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By David H. Morrison, Caldervale, by

"Scotland: the land of all I love,

The land of all who love me,

Land whose green sod my feet have trod,

Whose sod shall lie above me."-Robert Chambers.

Contains-Poem on Burns (page 10).



LECTURES ON THE ENGLISH POETS AND THE ENGLISH COMIC WRITERS. By William Hazlitt, Author of "Table Talk, or Essays on Men and Manners;" "Essays on the Literature of the Age of Elizabeth;' Characters of Shakespeare," etc., etc. A new edition. Edited by William Carew Hazlitt.

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London: BELL & DALDY. 1870.

Contains-Lecture 7th on Burns (page 171).

POEMS, BY MATTHIAS BARR. Revised and enlarged edition. London: CASSELL, PETTER, & GALPIN. 1870.

Contains-A poem on Burns (pages 89 to 93).

CHAMBERS'S MISCELLANY OF INSTRUCTIVE AND ENTERTAINING TRACTS. New and Revised Edition. Vol. IV. [8vo.] "He that runs may read."


London & Edinburgh: W. & R. CHAMBERS. Contains-Select poems on kindness to animals; "To a Mouse, on turning one up in her nest with the plough."

LILIAS LEE AND OTHER POEMS. By James Ballantine, author of The Gaberlunzie's Wallet; the Miller of Deanhaugh; Poems; Songs, &c.

Edinburgh: WILLIAM BLACK WOOD & SONS. Contains-Ode for the Birthday of Robert Burns (page 267).


A SOLDIER'S THOUGHTS IN PROSE AND VERSE. By Thomas Johnstone, late of the 79th Highlanders. With prefatory note by Rev. James M 'Naught, Maitland Free Church, Glasgow.

Edinburgh and Glasgow: JOHN MENZIES & Co. 1871. Contains-Poem on Burns Centenary (page 26).

VERSES, by Ebenezer Smith.



Contains-Lines on the unexpected death of Burns's sister while the public were preparing to celebrate the Bard's Centenary.

POEMS AND SONGS, by Andrew Glass, Ayr. Third Edition.
Ayr: HENRY & GRANT. 1871.
Contains-Musing on Burns; Burns Anniversary; and Burns Lodge, Tarbolton
(pages 145, 179, 219).
By Alex. M'Lagan.

Contains-The Harp of Burns (page 172).

London: BLACKIE & SON. 1871.


"Not without distinction did he live,

Beloved and honoured-far as he was known,
And some small portion of his eloquent speech,
And something that may serve to set in view
The feeling pleasures of his loneliness,
His observations, and the thoughts his mind
Had dealt with-I will here record."

Contains-Several poems on Burns.

London: T. NELSON & SONS. 1871.

THE SONGS OF SCOTLAND. Chronologically arranged, with introduction and notes. Second Edition.

Glasgow: ALISON & Ross. 1872.

Contains-Part 3rd, Biographical Sketch of Robert Burns; Burns's Song (pages..

195 to 260.

CRITICAL AND MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS; collected and republished [first time, 1839; final, 1869]. By Thomas Carlyle. In seven volumes. Vol. II. [8vo.]

London: CHAPMAN & HALL. 1872. Contains-Burns (pages 1-53). Reprinted from the Edinburgh Review, No. 96.— The Life of Robert Burns, by J. G. Lockhart, LL.B., Edinburgh. 1828. LIVES OF THE BRITISH POETS, with specimens of their writings. Edinburgh: WILLIAM P. NIMMO. 1873. Contains-Portrait of Burns; Illustrations from "The Cottar's Saturday Night;" "The Poor and Honest Sodger;" Life of Burns (pages 229 to 320); Extracts from the Writings of Burns; "To a Mountain Daisy." VERSES. By Ebenezer Smith, Ayr.

Glasgow: DUNN & WRIGHT. 1874.

Contains-Verses written for the Anniversary of Robert Burns. POEMS AND SONGS. By Alexander MacLachlan, with Portrait. Toronto: HUNTER, ROSE, & Co. 1874.

Contains-Poem on Robert Burns (page 38).

THE RUSTIC HARP: A Collection of Poems and Songs, etc. English and Scotch. By Hugh Wilson (Cowper Spearpoint).

Bournemouth: WILSON & PARDY. 1874.

