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Strana 139 - Our naked globe would turn its tanned and unshadowed forehead to the sun, and one dreary, monotonous blaze of light and heat dazzle and burn up all things. Were there no atmosphere, the evening sun would in a moment set, and without warning, plunge the earth in darkness. But the air keeps in her hand a sheaf of...
Strana 139 - ... nestle to repose. In the morning, the garish sun would at one bound burst from the bosom of night, and blaze above the horizon ; but the air watches for his coming, and sends at first but one little ray to announce his approach, and then another, and by and by a...
Strana 139 - We touch it not, but it touches us ; its warm south wind brings back color to the pale face of the invalid ; its cool west winds refresh the fevered brow, and make the blood mantle in our cheeks ; even its north blasts brace into new vigor the hardened children of our rugged clime.
Strana 127 - The planets Mercury and Venus are called inferior planets, because their orbits are within that of the Earth...
Strana 140 - These matters may either be in a state of vapour, that is elastic, or inelastic ; or like water, that may exist in both states. They are most probably in the state of suspension ; hang, like the smoke in cities, over the places in which they are produced, but are spread and driven about like vesicular water in clouds. A stream of aqueous vapour of the same elasticity from the Atlantic, passing over England, is, in one place...
Strana 139 - And yet it is so mobile, that we have lived years in it before we can be persuaded that it exists at all, and the great bulk of mankind never realize the truth that they are bathed in an ocean of air.
Strana 160 - After five days washing, the precipitation in the trench is carried to some convenient stream, to undergo a second clearance. For this purpose wooden bowls are provided, of a funnel shape, about two feet wide at the mouth, and five or six inches deep, called gamellas.
Strana 205 - ... and Norway. Magnus was succeeded in the kingdom of Norway by his son Hagen VI, husband of the celebrated Margaret, and, at his decease, in 1380, Norway was united to Denmark by their son, Olof V, who dying without issue, Margaret herself was raised to the throne by the unanimous voice of the nation. On her death it descended, with Denmark and Sweden, to her nephew Eric. Sweden was...
Strana 139 - So massive is it, that when it begins to stir, it tosses about great ships like playthings, and sweeps cities and forests, like snowflakes. to destruction before it. And yet it is so mobile, that we...
Strana 86 - Roman when in its height of power. The Saracen greatness ended with the death of Tamerlane ; and the Turks, conquerors on every side, took possession of the middle regions of Asia, which they still enjoy. The principal countries...

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