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AYRSHIRE STREAMS: Or Scenes, Characters, and Traditions of the West Country. By William Wylie.

London : ARTHUR HALL, VIRTUE & Co. 1851.
Contains-Several Tit-Bits of Burnsiana.
THE MUSINGS IN VERSE, by Sea and Shore, of Thomas Mathers,
St. Monance, Fifeshire.

“In humblest strains you still may find,
Some touch of Nature, true and kind:
Even raploch doggrel unrefined by wit or art,
May please the philosophic mind or touch the heart."

Aberdeen : WILLIAM HUTCHISON. 1851.
Contains-Lines written extempore for the fifth Anniversary of the St.
Andrews Burns Club, 28th January, i851.
POEMS AND SONGS: with Lectures on The Genius and Works of

Burns, and the Rev. George Gilfillan ; and Letter on Sir John
Franklin and the Arctic Regions. By Peter Livingstone, Dundee.

“ A wish-I mind its power
A wish that to my latest hour,

Shall strongly heave my breast :
That I for poor auld Scotland's sake,
Some useful plan or book could make,

Or sing a sang at least."
Eighth Edition.

Dundee : WILLIAM LIVINGSTON. 1852. POEMS AND SONGS, CHIEFLY IN THE SCOTTISH DIALECT. By Walter Watson ; with a Memoir, by Hugh Macdonald.

Glasgow : DAVID ROBERTSON. 1853. Contains-Song: "Anniversary of Burns" (page 90). THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF SCOTTISH SONGS, From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. Edited by Charles Mackay.

London : THE NATIONAL ILLUSTRATED LIBRARY. i853. Contains-Portrait of Robert Burns and Fifty-one Songs by Robert Burns. THE POETICAL WORKS OF ANDREW PARK.

Glasgow : THOMAS MURRAY & Son. 1854. Contains-Song for the Anniversary of the Birthday of Robert Burns. To John Boucher, Esq., London. RAMBLES ROUND GLASGOW, DESCRIPTIVE, HISTORICAL, AND TRADITIONAL, by Macdonald.

Glasgow : THOMAS MURRAY & Son. 1854. Contains-References on Burns. SELECTIONS FROM THE BRITISH POETS, chronologically ar

ranged. From Chaucer to the present time, under separate divisions, with Introductions explaining the different Species of Poetry.

“Who is it that ever was a scholar that doth not carry away some verses, which, in his youth he learned, and even to old age serve him for hourly lessons."-Sir Philip Sidney. Published by direction of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland.

Dublin : ALEX. THOM & Sons. 1856.
Contains--Prayer for a Family. By Robert Burns (page 100).
THE MUSINGS OF A WANDERER, being Poems and Songs in the

Scottish Dialect. By William Jamie, author of “ The Muse of the
Mearns,” “Stray Effusions, or Gleanings from Nature,"

" "The Emigrant's Family,

The Jacobite's Son,” etc.
I've wander'd on the banks o' Doon,

Where Robin tun'd his lyre,
And o'er Gleniffer's bonnie braes

To wonder and admire.
I've mus'd beside auld ruins grey-

Fond memory paints them still-
Immortalised by Coila's Bard
And Paisley's Tannahill.”

Glasgow : C. L. WRIGHT, 1856. Contains-Lines Written on Viewing the Banks of Doon (page 33).

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LYRICS : Love, Freedom, and Manly Independence. By Hugh Buchanan Macphail. Author of the “Supremacy of Woman,” &c.

Glasgow : W. B. OGILVIE. 1856. Contains-Ode to the Memory of Robert Burns, page 5, inscribed to Councillor James Mair, Esq. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF EMINENT BRITISH POETS.

Chronologically arranged from Chaucer to Burns, with Criticisms on their Works. Selected from the most distinguished Writers. Intended for Teachers and the Higher Classes in Schools

“No species of writing seems more worthy of cultivation than Biography; since none can be more delighiful or more useful, nor can more certainly enchain the heart by irresistible interest, or more widely diffuse instruction to every diversity of condition.”Johnson. Published by direction of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland.

