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In consequence, partly of a miscalculation of the materials then in his hands, partly of the subsequent accumulation of others, the Editor has to request the indulgence of his readers in announcing an alteration in the plan of this work, as detailed in the Prospectus.

It has been found impossible to comprise the whole mass of materials for the biography of Johnson in eight volumes of this form ; and, on maturer consideration, it has been thought the best course to keep detached from the main narrative of Boswell all the miscellaneous anec

dotes of the Doctor's other friends and ac


Two additional volumes have been found re

quisite to embrace these various JOHNSONIANA ; and with Vol. X., to be published on the 1st of December, there will accordingly be given a fresh set of titlepages for the whole of this collection.

London, Sept. 20. 1835.

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