Tel Aviv: From Dream to City

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Reaktion Books, 1999 - 339 strán (strany)
In Tel Aviv - From Dream to City Joachim Schlör brings the reader closer to this "most talked about city." The author interviewed numerous inhabitants and gathered information from books, travel accounts, newspaper articles and memoirs. He looks at the city from its origins right up to the present: Tel Aviv as a centre of immigration that contains reminders of each immigrant's mother country; as a catalyst between East and West; and - not least - as a place of transformation for Jews who fled the Nazi terror.

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I bought this book after staying in Tel Aviv back in 1999/2000 and wanting to read an indepth book about the city but I only read about 40 pages at the time. After visiting Tel Aviv again last year I ... Čítať celú recenziu

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Joachim Schlör is a cultural historian based at the Moses Mendelssohn Centre for European Jewish Studies, Potsdam. He is the author of Nights in the Big City (Reaktion, 1998).

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