Dublin : ALEX. Thom & Sons. 1857. Contains-Robert Burns, (pages 473-495.)


arranged from Chaucer to the present time. Under separate
divisions, with Introductions explaining the different species of

“Oh, deem not, ʼmidst this worldly strife,
An idle art the poet brings :
Let high philosophy control,
And sages calm the streams of life.
'Tis he refines its fountain-springs,
The nobler passions of the soul.”Campbell.

Volume II.
Published by direction of the Commissioners of National Education in

Dublin : Alex. Thom & Sons. 1857. Contains-Eight Poems by Robert Burns. THE DUMFRIES ALBUM. Edited by A. Mercer Adam, M.D., Dumfries und Maxwelltown Mechanics Institution.

Glasgow : WILLIAM EADIE & Co. 1857. Contains—Recreations with the Poets, by Thomas Aird ; Burns (pages 18-36.)

DAYS AT THE COAST. A Series of Sketches descriptive of the Firth

of Clyde, its watering places, its scenery, and its associations. By Hugh MacDonald.

Glasyow: THOMAS MURRAY & Son. 1857. Contains-Reference to Burns.

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CADRUS, KING OF ATHENS : A Tragedy. And Miscellaneous Poems. By Richard Neal.

London: SAMPSON Low, Son, & Co. 1858. Contains-Burns (page 107). THE LAND OF THE CLANSMEN: A Scottish Tale. Antiquarian,

Historical and Traditionary. By William Jamie, author of “ The Muse of the Mearns, Stray Effusions, or Gleanings from Nature.' “The Emigrant's Family,'

,” **The Jacobite's Son,” “The Musings of a Wanderer,” &c.

O'er Scotland's fair, though rugged breast,
There's nae a hill or dell,
But show where covenanter hid,
Or warrior fought and fell.”

Glasgow: S. & T. DUNN. 1859.
Contains—Chapter III.—The Land of Burns.

and Arts, conducted by William and Robert Chambers. No. 269. Saturday, February 26th.

Edinburgh: W. & R. CHAMBERS. 1859. Contains—The Burns Centenary.


Edinburgh: MURRAY & GIBB. 1859. Contains-On the birth-place of Robert Burns (page 63). Motto for Highland Mary (page 74). The meeting of the Sons of Burns on the banks of Doon (page 95). A Dirge to the memory of Robert Burns (page 98). The "Robert Burns Steamboat (page 99). The Last parting of Burns and Highland Mary (page 101).

ESSAYS ON ROBERT BURNS: Delivered at the Burns's Centonary

Meeting, held in the Franklin Hotel, George Square, Glasgow,
25th January, 1859. By William C. Cameron and T. S. Faulds.
Delivered and published under the auspices of the Cutters and
Salesmen of the Boot and Shoe Trade.

“As lamps high set upon some earthly eminence,
And through the past far-searching night,
Only these star-souls keep their light.-Prize Poem."

Glasgow : John Bain. 1859.

BURNS : By Wyndham Kent, January 25th, 1859.

As from a cloud his fulgent head And shape star-bright appeared.”- Milton.

“He'll hae misfortunes great and sma';

But aye a heart aboon them a',
He'll be a credit to us a'

We'll a' be proud o' Robin.”Burns.

MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. By John Parker, Glasgow.

Glasgow : SPITTAL & ALISON. 1859. Contains-In memory of Robert Burns, January 25th, 1859, it being the Hundredth Anniversary of his birthday.

THE MARCH OF WAR, and other Poems of Imagination, Humour, and Pathos. By Archibald Johnstone.

Edinburgh: D. R. COLLIE & Son. 1859. Contains-Robert Burns (page 93).


the People as well as a History of the Kingdom. Illustrated with many hundred wood engravings. A new edition, revised and extended. [8vo.] Vol. VI.

London: W. & R. CHAMBERS. 1858. Contains, pp. 858-859, Burns (wood-cut portrait).


LEARN TO LIVE: Firstlings from the Pen of a Working Man. By Robert Kerr, Kilmarnock.

