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XI. VIGIL of St. LAWRENCE, m. INTROIT. Ps. cxi.--He hath distributed, he hath given to the poor : his justice remaineth for ever and ever: his horn shall be exalted in glory. Ps. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord: he shall delight exceedingly in his commandments. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Adesto. ---Give ear, O Lord, to our prayers, and by the intercession of blessed Lawrence ihy martyr, whose festival we are now preparing to celebrate, pour forth upon us the gift of thy everlasting mercy. Thro'. Commem. of St. ROMANUS, by the Collect, &c. of

Mass IV. p. 468. LESSON. Eccles. li. as in p. 496.

GRAD.--He hath distributed, he hath given to the poor: his justice remaineth for ever and ever. V. His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the righteous shall be blessed.

GOSPEL. Matt. xiv. as in p. 465.

OFFERT. Job xvi.--My prayer is pure, therefore I desire it may be heard in heaven: for there is my Judge, and he that knoweth my heart is on high: let my prayer ascend to the Lord.

SECRET.-Favourably receive our offerings, o Lord, and by the intercession of blessed Lawrence, thy martyr, loosen the bonds of our sins. Thro'.

COMM.-Let him who serveth me, follow me: and where I am, there also shall my sérvant be.

P. COMM. Da quæsumus.-Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord, our God, that as we rejoice on the feasts of thy saints in this life, so we may enjoy their sight for ever in that which is to come. Thro.

X. St. LAWRENCE, m. INTROIT. Ps. XCV. - Praise and beauty are before him: holiness and majesty in his sanctuary.

Ps. Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle: sing to the Lord all the earth. V. Glory.

COLLECT. Da nobis.--Enable us, we beseech thee, O Almighty God, to extinguish in ourselves the noxious heat of sin, by whose grace blessed Lawrence triumphed over flames and the most exquisite torments. Thro'.

EPISTLE. 2 Cor. ix. 6. 10.-Brethren : He who soweth sparingly, shall also reap sparingly; and he who soweth in blessings, shall also reap of blessings. Every one as he hath determined in his heart, not with sadness, or of necessity. For God loveth a chearful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound in you: that ye always having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work. As it is written: He hath dispersed abroad, he hath given to the poor : his justice remaineth for cver. And he that ministereth seed to the sower, will both give you bread to eat and will multiply your seed, and increase the growth of the fruits of your justice.

GRAD. Ps. xvi.-Thou hast proved my heart, O Lord, and visited it hy night. 0. Thou hast tried me by fire; and iniquity hath not been found in me. Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Lawrence the Deacon wrought a good work;. who by the sign of the cross gave sight to the blind. Alleluia.

GOSPEL. John xii. 24. 26.---At that time: Jesus said to his disciples: Amen, amen, I say to you, unless the grain of wheat falling into the ground, die, itself remaineth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life, shall lose it: and he that hateth his life in this world, keepeth it unto life eternal. If any man minister unto me, let him follow me: and where I am, there also shall my minister be. If any man minister to me, him will my Father honour.

OFFERT. Ps. xcv.-Praisc and beauty are before his sight: holiness and inajesty in his sanctuary.

SECRET.-(iraciously receive our ctlerings, we bestech thee, () Lord. and in consideration of the merits and prayers of blessed Lawrence, grant they may aid is to salvation. Thro'.

COM. Juhn sii.-If any man minister to me, let him follow me: and where I am, there also shall my minister be.

P. COMM. Sucro. --Being nourished by thy sacred gifts, we beseech thee, 0) Lord, that what we perform according to pur bormden duty, we may sensibly perceive to a:vance our salvation, by the intercession of blessed Lawrence, thy martyr. Thro'.

XI. Commem. of SS. TIBURTIUS, &c. mm.

COLLECT. Suncturun:.—May we always find comfort, () Lord, in the continual protection of thy holy martyrs, Tiburtius and Susanna: for we trust thvir wilt ever regard those with an eye of mercy, whom thon förvourest with such succours. Thru'.

