The Baviad and Mæviad. [Followed by] Proceedings on the trial of Robert Faulder for publishing a libel on John Williams

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Strana 108 - I WISH I was where Anna lies, For I am sick of lingering here ; And every hour, affection cries, Go and partake her humble bier. I wish I could ! for when she died, I lost my all ; and life has proved, Since that sad hour, a dreary void, A waste unlovely, and unloved.
Strana viii - Florence, took a fancy to while away their time in scribbling high-flown panegyrics upon themselves, and complimentary ' canzonettas' on two or three Italians, who understood too little of the language in which they were written to be disgusted with them. In this there was not much harm, nor, indeed, much good ; but as folly is progressive, they soon wrought themselves into an opinion that they really deserved the fine things which were mutually said and sung of each other.
Strana 148 - ... hath been and is greatly injured in his said good name, fame, and credit, and brought into public scandal, infamy, and disgrace with and amongst all his neighbours and other good and worthy subjects of this realm, insomuch that divers of those neighbours and subjects, to whom the innocence...
Strana 82 - Defendente vicem modo rhetoris atque poetae, Interdum urbani parcentis viribus atque Extenuantis eas consulto. Ridiculum acri Fortius et melius magnas plerumque secat res.
Strana 25 - Quisquis es, O, modo quem ex adverso dicere feci, Non ego cum scribo, si forte quid aptius exit, 45 Quando haec rara avis est, si quid tamen aptius exit, Laudari metuam, neque enim mihi cornea fibra est ; Sed recti finemque extremumque esse recuso EUGE tuum et BELLE.
Strana ix - In this paper," says Mr. Gifford, in his preface to the Baviad, " were given the earliest specimens of those unqualified and audacious attacks on all private character, which the town first smiled at for their quaintness, then tolerated for their absurdity; and — now that other papers equally wicked and more intelligible have ventured to imitate it — will have to lament to the last hour of British liberty.
Strana 38 - Oh for the good old times ! When all was new, And every hour brought prodigies to view, Our sires in unaffected language told Of streams of amber, and of rocks of gold : Full of their theme, they spurn'd all idle art ; And the plain tale was trusted to the heart.
Strana ix - It was perfectly unintelligible, and, therefore, much read ; it was equally lavish of praise and abuse ; (praise of what appeared in its own columns, and abuse of every thing that appeared elsewhere;) and as its conductors were at once ignorant and conceited, they took upon them to direct the taste of the town, by prefixing a short panegyric to every trifle that came before them.
Strana 79 - And Boswell, aping, with preposterous pride, Johnson's worst frailties, rolls from side to side, His heavy head from hour to hour erects, Affects the fool, and is what he affects.!
Strana 31 - Some love the verse that like Maria's flows. No rubs to stagger, and no sense to pose ; Which read, and read, you raise your eyes in doubt, And gravely wonder — what it is about. These fancy

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