“And so in this dark world of ours,

With cares and sorrows rife,
We should ever aid our brothers

To be victors in the strife,
And give them golden weft to weave
The endless web of life.”

London : HOULSTON & WRIGHT. 1860. Contains-“Remember Robert Burns" (page 175).


FOR LITTLE READERS. By Alex. Smart, author of “Rambling

Edinburgh : WILLIAM P. NIMMO. 1860. Contains-Stanzas written for the Twentieth Anniversary of the Irvine Burns Club; “A tribute to the Memory of Burns,” recited by the author at the Public Dinner in the Guild Hall, Montrose, in celebration of the first Centenary of the Poet's natal day ; Centenary Song," written for and sung at the Centenary Soiree of the Workpeople of Messrs Fullarton & Co., Leith Walk.

Edinburgh: ADAM & CHARLES BLACK. 1860. Contains—"Lines to a mouse,” “The Cottar's Saturday Night," and "Contentment,” by Robert Burns.

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POEMS AND SONGS, by William Murdock.

“I am nae poet, in a sense,
But just a rhymer, like by chance,
An' ha'e to learning nae pretence,

Yet, what the matter.
Whene'er my muse does on me glance

I jingle at her." —Burns.

Saint John, N.B.: BARNES & COMPANY. 1860. Contains—Verses written for, and spoken by, the Chairman of Burns Anniversary, celebrated by the Paisley “ Literary and Convivial Association,” in their Hall, 25th January, 1853. Lines written for the Centenary Anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, celebrated at Saint John, N.B., January 25th, 1869. THE REFORMED DRUNKARD; or, the Adventure on the Muir. With other Poems and Songs. By Duncan M'Neil, Paisley.

Paisley : John REJD. 1860. Contains-Song written for Burns Centenary, January, 1859, page 69. MORAL PIECES IN RHYME AND BLANK. VERSE. By James Strachan, Surgeon, Blackford. New Edition.

Edinburgh : PRINTED FOR THE AUTHOR. 1860. Contains-Acrostic on Burns (page 99); Tam o' Shanter. THE EMIGRANT, AND OTHER POEMS. By Alex. M‘Lachlan, author of “ Lyrics,” etc.

Toronto : Rollo & ADAM. 1861. Contains—To the Memory of Burns. Written for the Centenary. THE CREATION OF THE WORLD, AND HISTORY OF GENERATION. A Poem in three parts.

With other Poems, Songs, and Meditations on Scripture Events. By James Millar, Farmer, Haldrick.

Auchterarder : THOMAS M'QUEEN. 1861. Contains, To Burns's Birthday (page 39). POEMS BY SARAH PARKER DOUGLAS. (“THE IRISH GIRL.”) Third Edition.

Contains-Stanzas on the demise of Robert Burns, Esq., of Dumfries, eldest
son of Scotland's Bard. Stanzas for the Centenary of Robert Burns.
THE HEATHER LINTIE. Being Poetical Pieces, chiefly in the
Scottish Dialect. By Roger Quinn, Dumfries.

Away from the gloom, like a bird on the wing,
Owre the moors and the mountains I'll warble and sing ;
Inhaling the beauty, the breeze, and the bloom,
Oh, my heart's in the heather whatever my doom."

Dumfries : R. JOHNSTONE. 1861.
Contains-A Sentiment written on the Burns Centenary, intended for the back
of the Dinner Card at the great Festival Demonstration in the Nithsdale Mills,
Dumfries, 25th January, 1859.
OAK LEAVES. By John Bowman Graham.

Glasgow: MAURICE OGLE & Sons. 1861. Contains-In Memoriam, 25th January, 1859. AN ESSAY ON ENGLISH POETRY. With Notices of the British

Poets. By Thomas Campbell, author of “The Pleasures of Hope,” etc. New Edition.

London: JOHN MURRAY. 1861. Contains-Notice of Burns (pages 385-395). POEMS AND SONGS, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. By Davil Taylor, St. Ninians.

