Geographia Classica, Or, The Application of Antient Geography to the Classics

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Carey and Lea, 1831 - 262 strán (strany)

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Strana 159 - Thammuz came next behind, Whose annual wound in Lebanon allured The Syrian damsels to lament his fate In amorous ditties all a summer's day, While smooth Adonis from his native rock Ran purple to the sea, supposed with blood Of Thammuz yearly wounded...
Strana 45 - Siculo latus abscidit, arvaque et urbes litore diductas angusto interluit aestu. Dextrum Scylla latus, laevum implacata Charybdis 420 obsidet, atque imo barathri ter gurgite vastos sorbet in abruptum fluctus rursusque sub auras erigit alternos et sidera verberat unda.
Strana 193 - Onward resistless rolls the infuriate surge, Clouds follow clouds, and mountains mountains urge ; Wave over wave the driving desert swims, Bursts o'er their heads, inhumes their struggling limbs ; Man mounts on man, on camels camels rush, Hosts march o'er hosts, and nations nations crush, — Wheeling in air the winged islands fall, And one great earthy ocean covers all...
Strana 192 - Desert, was a small and beautiful spot, or Oasis, as it is called, refreshed by streams and shade, and luxuriant with verdure, in which was the celebrated temple of Jupiter Hammon, said to have been founded by Bacchus, in gratitude to his father Jupiter, who appeared to him in the form of a ram, and showed him a fountain, when himself and his army were perishing with thirst.
Strana 125 - Est in conspectu Tenedos, notissima fama Insula, dives opum, Priami dum regna manebant, Nunc tantum sinus et statio male fida carinis.
Strana 26 - Fluminaque antiquos subterlabentia muros. An mare, quod supra, memorem, quodque alluit infra ? Anne lacus tantos ? te, Lari maxime, teque, Fluctibus et fremitu assurgens, Benace, marino...
Strana 159 - Philistaei, who inhabited the coast, but as it was the promised inheritance of the seed of Abraham, and the scene of the birth, sufferings, and death of our Redeemer, we are accustomed to designate it by the more religious appellation of the Holy Land. It is bounded on the North by Phoenicia and Coelesyria, on the East by Arabia Deserta, on the South by Arabia Petraea, and on the West by the Mediterranean, called in the Bible the Great Sea. It will be...
Strana 187 - Urbs antiqua fuit, Tyrii tenuere coloni, Carthago, Italiam contra Tiberinaque longe Ostia, dives opum, studiisque asperrima belli; Quam Juno fertur terris magis omnibus unam Posthabita coluisse Samo.
Strana 193 - Cambyses overwhelmed by those mighty columns of sand, which may be called the waves, or rather the moving mountains of the desert. Wave over wave the driving desert swims, Bursts o'er their heads, inhumes their struggling limbs. * * * * And one great earthy ocean covers all. Then ceased the storm, — Night bowed his ^Ethiop brow To earth, and listened to the groans below. * * awhile the living hill Heaved with convulsive throes — and all was still.
Strana 39 - Ego apis Matinae More modoque Grata carpentis thyma per laborem Plurimum circa nemus uvidique Tiburis ripas operosa parvus Carmina fingo.

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