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Strana 103 - This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England, This nurse, this teeming womb of royal kings, Fear'd by their breed and famous by their birth, Renowned for their deeds as far from home For Christian service and true chivalry, As is the sepulchre in stubborn Jewry Of the world's ransom, blessed Mary's Son...
Strana 38 - Cume del chevrefoil esteit Ki a la codre se perneit : Quant il est s'i laciez e pris E tut entur le fust s'est mis, Ensemble poënt bien durer, Mes ki puis les volt desevrer, Li codres muert hastivement E li chevrefoil ensement.
Strana 66 - It is a noble and just advantage that the things subjected to understanding have of those which are objected to sense that the one sort are but momentary and merely taking, the other impressing and lasting. Else the glory of all these solemnities had perished like a blaze and gone out in the beholders
Strana 23 - Hush! Beyond all depth away The heat lies silent at the brink of day : Now the hand trails upon the viol-string That sobs, and the brown faces cease to sing, Sad_with the whole of pleasure.
Strana 107 - She shall be buried by her Antony: No grave upon the earth shall clip in it A pair so famous. High events as these Strike those that make them; and their story is No less in pity than his glory which Brought them to be lamented.
Strana 23 - ... and sweetness, faileth suddenly, And silence against which you dare not cry, Aches round you like a strong disease and new — What hope ? what help ? what music will undo That silence to your sense ? Not friendship's sigh, Not reason's subtle count ; not melody Of viols, nor of pipes that Faunus blew ; Not songs of poets, nor of nightingales Whose hearts leap upward through the cypress-trees To the clear moon ; nor yet the spheric laws Self-chanted, nor the angels' sweet All hails, Met in the...
Strana 20 - Yon silvery billows breaking on the beach Fall back in foam beneath the star-shine clear, The while my rhymes are murmuring in your ear A restless lore like that the billows teach; For on these sonnet-waves my soul would reach From its own depths, and rest within you, dear, As, through the billowy voices yearning here Great Nature strives to find a human speech. A sonnet is a wave of melody: From heaving waters of the impassioned soul A billow of tidal music one and whole Flows in the 'octave'; then,...
Strana 23 - Sad with the whole of pleasure. Whither stray Her eyes now, from whose mouth the slim pipes creep And leave it pouting, while the shadowed grass Is cool against her naked side ? Let be :— Say nothing now unto her lest she weep, Nor name this ever. Be it as it was, — Life touching lips with Immortality.
Strana 20 - Above the howling senses' ebb and flow, To cheer thee, and to right thee if thou roam — Not with lost toil thou laborest through the night! Thou mak'st the heaven thou hop'st indeed thy home.

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