MacMillan's Magazine, Zväzok 32

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Sir George Grove, David Masson, John Morley, Mowbray Morris

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Strana 440 - A priest to us all, Of the wonder and bloom of the world...
Strana 388 - As to myself, my faults are no disgrace to any university, for I was of none ; I have little but what I had out of books, and inconsiderable helps of country tutors. Weakness and pain helped me to study how to die ; that set me on studying how to live...
Strana 530 - the most perfect school of Christ that ever was on earth since the days of the Apostles...
Strana 311 - THE JUDGMENT AND DECREE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD past in their Convocation July 21, 1683, against certain Pernicious Books and Damnable Doctrines, destructive to the Sacred Persons of Princes, their State and Government, and of all Humane Society.
Strana 440 - This England lay before Shakespeare as it lies before us all, with its green fields, and its long hedgerows, and its many trees, and its great towns, and its endless hamlets, and its motley society, and its long history, and its bold exploits, and its gathering power, and he saw that they were good.
Strana 452 - Now, what of the real sentiments of these loyal subjects of Elizabeth ? They professed a holy horror for Knox's position : let us see if their own would please a modern audience any better, or was, in substance, greatly different. John Aylmer, afterwards Bishop of London, published an answer to Knox, under the title of An Harbour for Faithful and true Subjects against the late Blown Blast, concerning the government of Women?
Strana 449 - Finally, he makes some excuse for the anonymous appearance of this first instalment: it is his purpose thrice to blow the trumpet in this matter, if God so permit; twice he intends to do it without name; but at the last blast to take the odium upon himself, that all others may be purged.
Strana 451 - Bible was not decisive, he thought the subject should be let alone, because "by custom and public consent and long practice, it has been established that realms and principalities may descend to females by hereditary right, and it would not be lawful to unsettle governments which are ordained by the peculiar providence of God.
Strana 551 - Loses discountenanced, and like folly shows; Authority and reason on her wait, As one intended first, not after made Occasionally; and, to consummate all, Greatness of mind and nobleness their seat Build in her loveliest, and create an awe About her, as a guard angelic placed.
Strana 529 - My remembrance of you," he answers, "is not so dead, but I trust it shall be fresh enough, albeit it be renewed by no outward token for one year. Of nature, I am churlish ; yet one thing I ashame not to affirm, that familiarity once thoroughly contracted was never yet broken on my default. The cause may be that I have rather need of all, than that any have need of me. However it...

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