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1. Zastrozzi, A Romance. By P. B. S., / sellers, 1811. This is advertised in the London : Printed for G. Wilkie and J. Oxford Herald for 2d March 1811, and Robinson, 57 Paternoster Row, 1810. there is strong reason to believe that it

2. Original Poetry. By Victor and was by Shelley. No copy is known. Cazire. Worthing: Phillips. 8vo, pp. 64. II. Lines on a Fête at Carlton House No copy known.

-a poem of about 50 lines said to have 3. Posthumous Fragments of Margaret been printed, 1811. No copy is known, Nicholson ; being Poems found amongst but a fragment has been orally preserved. the papers of that noted female who at

12. A Satire, 1811 ; supposed to have tempted the life of the King in 1786. been printed. No copy known; the title Edited by John Fitzvictor. Oxford : unknown. Printed and Sold by J. Munday, 1810. 13. An Address to the Irish People.

6. St. Irvyne; or, The Rosicrucian : By Percy Bysshe Shelley. Dublin, 1812. A Romance. By A Gentleman of the 14. Proposals for an Association of University of Oxford, London : Printed those Philanthropists, who convinced of for J. J. Stockdale, 41 Pall Mall, 1811. the inadequacy of the moral and political

7. An Essay on Love. In a letter to state of Ireland to produce benefits which Godwin, Keswick, 16th January 1812, are nevertheless attainable are willing to Shelley speaks of "the 'Essay on Love,' unite to accomplish its regeneration, By a little poem" '-as if a printed work. No Percy Bysshe Shelley. Dublin : Printed copy is known.

by I. Eton, Winetavern Street (1812). 8. Leonora. This was a novel said to 15. Declaration of Rights-a broadside have been written in conjunction with T. printed in Dublin, 1812. J. Hogg. The printing is said to have 16. The Devil's Walk; a Ballad-A been stopped in consequence of the expul- broadside, 1812. sion of Shelley and Hogg from Oxford. 17. A Letter to Lord Ellenborough, Never issued.

occasioned by the sentence which he 9. The Necessity of Atheism. Worth-passed on Mr. D. I. Eaton, as publisher ing: Printed by E. and W. Phillips. of the Third Part of Paine's Age of Sold in London and Oxford.

Reason (Printed by Syle at Barnstaple, 10. A Poetical Essay on the Existing 1812). State of Things. By a Gentleman of the 18. Queen Mab; a Philosophical Poem: University of Oxford, For assisting to with Notes by Percy Bysshe Shelley. maintain in Prison Mr. Peter Finnerty, London : Printed by P. B. Shelley, 23 imprisoned for a libel. London : Sold by Chapel Street, Grosvenor Square, 1813. B. Crosby and Co., and all other book- | The poem was printed and published by

1 For fuller information the reader should consult the volume from which mainly this list has been drawn up: "The Shelley Library : An Essay in Bibliography by H. Buxton Forman Part I. (all published as yet). London: Reeves and Turner, 1886.

W. Clark, 201 Strand, London, in 1821, This by alterations, cancel-leaves, and and was reissued in 1822 by R. Carlile, a fresh title was altered into 55 Fleet Street. In 1821 it was reprinted 27. The Revolt of Islam ; a Poem, in in New York in duodecimo form.

twelve Cantos. By Percy Bysshe Shelley. . 19. A Vindication of Natural Diet. London: Printed for C. and J. Ollier, Being one of a Series of Notes to Queen Welbeck Street, by B. M.Millan, Bow Mab, a Philosophical Poem. London : Street, Covent Garden, 1818. Some few Printed for J. Callow, medical bookseller, copies are dated 1817. In 1829 the Crown Court, Princes Street, Soho, by remainder was issued with a new titleSmith and Davy, Queen Street, Seven page and the imprint “ London : Printed Dials, 1813

for John Brooks, 421 Oxford Street, 1829." 20. A Refutation of Deism : in a Dia. Some copies of this issue give the “ Laon logue. London: Printed by Schulze and and Cythna" text. Dean, 13 Poland Street, 1814.

28. Rosalind and Helen, a Modern 21. Review of Hogg's “Memoirs of Eclogue; with Other Poenis : by Percy Prince Alexy Haimatoff," contributed to Bysshe Shelley. London : Printed for The Critical Review, December 1814. C. and J. Ollier, Vere Street, Bond

22. Alastor ; or the Spirit of Solitude : Street, 1819. and other Poems. By Percy Bysshe Shelley. 29. The Cenci. A Tragedy, in Five London : Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, Acts. By Percy B. Shelley. Italy : and Joy. Paternoster Row; and Carpenter Printed for C. and J. Ollier, Vere Street, and Son, Old Bond Street; by S. Hamil- Bond Street, London, 1819. ton, Weybridge, Surrey, 1816.

