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Translated by Medwin, with aid from

1898 ch.

Till kindle in that monumental fire
His sunflower wings their own funereal

My heart, its wishes trembling to unfold, Thus round the rose and taper hovering came;

And Passion's slave, Distrust, in ashes cold

Shelley's contributions are printed in Roman type, Medwin's portion in italics. Hast thou not seen, officious with delight, Move through the illumined air about the flower

Smothered awhile, but could not quench, the flame;

The bee, that fears to drink its purple | Till Love, that grows by disappointment light,


Lest danger lurk within that rose's

And Opportunity, had conquered


Hast thou not marked the moth's enam- And like the bee and moth, in act to close, oured flight I burnt my wings, and settled on the

About the taper's flame at evening hour,



Page 15.

Throughout this varied and eternal world,


In Shelley's edition there is a comma after element and a full stop at remained. Mr. Tutin proposed the emendation.

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Page 95.

The Revolt of Islam.


To restore the text of Laon and Cythna it will be necessary to make the following changes in The Revolt of Islam. At the close of Preface, p. 99, add as follows:In the personal conduct of my Hero and Heroine, there is one circumstance which was intended to startle the reader from the trance of ordinary life. It was my object to break through the crust of those outworn opinions on which established institutions depend. I have appealed therefore to the most universal of all feelings, and have endeavoured to strengthen the moral sense, by forbidding it to waste its energies in seeking to avoid actions which are only crimes of convention. It is because there is so great a multitude of artificial vices that there are so few real virtues. Those feelings alone which are benevolent or malevolent, are essentially good or bad. The circumstance of which I speak was introduced, however, merely to accustom men to that charity and toleration which the exhibition of a practice widely differing from their own has a tendency to promote.1 Nothing indeed can be more mischievous than many actions, innocent in themselves, which might bring down upon individuals the bigoted contempt and rage of the multitude."

P. 118, c. 11. st. xxi. l. 1:

"I had a little sister, whose fair eyes"

P. 119, c. II. st. xxv. l. 2:

"To love in human life, this sister sweet,"

1 The sentiments connected with and characteristic of this circumstance have no personal reference to the Writer. [Shelley's note.]

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P. 201, c. XII. st. xii. 11. 6-8:

"Will I stand up before God's golden throne,
And O Lord, to thee did I betray

An Atheist; but for me she would have


Page 151.

Beneath whose spires which swayed in the red flame

P. 205, c. XII. st. xxix. l. 4:

"In torment and in fire have Atheists gone;" The emendation is Mr. Forman's. P. 205, c. XII. st. xxx. 1. 4: "How Atheists and Republicans can die;"

[blocks in formation]

Page 179.

Words which the lore of truth in lines of flame

This is the reading of Laon and Cythna. The Revolt of Islam has "her mother. There is no authority for her, Mr. Forman says, in Shelley's revised copy.

Shelley's edition reads "lines of grace."

Page 202. Near me, among the snakes. had fled

Shelley's edition reads "When then." The emendation is Mr. Forman's.

Page 206.

When the broad sunrise filled with deepening gold

When there

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Page 173.

And Hate is throned on high with Fear editions, now evermore. his mother,

Page 210.

Of an ancestral name the orphan chief, In So in Mrs. Shelley's later editions. the Posthumous Poems there is a full stop after chief.

Page 213.

And sweet and subtle talk they evermore
So in the Posthumous Poems; in later


Page 220.

And down my cheek the quick tears ran
Mr. Rossetti reads "fell" for "ran."

[blocks in formation]

Shelley's edition has "reigns down," which Mr. Forman defends.

Page 273.

Which in the winds and on the waves doth move,

The word and, introduced here by Mr. Rossetti, is wanting in Shelley's edition.

Page 274.

And clung to it; tho' under my wrath's night

Page 277.

Than all thy sisters, this is the mystic shell;

Mrs. Shelley omits the word " is."

Shelley's edition reads "wrath's might." Mrs. Shelley made the correction.

Page 282.

Of those who were then conquerors: mouldering round

Mr. Rossetti removes the colon after 'conquerors," and puts a full stop after 44 round."

Page 270.

Page 290.

Withering in destined pain: but who Darting from starry depths radiance and

rains down

life, doth move,

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Page 283.

The loathsome mask has fallen, the man remains, etc.

Mr. Rossetti reads

"The loathsome mask has fallen. The
man remains, -
Sceptreless, free, uncircumscribed, but


Equal, unclassed, tribeless, and nationless, Exempt from awe, worship, degree, the king

Over himself; just, gentle, wise: but


Passionless? no:-yet free from guilt or pain,-"

Page 287.

Purple and azure, white, and green, and golden,

The "and" before "green" is due to Mr. Rossetti.

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