Contains-Anniversary Tribute to Scotia's Bard-in-Chief (page 71). CENTENARY EDITION: COMPLETE SONGS AND POEMS of Robert Tannahill, with Life and Notes; also a History of the Tannahill Club, with an Account of the Celebration on 3rd June, 1874.



Paisley WILLIAM WILSON. Contains-Vignette Portrait of Tannahill, The House where he was born. Ode written for and read at the Celebration of Robert Burns's Birthday, by the Paisley Burns Club, 1805. Ode-Celebration Burns Birthday. Ode-Celebration Burns Birthday, 1810.

THE BALLADS AND SONGS OF SCOTLAND. In view of their influence on the character of the People. By John Clark Murray, LL.D., Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy in M'Gill College, Montreal. Author of "An Outline of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy."

"Songs of my native land to me how dear,
Songs of my infancy, sweet to my ear,
Entwined with my youthful days,

Wi' the bonny banks and braes, where the
Winding burnie strays, murmuring near."

-The Baroness Nairne.
London: MACMILLAN & Co. 1874.

TROON AND DUNDONALD, WITH THEIR SURROUNDINGS; LOCAL AND HISTORICAL. By the Rev. J. Kirkwood, Troon. Kilmarnock: M'KIE & DRENNAN. 1875. Contains-Memories of Burns (page 69), Burns Monument (page 9-34), Burns quoted (pages 40, 49, 50, 64).

EMINENT ENGLISH WRITERS, with a brief account of their Works. By William Lowson, St. Mark's College, Chelsea, S. W.

Edinburgh: WILLIAM COLLINS, SONS, & COMPANY. 1875. Contains-Biographical Sketch of Robert Burns (pages 137 to 144).



"Some rhyme a neighbour's name to lash,
Some rhyme (vain thought) for needfu' cash,
Some rhyme to court the country clash,

And raise a din;

For me, an aim I never fash-
I rhyme for fun."- Burns.

Contains-Poem: Burns (page 115).

By James

Airdrie LOVE & DUNCAN. 1875.

THE POETICAL AND PROSE WORKS OF WILLIAM WELSH. - A Peeblesshire Cottar; a New and Enlarged Edition.

Edinburgh: MOULD & TOD. 1875.

Contains-Centenary Anniversary of Robert Burns (page 111).

POEMS AND BALLADS. By James R. Ferguson.

Edinburgh and London: WILLIAM BLACKWOOD & SONS. 1876. Contains-Lines suggested by Burns's Epistle to the Guidwife of Wauchope House (page 94). On looking at a Picture of Tam o' Shanter, by Cooper (page 97). Song on the Centenary of Robert Burns, 25th January, 1859 (page 100). Another Song on the same.

SCOTLAND AND THE SCOTTISH PEOPLE. An Address delivered in the City of Memphis, Tennessee, on St. Andrew's Day, 1875. By the Hon. Jefferson Davis.


Glasgow: ANDERSON & MACKAY. MEN WHO HAVE MADE THEMSELVES. Whence they started, How they journeyed, What they reached. With illustrations. London: JAMES BLACKWOOD & Co. 1876.

Contains-Robert Burns, the Poet of the World. PATERSON'S GUIDE TO GLASGOW, THE CLYDE, AND THE LAND OF BURNS.

Edinburgh: WILLIAM PATERSON. 1876. ENGLISH SCHOOL CLASSICS. Poems selected from the Works of Robert Burns. Edited, with Life of the Author, Notes and Glossary, by Alexander M. Bell, M.A., Balliol College, Oxford. London: RIVINGTONS. 1876. Contains-Bust of Burns on cover and title-page; Wood-cut illustrations; Burns's Cottage; Alloway Kirk; The Auld Brig o' Doon. Places Noticed :-Kilmarnock, Mauchline, Dalrymple, Tarbolton, Sanquhar, Ellisland, Dumfries. POEMS AND SONGS, by Wm. M'Hutchison, Airdrie. Enlarged Edition. Airdrie BAIRD & HAMILTON, Advertiser Office. 1877.

Contains-Burns, Scotland's Bard (page 204).

