The Gilded Age: A Tale of To-day

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American Publishing Company, 1880 - 574 strán (strany)

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Strana 30 - Uncle Dan'l pointed down the river with his bony finger. A deep coughing sound troubled the stillness, way toward a wooded cape that jutted into the stream a mile distant. All in an instant a fierce eye of fire shot out from behind the cape and sent a long brilliant pathway quivering athwart the dusky water. The coughing grew louder and louder, the glaring eye grew larger and still larger, glared wilder and still wilder.
Strana 162 - The eight years in America from 1860 to 1868 uprooted institutions that were centuries old, changed the politics of a people, transformed the social life of half the country, and wrought so profoundly upon the entire national character that the influence cannot be measured short of two or three generations.
Strana 31 - Lord, we's ben mighty wicked, an' we knows dat we 'zerve to go to de bad place, but good Lord, deah Lord, we ain't ready yit, we ain't ready — let dese po' chil'en hab one mo' chance, jes' one mo
Strana 36 - By George, yonder comes the Amaranth!" A spark appeared, close to the water, several miles down the river. The pilot took his glass and looked at it steadily for a moment, and said, chiefly to himself: "It can't be the Blue Wing. She couldn't pick us up this way. It's the Amaranth, sure.
Strana 77 - I've looked into the thing— calculated all the chances for and all the chances against, and though I shake my head and hesitate and keep on thinking, apparently, I've got my mind made up that if the thing can be done on a capital of six millions, that's the horse to put up money on! Why, Washington— but what's the use...
Strana 205 - And see ye not that braid, braid road, That lies across that lily leven ? That is the path of wickedness, Though some call it the road to Heaven. " And see not ye that bonny road That winds about the fernie brae ? That is the road to fair Elfland, Where thou and I this night maun gae.
Strana 102 - Let me help you, Washington — Lafayette, pass this plate to Washington — ah, well, well, my boy, things are looking pretty bright, now, / tell you. Speculation — my! the whole atmosphere's full of money. I wouldn't take three fortunes for one little operation I've got on hand now — have anything 'from the casters? No? Well, you're right, you're right. Some people like mustard with turnips, but — now there was Baron Poniatowski — Lord, but that man did know how to live! — true Russian...
Strana 174 - Sellers, and the Colonel agreed to have the names headed by all the senators and representatives from the State and by a sprinkling of ex-governors and ex-members of Congress. When completed it was a formidable document. Its preparation and that of more minute plots of the new city consumed the valuable time of Sellers and Harry for many weeks, and served to keep them both in the highest spirits. In the eyes of Washington Hawkins, Harry was a superior being, a man who was able to bring things to...
Strana 104 - ... and contract for the funeral. Well, you can't cure it, you know, but you can prevent it. How? Turnips! that's it! Turnips and water! Nothing like it in the world, old McDowells says, just fill yourself up two or three times a day, and you can snap your fingers at the plague. Sh ! keep mum, but just you confine yourself to that diet and you're all right. I wouldn't have old McDowells know that I told about it for anything — he never would speak to me again.
Strana 516 - She wondered if she were not mad ; she felt that she soon should be among these loathsome creatures. Better almost to have died, than to slowly go mad in this confinement. — We beg the reader's pardon. This is not history which has just been written. It is really what would have occurred if this were a novel. If this were a work of fiction, we should not dare to dispose of Laura otherwise. True art and any attention to dramatic proprieties required it.

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