The Cenci appeared in a second edition. 23. A Proposal for Putting Reform to London : C. and J. Ollier, 1821. the Vote throughout the Kingdom. By the 30. Prometheus Unbound. A Lyrical Hermit of Marlow. London: Printed for Drama in Four Acts, with other Poems C. and J. Ollier, 3 Welbeck Street, Cavendish By Percy Bysshe Shelley. London : C. Square, by C.H. Reynell, 21 Piccadilly, 1817. and J. Ollier, Vere Street, Bond Street,

24. An Address to the People on the 1820. Death of the Princess Charlotte. By the 31. Edipus Tyrannus ; or Swellfoot Hermit of Marlow, 1817. [The motto “We the Tyrant. A Tragedy. In Two Acts. pity the Plumage, but forget the Dying Translated from the Original Doric. Bird" has been mistaken for the title. ] London : Published for the Author, by J. Known only through a reprint of Thomas Johnston, 98 Cheapside ; and sold by all Rodd about 1843.

booksellers, 1820. 25. History of a Six Weeks' Tour

32. Epipsychidion. Verses addressed through a part of France, Switzerland, to the Noble and Unfortunate Lady Emilia Germany, and Holland : with letters de- V- now imprisoned in the Convent scriptive of a Sail round the Lake of of

London : C. and J. Ollier, Geneva and of the Glaciers of Chamouni. Vere Street, Bond Street, 1821. London: Published by T. Hookham jun.,

33. Adonais.

An Elegy on the Death Old Bond Street ; and C. and J. Ollier, of John Keats, Author of Endymion, Welbeck Street, 1817. This is in the Hyperion, etc. By Percy B. Shelley. main by Mary Shelley, with certain con- Pisa, with the Types of Didot, 1821. tributions from Shelley's pen.

The second edition was brought out 26. Laon and Cythna; or, the Revolu- through the zeal of Arthur Hallam and tion of the Golden City : A Vision of the the late Lord Houghton at Cambridge. Nineteenth Century. In the stanza of Printed by W. Metcalfe, and sold by Spenser. By Percy B. Shelley. London: Messrs. Gee and Bridges, Market Hill, Printed for Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, 1829. Paternoster Row; and C. and J. Ollier, 34. Hellas A Lyrical Drama By Welbeck Street : by B. M'Millan, Bow Percy B. Shelley. London : Charles and Street, Covent Garden, 1818.

James Ollier, Vere Street, Bond Street, 698



1822. This was the last work issued Discovered Copy of Queen Mab, Londuring Shelley's life.

don: Privately printed by H. Buxton 35. Posthumous Poems of Percy Bysshe Forman, 38 Marlborough Hill, 1876. . Shelley. London, 1824 : Printed for 41. Notes on Sculptures in Rome and John and Henry L. Hunt, Tavistock Florence : Together with Lucianic Street, Covent Garden, [Edited by Fragment and a Criticism on Peacock's Mary Shelley.)

Rhododaphne," By Percy Bysshe 36. The Masque of Anarchy. A Poem. Shelley. Edited by Harry Buxton ForBy Percy Bysshe Shelley. Now First man. London : Printed for Private DisPublished, with a Preface by Leigh Hunt. tribution, 1879. London : Edward Moxon, 64 New Bond A notice of Shelley's unpublished prose Street, 1832.

work, A Philosophical View of Reform 37. The Shelley Papers : Memoir of (1819), will be found in Transcripts and Percy Bysshe Shelley. By T. Medwin, Studies, by Edward Dowden, 1888, pp. Esq., and Original Poems and Papers by 41-74. Percy Bysshe Shelley. Now First Col- Some account of early poems, still lected. London: Whittaker, Treacher, unpublished, will be found in and Co., 1833.

Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley, by 38. Essays, Letters from Abroad, Edward Dowden, 1886, vol. i. pp. 344Translations, and Fragments, By Percy 349; and poems,

passages from Bysshe Shelley. Edited by Mrs. Shelley. poems, in the unpublished MS. volume In Two Volumes. London : Edward in the possession of Mr. Esdaile will Moxon, Dover Street, 1840,

be found in the same work, vol. i. pp. 39. Relics of Shelley. Edited by 268, 270-274, 286-288, 294, 298.299. Richard Garnett. London : Edward 317-318, 347-348, 376, 385-386, 404, Moxon and Co., Dover Street, 1862. 413-414. 40. The Dæmon of the World. By

One poem,

The Wandering Jewo's Percy Bysshe Shelley. The First Part as Soliloquy, from the same MS. volume is published in 1816 with Alastor. The printed in the Shelley Society's PublicaSecond Part, Deciphered and now First tions, Second Series, No.

The Printed from his own Manuscript Re. Wandering Jew, edited by Bertram Dobell vision and Interpolations in the Newly | (1887), pp. 69-70.



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It seems right to put it in the reader's Lines Written among the Euganean power to place certain poems in the order Hills. in which they originally appeared with Hymn to Intellectual Beauty. Shelley's approval.

Sonnet : Ozymandias. Alastor was followed in the volume of Prometheus Unbound was followed in the 1816 by

volume of 1820 byThe Stanzas beginning "Oh! there

The Sensitive Plant. are spirits in the air."

A Vision of the Sea. Stanzas, April 1814.

Ode to Heaven. Mutability.

An Exhortation. Stanzas beginning “The pale, the cold,

Ode to the West Wind. and the moony smile."

An Ode : To the Assertors of Liberty A Summer Evening Churchyard.

(named originally "An Ode written Sonnet : To Wordsworth.

October 1819, before the Spaniards Sonnet : Feelings of a Republican.

had recovered their Liberty "). Superstition (a fragment of Queen Mab).

The Cloud. Sonnet from the Italian of Dante.

To a Skylark.
Sonnet : Translated from the Greek of

Ode to Liberty.

Hellas was followed in the volume of 1822 The Dæmon of the World : Part I.

by Rosalind and Helen was followed in the Lines written on hearing the News of volume of 1819 by

the Death of Napoleon.

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