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Apostrophe to Love

Burns, 207

The Soldier's Dream

Campbell, 207

On True Dignity

Beattie, 208

Thalaba and the Sledge

Southey, 209

The Death of Marmion

Scott, 212

The Burial of Sir John Moore

Wolfe, 212

The Battle of Hohenlinden


, 213

On the Downfall of Poland

Ibid, 214

Mary, the Maid of the Inn

Southey, 216

Lord Ullin's Daughter

Campbell, 218

Song from the Lady of the Lake

Scott, 220

On the Plain of Marathon

Byron, 221


Scott, 222

A Beth Gelert

Spencer, 223

Bruce to his Army

Burns, 226

The Sailor's Orphan Boy

Mrs. Opie, 226

Harmony of Expression

Pope, 227

Battle of the Baltic

Campbell, 228

The Ocean

Byron, 230

The Present Aspect of Greece

Ibid, 232

The Curfew

Gray, 232

The Battle of Blenheim

Southey, 236

The Wreck of the Hesperus

Longfellow, 237

On the Death of Sheridan

Moore, 240

Pibroch of Donuil Dhu

Scott, 241

The Field of Waterloo

Byron, 242

The Smuggler

Knowles, 244


Campbell, 249


Southey, 251

Outalissi's Death-Song

Campbell, 256

Robin and Anna

Knowles, 257

Lord William

Southey, 253

The Mariners of England


, 262

Thunder Storm among the Alps

Byron, 263

Ode to Winter


, 265

Impressions of Boyhood

Byron, 266

The Exile of Erin

Campbell, 267

The Torch of Liberty

Moore, 268

Flight of O'Connor's Child, and Death of her Lover Campbe 269

Ode to Eloqnence

Anonymouş, 271

The Sister's Curse

Campbell, 272

Alexander's Feast

Dryden, 274

The Passions

Collins, 276

Childe Harold's Song

Byron, 279

Lochiel's Warning

Campbell, 282

We are Seven.

Wordsworth, 284


Campbell, 286

Monody on Sheridan

Byron, 287

The Dream of Eugene Aram

Hood, 290

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