THE BORDER PULPIT, being a series of Sketches of a number of Ministers of various denominations in Border Counties of past and present times, with an introduction on the church of the future. By David Walker, author of "The Celebrities of the Fife Pulpit." Edinburgh: PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR. 1877. Contains-Sketch of the Rev. Thomas Blacklock, D.D., the friend of Robert


THE COURTSHIP AND WEDDING O' JOCK O' THE KNOWE. By Robert W. Thom. [8vo.] Price ls.

Glasgow: W. PORTEOUS & Co. 1877.

Contains-Forty-two lines on Burns (pp. 57-58).

MACMILLAN'S READING BOOKS. Book VI. (Standard VI. and higher classes.) [12mo.]

London: MACMILLAN & Co. 1878. Contains-Selections in prose and verse from Burns's Works (pages 209-222). The character of Burns, by Thomas Carlyle (pages 342-346).

BOOK OF SCOTTISH POEMS, Ancient and Modern.

Memoirs of the Authors, by J. Ross.

"O deem not, midst this worldly strife,

An idle art the poet brings;

Let high philosophy control

And sages calm the stream of life,

"Tis he refines its fountain springs

The nobler passions of the soul."-Campbell.

Edited, with


Contains-Memoir of Robert Burns, with Selections from his Poems and Songs; The Twa Dogs; The Jolly Beggars; To a Haggis; A Winter Night; Epistle to James Smith; Address to the Deil; Afton Water; The Birks of Aberfeldy ; Wandering Willie; A'e Fond Kiss.

POEMS AND SONGS. By Andrew Glass, Ayr. Author of "Tales and Traditions of Scotland.”

Ayr: HUGH HENRY. 1878.

Contains-Musings on Burns; Burns's Anniversary; Burns' Lodge, Tarbolton (pages 139-166, and 204).

Macrae, Stonemason. [12mo Pamphlet.] Second Edition.
Brechin: D. H. EDWARDS. 1878.

Contains-Introduction-Robert Burns.

COMPLETE SONGS AND POEMS of Robert Tannahill. With Life and Notes.

Contains-Several Poems on Burns.

Paisley: WILLIAM WILSON. 1878.

TRADITIONARY TALES in Prose and Verse. By John Robertson,

Contains-Burns Anniversary (page 187).

Glasgow: HAY NISBET. 1878.

LYRICS AND POEMS of Nature and Life. By Janet Kelso Muir.

Paisley J. & R. PARLANE.


Contains-Burns's Anniversary Song-"Robin, the Bard." THE POETICAL WORKS of William M'Oscar.



Contains-Poem on Burns.

THE SONGS AND POEMS of Robert Tannahill, with Memoir and Music. Glasgow: DUNN & WRIGHT. 1878. Contains-Dirge, written on Robert Burns's funeral; Ode, written for and read at the celebration of Robert Burns's birthday, by the Paisley Burns Club, 1805; Ode written for and performed at the celebration of Burns's birthday, by the Paisley Burns Club, 1807; Ode, recited by the president at the celebration of Burns's birthday, by the Paisley Burns Club, 1810.

RHYMES AND LYRICS. By Alexander G. Murdoch, Author of "The Laird's Lykewake" and other poems.

Glasgow: ALEX. G. MURDOCH, 23 London Road. 1879.
Contains--The Burns Monument, Kilmarnock, Prize Medal Poem.

THE NEWSPAPER READER: The Journal of the Nineteenth
Century on Events of the Day. By H. F. Bussey and T. Wilson

London: BLACKIE & SONS. 1879. Contains-"The Burns Festival," took place on the Banks of the River Doon, the birthplace of the Poet, near the town of Ayr, on the 6th August, 1844. ELIZABETHAN ECHOES, or Poems, Songs, and Sonnets. By the late John Addis.

London: PICKERING & Co. 1879.

Contains-Burns at Brownhill Inn (page 97).
THE ENGLISH ESSAYISTS: A comprehensive selection from the
Works of the great Essayists. From Lord Bacon to John Ruskin.
With Introduction, Biographical Notices, and Critical Notes.
Compiled and arranged by Robert Cochrane, with Portraits.

Edinburgh: WILLIAM P. NIMMO & Co. 1880.
Contains-Carlyle's Essay on Burns.

HAMELY RHYMES: chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. By Duncan


Glasgow: HORN & CONNELL. 1880.

