A View of Society and Manners in France, Switzerland, and Germany: With Anecdotes Relating to Some Eminent Characters, Zväzok 1

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J. Smith, 1803
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Strana 190 - So Zembla's rocks (the beauteous work of frost) Rise white in air, and glitter o'er the coast ; Pale suns, unfelt, at distance roll away, And on th' impassive ice the lightnings play ; Eternal snows the growing mass supply, Till the bright mountains prop th' incumbent sky ; As Atlas fix'd, each hoary pile appears, The gather'd winter of a thousand years.
Strana 339 - ... nothing can be, a greater check to the wantonness of power, than the privilege of unfolding private grievances at the bar of the public.
Strana 31 - ... of his real character. Roi is a word, which conveys to the minds of Frenchmen the ideas of benevolence, gratitude, and love ; as well as thofe of power, grandeur, and happinefs.
Strana 223 - ... fame, than the wealthy and applauded Seigneur of Ferney. He lives in a very hospitable manner, and takes care always to keep a good cook. He has generally two or three visitors from Paris, who stay with him a month or six weeks at a time. When they go, their places are soon supplied; so that there is a constant rotation of society at Ferney.
Strana 168 - The wonderful accounts I had heard of the Glaciers had excited my curiosity a good deal, while the air of superiority assumed by some who had made this. boasted tour, piqued my pride still more. One could hardly mention any thing curious or singular, without being told by some of those travellers, with an air of cool contempt — Dear sir, — that is pretty well ; but take my word for it, it is nothing to the Glaciers of Savoy.
Strana 230 - Voltaire, are like minuet-dancers; who being dressed to the greatest advantage, make a couple of bows, move through the room in the finest attitudes, display all their graces, are in continual motion without advancing a step, and finish at the identical point from which they set out.
Strana 136 - England, and the prefbyterians in Scotland were, during the civil wars, and the reigns of Charles II. and his brother. In this, however, I find I had conceived a very erroneous notion. There is not, I may venture to...
Strana 222 - When the weather is favourable, he takes an airing in his coach, with his niece, or with some of his guests, of whom there is always a sufficient number at Ferney.
Strana 244 - Englim, appear a kind of Frenchman all his life after. This is an inconvenience which ought to be avoided with the greateft attention.
Strana 179 - E began pretty early in the morning • to afcend Montanvert, from the top of which, there is eafy accefs to the Glacier of that name, and to the Valley of Ice.

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