Poetical Works: With the Life of the Author, Zväzky 1–2

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Cadell and Davies, etc. and Samuel Bagster, 1807

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Strana 22 - A sect, whose chief devotion lies In odd perverse antipathies ; In falling out with that or this. And finding somewhat still amiss ; More peevish, cross and splenetic, Than dog distract or monkey sick...
Strana 21 - Twas Presbyterian true blue; For he was of that stubborn crew Of errant saints, whom all men grant To be the true Church Militant ; Such as do build their faith upon The holy text of pike and gun ; Decide all controversies by Infallible artillery ; And prove their doctrine orthodox, By Apostolic blows and knocks...
Strana 17 - In Mathematics he was greater Than Tycho Brahe. or Erra Pater: For he, by geometric scale, Could take the size of pots of ale; Resolve, by sines and tangents straight, If bread or butter wanted weight; And wisely tell what hour o' th' day The clock does strike, by Algebra.
Strana 16 - H' had hard words ready to show why, And tell what rules he did it by ; Else when with greatest art he spoke, You'd think he talk'd like other folk ; For all a rhetorician's rules Teach nothing but to name his tools.
Strana 147 - But those that write in rhyme still make The one verse for the other's sake ; For one for sense, and one for rhyme, I think 's sufficient at one time.
Strana 18 - But oftentimes mistook the one For th' other, as great clerks have done. He could reduce all things to acts, And knew their natures by abstracts; Where Entity and Quiddity, The ghosts of defunct bodies, fly; Where truth in person does appear, Like words congeal'd in northern air.
Strana 26 - Thro' they were lin'd with many a piece Of ammunition bread and cheese, And fat black-puddings, proper food For warriors that delight in blood. For, as we said, he always chose To carry vittle in his hose, That often tempted rats and mice The ammunition to surprise: And when he put a hand but in The one or t' other magazine, They stoutly in defence on't stood, And from the wounded foe drew blood; And 'till th' were storm'd and beaten out, Ne'er left the fortify'd redoubt.
Strana 12 - Th' adventure of the bear and fiddle Is sung, but breaks off in the middle. When civil fury first grew high, And men fell out, they knew not why; When hard words, jealousies, and fears, Set folks together by the ears, And made them fight, like mad or drunk, For Dame Religion, as for punk...
Strana 22 - Free-will they one way disavow, Another, nothing else allow. All piety consists therein In them, in other men all sin. Rather than fail, they will defy That which they love most tenderly, Quarrel with minced-pies, and disparage Their best and dearest friend — plum-porridge; Fat pig and goose itself oppose, And blaspheme custard through the nose. Th...
Strana 28 - With basket-hilt that would hold broth, And serve for fight and dinner both; In it he melted lead for bullets To shoot at foes, and sometimes pullets, To whom he bore so fell a grutch, He ne'er gave quarter t

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