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Even like the dayspring poured on
vapours dank,

The beams of that one Star did shoot
and quiver

Through my benighted mind--and were extinguished never.


"The day passed thus: at night, methought in dream

A shape of speechless beauty did


It stood like light on a careering


Of golden clouds which shook the
atmosphere ;-

A winged youth, his radiant brow
did wear

The Morning Star : a wild dissolving bliss

Over my frame he breathed, ap-
proaching near,

And bent his eyes of kindling tender


Near mine, and on my lips impressed a lingering kiss,

Than my sweet dream, and it for-
bade to keep

The path of the sea-shore: that Spirit's
Seemed whispering in my heart, and
bore my steps along.


"How, to that vast and peopled city led

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"And said: A Spirit loves thee,
mortal maiden:

How wilt thou prove thy worth ? '
Then joy and sleep
Together fled, my soul was deeply

His smile divine when the calm sea
was bright

And to the shore I went to muse With silent stars, and Heaven was breath-
and weep;
less with delight.

But, as I moved, over my heart
did creep

A joy less soft but more profound and

The Spirit whom I loved in solitude Sustained his child: the tempestshaken wood,

The waves, the fountains, and the hush of night

These were his voice; and well I understood


"In lonely glens, amid the roar of rivers,

When the dim nights were moonless, have I known

Joys which no tongue can tell; my pale lip quivers

When thought revisits them :know thou alone

That, after many wondrous years were flown,

I was awakened by a shriek of woe;

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into one,

One clear and mighty planet hanging o'er

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I heard, as all have heard, the various story

Of human life, and wept unwilling


Feeble historians of its shame and


Of daily scorn, and slaves who loathed
their state,

Yet, flattering power, had given its

A throne of judgment in the grave—
'twas fate

That among such as these my youth should seek its mate.

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It cradled the young world, none wandered forth

To see or feel: a darkness had descended

On every heart: the light which shows its worth


False disputants on all its hopes Must among gentle thoughts and fearless
and fears,
take its birth.

Victims who worshipped ruin,


This vital world, this home of happy spirits,

Was as a dungeon to my blasted kind.

All that despair from murdered hope inherits

They sought, and, in their helpless misery blind,

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