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Ye gentlemen of England
Deep in a vale a cottage stood
It blew great guns, when gallant Tom
My lodging is in Leather lane
With study to fill up our leisure
Adieu, adieu-my native shore
Be mine, dear maid ! my faithful heart
The decks were cleared, the gallant band
Near where old Thames in ample tide
Still the lark finds repose
A boat danced on the Clyde's bonny
I leave my heart, with thee my love
Let ambition fire this mind
O'er the lawns, up the thills
Though dimpled cheeks may give
A Jew, they call’d him Issac Mo
I'm Simon Bore, just come from college
Jack Stedfast and I were both messmates
The woodman's life, tho' doom'd to toil
Oh! 'tis love, 'tis love, 'tis love
Tom Tackle was noble, was true to his

By the side of a brig that stands over a

It was Dunois the young and brave
Ben Block was a man of ancient renown
When Vulcan forged the bolts for Jove
When the leaves had deserted the trees
Odd's blood, what a time for a seaman
I've kiss'd, and I've prattled to fifty fair



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