The Gentle Shepherd: A Scots Pastoral Comedy. By Allan Ramsay

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Robert Foulis, and sold by him there; at Edinburgh, by Mess. Hamilton and Balfour, 1743 - 69 strán (strany)
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Strana viii - In vain our flatt'ring hopes our steps beguile ; The flying good eludes the searcher's toil: In vain we seek the city or the cell: Alone with virtue knows the pow'r to dwell. Nor need mankind despair these joys to know, The gift themselves may on themselves bestow. Soon, soon we might the precious blessing boast; But many passions must the blessing cost; Infernal malice, inly pining hate, And envy grieving at another's state.
Strana 12 - I'm sae happy, I shall have delight, To hear their little plaints, and keep .them right. Wow ! Jenny, can there greater pleasure be, Than see sic wee tots toolying at your knee ; When a' they ettle at — their greatest wish, Is to be made of, and obtain a kiss ? Can there be toil in tenting day and night, The like of them, when love makes care delight?
Strana 3 - By ane whase saul's sae sadly out of tune. You have sae saft a voice, and slid a tongue, You are the darling of baith auld and young, If I but ettle at a sang, or speak, They dit their lugs, syne up their leglens cleek, And jeer me hameward frae the loan or bught, While I'm confus'd with mony a vexing thought.
Strana 21 - When last the wind made Glaud a roofless barn; When last the burn bore down my mither's yarn; When Brawny, elf-shot, never mair came hame; When Tibby kirn'd, and there nae butter came; When Bessy Freetock's chufly-cheeked wean To a fairy turn'd, and cou'dna stand its lane; When Wattie wander'd ae night thro...
Strana viii - Nun -sober and devout! why art thou fled, To hide in shades thy meek contented head ? Virgin of aspect mild ! ah why, unkind...
Strana viii - The genial hearth first blush'd with strangers' blood. The friend no more upon the friend relies, And semblant falsehood puts on truth's disguise ; The peaceful household fill'd with dire alarms ; The ravish'd virgin mourns her slighted charms ; The voice of impious mirth is heard around, In guilt they feast, in guilt the bowl is crown'd ; Unpunish'd violence lords it o'er the plains, And happiness forsakes the guilty swains.
Strana 13 - Nae mair of that ! — Dear Jenny, to be free, There's some men constanter in love than we. Nor is the ferly great, when nature kind Has blest them with solidity of mind ; They'll reason calmly, and with kindness smile, When our short passions wad our peace beguile.
Strana 52 - The fair foundation of our faithfu' love. If at my feet were crowns and sceptres laid, To bribe my soul frae thee, delightful maid, For thee I'd soon leave these inferior things To sic as have the patience to be kings.
Strana 13 - I'll spread upon his board, And serve him wi' the best we can afford ; Good-humour and white bigonets shall be Guards to my face, to keep his love for me. Jenny. A dish o' married love right soon grows cauld, And dosens down to nane, as fouk grow auld.
Strana 13 - Tis ten to ane the wives are maist to blame. Then I'll employ wi' pleasure a' my art To keep him cheerfu', and secure his heart. At een, when he comes weary frae the hill, I'll hae a...

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