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426. Tu, seu ... lætitiæ: "if you have ever made a present, or intend to bestow a favor on any one, by no means invite him, full of joy, to criticise your verses.

437. Sub vulpe latentes : concealed under the guise of a fox;' alluding to the fable of the fox and the crow.

453. Mala scabies : “the leprosy.'-Morbus regius : "the jaundice.

467. Idem facit occidenti : does the same as one who kills him.' 470. Utrùm ...

incestus : whether he has profaned his father's ashes, or sacrilegiously removed the bounds of some consecrated place. These are high misdemeanors, and supposed to deserve the vengeance of Heaven. The idea is this; What possesses the man to keep writing is unknown; but that he is deranged is evident; whatever may have been the crime for which he is deprived of reason.'


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