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The sun is set; the swallows are asleep, 584
The sun is warm, the sky is clear, 514

The sun makes music as of old, 651

The transport of a fierce and monstrous glad.
ness, 199

The viewless and invisible Consequence, 566
The warm sun is failing, the bleak wind is
wailing, 558

The waters are flashing, 570

The wind has swept from the wide atmosphere,

The world is dreary, 529

The world is now our dwelling-place, 503
The world's great age begins anew, 451
Their moss rotted off them, flake by flake, 539
There is a voice, not understood by all, 495
There is a warm and gentle atmosphere, 530
There late was One within whose subtle being,


There was a little lawny islet, 598

There was a Power in this sweet place, 535
There was a youth, who, as with toil and
travel, 209

These are two friends whose lives were un-
divided, 598

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Were it not a sweet refuge, Emily, 418
Were not the crocuses that grew, 596
What! alive and so bold, oh earth, 572
What art thou, Presumptuous, who profanest,

What is that joy which serene infancy, 418
What Mary is when she a little smiles, 640
What men gain fairly- that they should
possess, 523

What think you the dead are, 244

What thoughts had sway o'er Cythna's lonely
slumber, 124

What was the shriek that struck fancy's ear, 674
When a lover clasps his fairest, 531
When passion's trance is overpast, 575
When soft winds and sunny skies, 588
When the lamp is shattered, 593

When the last hope of trampled France had
failed, 102

When winds that move not its calm surface
sweep, 636

Where art thou, beloved To-morrow, 588
Whether the Sensitive Plant, or that, 538
Whilst monarchs laughed upon their thrones,


Whose is the love that, gleaming through the
world, I

Why is it said thou canst not live, 678
Wild, pale, and wonder-stricken, even as one,

Wilt thou forget the happy hours, 508
Within a cavern of man's trackless spirit, 550
Worlds on worlds are rolling ever, 436
Would I were the wingèd cloud, 444
Would you not like a broomstick? As for me,

[blocks in formation]


Printed by R. & R. CLARK, Edinburgh

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