings. O'er the...
Strana 179 - At a meeting of the Stewards and Members of the Jockey Club, it was stated that much uncertainty had prevailed with regard to the operation of the rules and orders of the Jockey Club, and therefore it was thought proper to declare that they apply to all races run at, and engagements made for, Newmarket...
Strana 167 - Oct., 1819. The Stewards of the Jockey Club having taken into consideration the case laid before them by the stewards of Doncaster Races, respecting the St. Leger Stakes, and having examined Mr.
Strana 91 - In ancient times three several animals were Coursed with greyhounds, the Deer, the Fox, and the Hare, The two former are not practised at present, but the Coursing of deer formerly was a recreation in high esteem, and was divided into two sorts, the Paddock and the Forest or Purlieu.

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