SECRET.-Farourably, O Lori, receive the of. ferings and prayers of thy people, that the oblatio:: of the sacred mysteries may be acceptable to thee, by the intercession of thy saints. Thro'.

P. COMM. Sumpsimns.-Grant, O Loril, that the pledge of eternal redemption which we have received, may procure for us, by the intercession of thy holy martyrs, the succours necessary for this life ad that to come. Thro'.

XIII. Commem. of SS. HYPPOLITE, &c. mm.

COLLECT. Bu, quæsumus.-Grant, we beseech thee, 0 Almighty God, that the sacred solemnity of thy holy martyrs, Hyppolite and Cassian, may be to us an increase of devotion, and a help to salvation. Thro'

SECRET.-Receive, O Lord, our offerings on this festival of thy saints: and may their bearing witness of thy truth advance our salvation. Thro'.

P. COMM. Sacramentorum.-Let the participa. tion of thy sacraments, O Lord, save us : and confirm us in the light of thy truth. Thro'.

INTROIT, Vultum tuum, 499.

COLLECT. Deus, qui.- God, who wast pleased to make choice of the Virgin Mary, and in her to dwell for a time, grant, we beseech thee, that being secure under her protection, we may with comfort solemnize her festival. Who livest. Collect, &c. of St. Lawrence, as on his Feast, p. 639. Collect, &c. of St. Eusebius, as in Mass XIII. p. 488.

LESSON. Eccles. xxiv. 23.-As the vine I have brought forth a pleasant odour: and my flowers are the fruit of honour and riches. I am the mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope. In me is all grace of the way and of the truth. In me is all hope of life and of virtue. Come over to me, all ye that desire me, and be filled with my fruits. For my spirit is sweet above honey, and my inheritance above honey and the honey-comb. My memory is unto everlasting generations. They that eat me, shall yet hunger; and they that drink me, shall yet thirst. He that hearkeneth to me, shall not be confounded: and they that work by me, shall not sin. They that explain me, shall have life everlasting GRAD.--Thou art blessed, to Allel. as in p. 507 GOSPEL. Luke xi. as in p. 508. OFFERT.-Blessed art thou, &c. as in p. 508. SECRET. - May the prayers, O Lord, of the Mother of God render our offerings acceptable to thee, whom thou didst take out of this present world,


that she might intercede with thee for the pardon of our sins. Thro'.

COMM.-Blessed is the womb of Mary the virgin, which bore the Son of the eternal Father.

P. COMM. Concede.- Assist, O merciful God, our frailty; that we who are preparing to celebrate the festival of the holy Mother of God, may by the succour of her prayers, rise from our iniquities. Thro'.

XV. Assumption of the B.V.M.

INTROIT. LET ET us all rejoice in GAUDEAMUS. omnes

the Lord, whilst we in Domino, diem fescelebrate this festival in tum, celebrantes, sub hohonour of the B. V. M. nore beatæ Mariæ, Virgifor whose Assumption the nis, de cujus Assumptionle angels rejoice, and praise gaudent angeli, et col the Son of God.

laudant Filium Dei. Ps. My heart hath ut- Ps. Eructavit cor meum tered a good word : I verbum bonum: dico ego speak my works to the opora mea Regi. king. V. Glory.

V. Gloria ČOLLECT. Famulorum.-Forgive, O Lord, we beseech thee, the sins of thy people: that we, who are not able to do any thing of ourselves that can be pleasing to thee, may be assisted in the way of salta tion by the prayers of the Mother of thy Son. Thro. the same.

LESSON. Eccles, xxiv. 11. &0. sought rest. every where, and I shall abide in the inheritance of tbe. Lord. Then the Creator of all things gave his orders. and said to me: and he that made me, rested in my tabernacle, and he said to me: Let thy dwelling

ke in Jacob, and thy inheritance in Israel, and take root in my elect. From the beginning, and before the world was I created, and unto the world to come I

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