“I am nae poet, in a sense,

But just a rhymer, like by chance,
An' ha'e to learning nae pretence,

Yet, what the matter.
Whene'er my muse does on me glance,

Í jingle at her.” — Burns.
Stirling : Printed at the Journal and advertiser Office. 1862.
Contains-“Robin." Written for and delivered at the “Gatherin' o' the Bards
in Alloa, on the evening of Burns Centenary (page 103).


JOTTIANA: A POEM IN ELEVEN CHIRLS. By John Gardner, author of “The Sparks of Steel,” etc.

Glasgow : THOMAS MURRAY. 1862. Contains-A Poem : Burns, Byron, Scott, 34 verses (page 109). HEDDERWICK'S 'MISCELLANY. Part I., October 31st, 1862.

Edited, Printed, and Published by James Hedderwick. Price 6d.

Contains-The “Cronies" of Burns. HALF HOURS WITH OUR SACRED POETS. Edited with

Biographical Sketches. By Alexander H. Grant, M.A. With illustrations, by H. S. Marks.

London: JAMES BLACKWOOD & Co. 1863. Contains-Biographical Sketch of Robert Burns. Winter-A Dirge. Family Worship. POEMS, by George Dobie.

Edinburgh: MORRISON & GIBB. 1863. Contains-Lines repeated at Burns Anniversary, held in the Edinburgh Hotel, January 25th, 1863. WAYSIDE MUSINGS, OR POEMS AND SONGS. By James Currie, late of the 79th, or Cameron Highlanders.

These straggling thoughts whilst passing through the mind,

Burst forth in verse, unpolished, unrefined,
But should they strike one sympathetic strain
In any heart, I've laboured not in vain." --- Anonymous.

Selkirk: GEORGE LEWIS. 1863.
Contains-Burns Centenary Song (page 116).
THE MUSE REVIVED, by William Anderson Findlay, Silverbarton
Grange, Burntisland, Fifeshire.

“The lunatic, the lover, and the poet
Are of imagination all compact :
One sees more devils than vast hell can hold
That is, the madman : the lover, all as frantic,
Sees Helen's beauty in a brow of Egypt.
The poet's eye, in a tine frenzy rolling,
Doth glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven:
And, as imagination bodies forth
The forms of things unknown, the poet's pen.
Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.”- Midsummer Night's Dream, Act 5.

Contains—Burns Centenary, and a Religious Pedagogue.
POEMS AND SONGS, by Hugh Macdonald, with a Memoir of the

Glasgow : Wm. LOVE. 1863. Contains-Poems on the Works of Burns; The Anniversary of Burns; To Mrs. John Thomson (Elizabeth Burns), daughter of Robert Burns. EVENINGS WITH THE POETS, and Sketches of their Favourite Scenes, by the author of “Success in Life,'

" " Memorials of Early Genius,” etc. [12mo.]

The poet's or historian's page, by one
Made vocal for the amusement of the rest,
Beguile the night, and set a keener edge
On female industry: the threaded steel
Flies swiftly and, unfelt, the task proceeds."-Cowper.

London : T. NELSON & Sons. 1864. Contains-Last Evening ; Modern Poets—Scott, Wordsworth, Burns ; Coloured Illustration of the Burns Monument on the Banks o' Doon; Poems, selected-“ To a Mountain Daisy;” “Man was made to Mourn ;” “The Cottager's Saturday Night;"

To Mary in Heaven :" “ Of a'the airts the wind can blaw.
POEMS AND SONGS. By Robert Crosbie.

“E'en then a wish, I mind its pow'r,
A wish that to my latest hour

Shall strongly heave my breast:-
That I, for poor auld Scotland's sake,
Some usefu' plan or book could make,
Or sing a song at least."-Burns.

Edinburgh: Johx FORSYTH. 1864. Contains-Song as sung at the celebration of Burns Centenary in Galashiels, 25th January, 1859 ; Song respectfully inscribed to Mr James Robertson, first President of the Burns Club, Galashiels, written for, and sung

at, their meeting for the celebration of the poet's birthday.


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