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Landaff's Address to the People of Great Britain.

London, 1798. 8vo. [Of this there was a third edition.]

A Letter to Sir John Scott, his Majesty's Attorney-General, on the Subject of a late Trial in Guildhall.

1798, 8vo.

The Defence of Gilbert Wakefield, B. A. late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, on an official Information from the AttorneyGeneral for a Reply to the Bishop of Landaff's Address to the People of Great Britain: delivered in the Court of King's Bench, on Feb. 21, 1799.

An Address to the Judges in the Court of King's Bench, on Thursday, April 18, 1799.

An Address to the Judges, [intended to have been delivered] on being called up for judgment, May 30, 1799.

The First Satire of Juvenal imitated.

1800. 12mo.

[The four last articles were never published, a few copies only having been printed for the author's friends.]

Select Essays of Dio Chrysostom, translated into English from the Greek: with Notes critical and illustrative.

London, 1800. 8vo.

Noctes Carcerariæ; sive de legibus metricis poetarum Græcorum qui versibus hexametris scripserunt, disputatio.

London, 1801. 12mo.

Besides the above publications, a great number of papers by Mr. Wakefield, on subjects theological and miscellaneous, were communicated by him to various periodical works, especially to the three last volumes of the Theological Repository, and the Monthly Magazine.



Abney, counsellor, sarcastic retort on, in a court of justice,

I. 29. Actions, number of, declared felonies without benefit of

clergy, I. 311. Address of Wakefield to his judges, II, 142, 388.

one, intended to have been delivered, 113,120,125,151.

parting one, to four condemned criminals, 250 note. Affection, singular one with which the Blacks in Jamaica are possessed, I. 296.

instances of the long duration of conjugal, 187. Afiction, the bitterest not always the least supportable, I. 389.

comparison of our own with the greater ones of other men, a persuasive to gratitude, 390. Age of Reason, by Paine, character of, II. 19, 41.

Answer to, 20, 28.

publisher of a cheap edition of, prosecuted, 36, 38. Aikin, Rev. Dr. particulars respecting, I. 217. Aikin, Dr. John, charges the early votaries of the mathematics with neglect of the study in after life, I. 147.

Memoir of Dr. Enfield by, II. 225.

sketch of the character of Wakefield by, 314 note. Aikin, Miss, Lines to the memory of Wakefield by, II. 335.

Alberti, Wakefield, for the multiplicity of his reading, com-

pared with, II. 445.
Alcock, bishop, Jesus College, Cambridge, founded by, I. 65.
Algebra, disinclination of Wakefield to, I. 111.
Alphabetical Characters, Essay on the Origin of, I. 269, 511,

514. II. 339.
America, will attain no eminence in literature for many ge-

nerations, I. 485.
Americans, sanguinary prayer against, in the church service,

during the war, omitted by Wakefield, I. 197.
Amusements, favourite ones of Wakefield, I. 87, 451. II.

307, 313.
Anexagoras, trait of benevolence recorded of, I. 50 note.
Anecdote of a night-cap, I. 54.

of a traveller in Paris ignorant of French, 55.

of a popish priest respecting the English univer-
sities, 68.

of Dr. Boldero and the bishop of Ely, 80 note.
of a Cambridge proctor, 94.
of Dr. Halifax and Dr. Ogden, 97.
of a Cambridge doctor, by Fuller the historian, 159.
of Secker, 169.
of Chillingworth, 172 note.
of Tiberius, 190 note.
of a Welch curate, 202 note.
of a dissenting preacher, 209.
of Dr. P. of Warrington, 241, 242 note.
of Mr. John Wesley, 243.

of Timothy Bennet, shoe-maker, and Lord Halifax,

of Mr.John Lewis of Richmond, 259, 261, 264 note.
of Aristippus, 271 note.

of a prime minister and a prelate on the question
of repealing the test laws, 319.

of slaves in Scythia in revolt, 322.

Anecdote of the king of Prussia and an hussar, 324.

of a moderator in the astronomical schools at Cam-
bridge, II. 75 note.
Antediluvians, longevity of, a point of difficult determination,

I. 430.
Antichrist, Four Marks of, wby published anonymously, 1.288.
Antisthenes quoted, on the advantage of studying philosophy,

I. 345.
Apology for the Liturgy and Clergy of the Church of Eng-
land, virulent spirit of, I. 325.

- to whom ascribed, ib. 330.
Apostacy, nothing so injurious to the cause of truth as, I. X.
Apostles, character of, as men of learning, disputed, I. 282

Animal food, Wakefield, in the latter period of his life, an
enemy to the use of, II. 312.*

opinions of Hartley and Sir Thomas More on the sub-
ject, ib. note.
Ascham, Roger, an enemy to severity of discipline in schools,
1. 26 note, 32 note, 33 note.

evils resulting from the want of self-knowledge de.
scribed by, 38 note.

long duration of the matrimonial connection of the
parents of, 187 note

laments the inattention of parents to the education
of their children, 272 note.
Asgil, sentiment of, on authors, I. 327 note.
Ashton, Rev. Dr. Charles, particulars respecting, I. 68.
Attainments, intellectual, valuable only as promoting virtue,

I. 354. II. 299.
Authors, ancient, obligations of the moderns to, I. 347. II. 60.

excellence of the writings of, I. 349, 350.
English, what the favourite ones of Wakefield, II.

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