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· Service. Then indeed it was thought I.

had no longer the fame Reason to be 'scrupulous on this Head. By the Advice ' of my Friends, I sent the Queen one of · her own Letters, in which she had pressed

me to take the 2000 l. a Year; and I ( wrote at the same Time to ask her Ma.

jesty, whether she would allow me to charge in the Privy-Purse Accounts, which · I was to send her, that yearly Surn from " the Time of the Offer, amounting to # * 18,000 l. Her Majesty was pleased to answer, THAT I MIGHT CHARGE IT.

What a Contrast of Disposition here breaks forth? What Magnanimity appears oh one side ? what **** and * * * * the other?

I have just observed that our Characters are most discernable in our Actions; there is


I This puts me in mind of a similar Story told of Dr. Ratcliff

, who, attending one of his Intimates in a dangerous Sickness, with an unusual Strain of Generosity, declared he would nct touch a Fee. One insisted ; the other was positive : But when the Cure was perform’d, and the Doctor taking his Leave, quoth the Patient, Sir, In this Purse I have put every Day's Fec ; nor mufi your Goodness get the better of my Gratitude. The Doctor eyes the Purfe, counts the Days in a Moment, and then, holding out his Hand, replies -Well, I can hold out no longer. - Singli, I.could have refus’d them for a Iwelvemonth

But all together they are irrefitable,




no need, therefore, for any Friend of Mr. Harley's to take the like Trouble with

your Grace's, which your Friend has bestow'd on his: One half of your Portrait, as drawn by your own inimitable Hand, is already display'd above; and the other half may perhaps, be fupply'd from another Fact which follows below.

One of the few French Noblemen, whose Curiosity leads them to visit Great Britain, thought himself oblig'd, among the Remarkables of the Island, to pay a Visit to your Grace ; on which Occasion, to be exceedingly polite, he kept up the Spirit of the Conversation, with a florid Detail of the Wonders perform’d by the Duke of Marlborough; to which your Grace seem'd to listen at first with a very sensible Pleasure ; but apprehending,' as he went on, that his Elos quence was like to be confin’d to the Duke only, the Spirit which had ever poffess'd you could not help bursting out All this is true, Sir : But you forget that all this and much more is owing to me.

As Ingratitude, Ingratitude, Ingratitude, Madam, is the Sum Total of your Account; I shall take my Leave of your Grace with the Two celebrated Bills of Roman Gratitude, and

British British Ingratitude many years ago drawn up in the Examiner, for the Use of the Marlborough Family, by one of the greatest Wits that ever did Honour to human Nature.

A Bill of ROMAN Grati-| A Bill of BRITISH Intude.


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Imprim. 1. s. d. Imprim.

1. For Frankin

Woodstock cense and Ear

Blenheim 200000
then Pots to burn

it in
4 10 0 Grant

A Bull for Sa-


30000 0 crifice


An Embroider-

Jewels, &c.

60000 0 ed Garment


A Crown of

Grant, the W.

O 2 Rangership,
A Statue 100 OO & C.

10000 0 A Trophy

Employments 100000 o
1000 Copper
Medals, value
half-pence a piece 2

A Triumphal

A Triumphal
Car, valued as
a Modern Coach-soo оо
Casual Charges
at the Triumph--150 00

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994 II 10

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I am, may it please your Grace,

your Grace's most humble Servant,


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