Scenes from real life; selections from 'Social tales'.

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Strana 51 - ... and to amuse us. It was sweet to see in them the example of old age accommodating itself so kindly to the tastes and pleasures of childhood, and their hospitality was the more admirable since they were well known to have very slender fortunes. I was at Mrs. Tristram's school for several years, having no mother living; and when I was about six, I was invited to spend one entire Christmas holidays with the old ladies. Girls at six are great observers, and it was at that time that I first distinguished...
Strana 59 - The preacher had scarcely ascended the pulpit, when I recognised the features of the blooming boy I had once seen when walking with Mrs. Clary. He was still almost as young as he could be, in order to be thought fit to fill that sacred place which he then occupied. His manner was, however, solemn and impressive, and as he proceeded, a sort of tenderness stole over it, which at times seemed to threaten to throw him off his equilibrium. His text was taken from Numbers xxiii. 10...
Strana 39 - I will come very soon, and talk more to you, little master,' he answered; ' but, " mayhap, now you would like to hear a tune on my harp, and I will sing you a hymn about going to heaven;' and he uncovered his harp, and played an old psalm tune, accompanying his harp with his voice, in a hymn; and thus he talked and sung, till the sun got low, and then the nurse took him to the mansion, where he lodged that night " The nurse, from whom I gathered most of this story, told me, that all the while he...
Strana 1 - Say not thou. What is the cause that the former days were better than these ? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this.

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