Ayr: T. M. GEMMELL & SON. 1880.

Contains-Auld Scotch Sangs; Burns: a Sonnet. VERSES. By Ebenezer Smith, Ayr.

Contains-Epitaph for the Detractors of Robert Burns.

OF THE BURNS STATUE, Presented to the City of New York,
Saturday, October 2nd, 1880. [8vo.]

"Thou lingering star, with less'ning ray,
That lov'st to greet the early morn,

Again thou usherest in the day:
My Mary from my heart was torn.

Oh, Mary! dear departed shade!

Where is thy place of blissful rest?

See'st thou thy lover lowly laid?

Hear'st thou the groans that rend his breast?

New York: JAMES WARNOCK. 1880.

THE BRITISH BIOGRAPHICAL READER: Sketches of Prominent Men by the best authors, with introductory notes and numerous authentic portraits.

London: BLACKIE & SON. 1880.

Contains-Robert Burns (portrait) by Thomas Carlyle. FRASER'S MAGAZINE, April 1880. MacPherson, Burns, and Scott, in their relation to the modern revolution. By J. S. Stuart-Glennie. London: LONGMANS, GREEN, & Co. 1880.

HALLOWED SPOTS OF POESY. Part I., the Home and Haunts of Burns. By John Robertson, Partick, author of "Tales and Poems." Glasgow: HORN & CONNELL. 1880.

THEOLOGY IN THE ENGLISH POETS: Cowper, Coleridge, Wordsworth, and Burns. By the Rev. Stopford A. Brooke, M.A., Chaplain in Ordinary to Her Majesty the Queen, minister of St. James's Chapel, York Street, St. James's. Fourth Edition.

London: C. KEGAN PAUL & Co. 1880.


Glasgow: JOHN J. RAE. 1880.

Contains-Burns's Monument Shilling Subscription. SKETCHES IN PROSE AND POETRY. By Walter Watt, and published by the author at 84 Main Street, Pollokshaws.

Glasgow: DONALD MACKAY & Co. 1881. Contains-Lines to the memory of Robert Burns, with a Sketch of Mrs. Thomson, daughter of the Poet.

BURNS IN DUMFRIESSHIRE: A Sketch of the last eight years of the Poet's Life. By William M'Dowall, Author of "The Man of the Woods, and other Poems"; "History of the Burgh of Dumfries"; "The Visitors' Guide to Dumfries, &c."

Edinburgh: ADAM & CHARLES BLACK. 1881. Appendix contains-List of Burns Relics exhibited at the Bazaar held in aid of the funds for the erection of a Burns Statue in Dumfries.

WORKS OF GARFIELD. Suggestive Passages from the public and private Writings of James A. Garfield. Compiled by William

Ralston Balch.

London: SAMPSON, LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE & RIVINGTON. 1881. Contains-Robert Burns (page 48).

NORTHUMBRIA, THE CAPTIVE CHIEF, And Other Poems. By James Thomson. Third Edition-enlarged.

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Contains-Lines read at the Burns Anniversary, Alnwick.

HARPER'S MAGAZINE: Christmas Number.

London: SAMPSON, LOW, MARSTON, SEARLE, & RIVINGTON. 1881. Contains-Robert Burns: A Poem by H. W. Longfellow, with Portrait and Two Illustrations by Alfred Fredericks.

GALLOWAY GLEANINGS: Poems and Songs. By James K. Scott.

Contains-Burns and Dumfries.

Castle-Douglas: S. GORDON. 1881.

POETICAL SPARKS. Second Edition. By Robert Fisher, Dumfries. Glasgow: MENZIES & Co. 1881.

Contains-Lines on the unveiling of Burns's Statue, Dumfries. POEMS. By William Wilson. Third Edition. [Octavo.

Poughkeepsie: ARCHIBALD WILSON. 1881. Contains-Song for the anniversary of the birthday of Burns (pages 96-98).


THOMAS CARLYLE. THE MAN AND HIS BOOKS. by Reminiscences, Table-talk, and Anecdotes of himself and his friends, by Wm. Howie Wylie. Third edition. [8vo.]

London: MARSHALL, JAPP & Co. 1881. Contains-Robert Burns (pages 11, 39-10, 47, 105, 108, 118, 128, 146, 342, 347.)


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