Letters of Anna Seward: Written Between the Years 1784 and 1807, Zväzok 2

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A. Constable, 1811 - 432 strán (strany)

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Strana 265 - These gifts to man the laws' of God ordain, These gifts he grants who grants the pow'r to gain; With these celestial wisdom calms the mind, And makes the happiness she does not
Strana 301 - virtuous son, Now that the fields are dank, and ways are mire, Where shall we sometimes meet, and by the fire Help waste a sullen day what may be won Prom the hard season
Strana 301 - nor spun. What neat repast shall feast us, light, and choice, Of Attic taste, with wine, whence we may rise To hear the lute well touch'd, or artful voice Warble immortal notes, and Tuscan air? He, who of these delights can judge, and spare To interpose them oft, is not unwise. With what tender pensive grace is that picture of the gloomy season, in the opening, brought to the
Strana 15 - The dead man's knell Is there scarce ask'd for whom; and good men's lives - Expire before the flowers in their caps, Dying, or crc they
Strana 269 - aggregate, are as freely used in ethic, metaphysic, or didactic pbetry', as in prose; “Remembrance and reflection, how allied! What thin partitions sense from thought divide !“ If in the sentence, quoted in my last from
Strana 357 - more' plenteous leisure, that has fifteen volumes of the glorious Richardson upon their shelves? -. — “Who but rather turns To heaven's bright orb his unrestrained view, Than to the glimmering of a waxen flame! Who, that from Alpine heights his labouring eye,
Strana 13 - to taste? Forbid who will, none shall from me with-hold Longer, thy offer'd good.” “Whether it be envy or reserve that forbids others to taste of thee,” is the implied meaning; and, to people used to poetry, surely sufficiently implied; while the ellipsis, by curtailing the words, gives rapid force to the meaning. Again, in the same poem, Book Tenth, line 245, —“ Whatever draws me, Or sympathy,
Strana 384 - human heart, that Shakespeare of prose, Richardson, express himself upon this subject: “You are, all of you, too rich to be happy, child; for must not ‘each of' you, by the constitutions of your family, be put upon making yourselves still richer; and so every
Strana 29 - hero. To me alone One of old Gideon's miracles was shown; For upon all the quicken'd ground ‘The fruitful seed of Heaven did brooding lie, And nothing but the muses fleece was dry.” Then the public hireling critics are not
Strana 126 - the ocean's bed, But yet, anon, repairs his drooping head; And tricks his beams, and with

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