The Gentle Shepherd: A Scotch Pastoral. By Allan Ramsay. Attempted in English by Margaret Turner

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author, 1790 - 212 strán (strany)
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Strana 1 - I wish nae mair of a' that's rare. My Peggy speaks sae sweetly, To a' the lave I'm cauld; But she gars a' my spirits glow, At wauking of the fauld. My Peggy smiles sae kindly, Whene'er I whisper love. That I look down on a' the town, — That I look down upon a crown.
Strana 7 - Say often what they never mean, Ne'er mind their pretty lying tongue, But tent the language of their een: If these agree, and she persist To answer all your love with hate. Seek elsewhere to be better blest, And let her sigh when 'tis too late. ROGER Kind Patie, now fair fa' your honest heart, — Ye 're ay sae cadgy, and have sic an art To hearten ane!
Strana 64 - And gin ye winna tak me, I can let ye be. ' I hae a good ha' house, a barn and a byre, A peatstack fore the door, will mak a rantin fire.
Strana 17 - Tis ten to ane the wives are maist to blame. Then I'll employ wi' pleasure a' my art To keep him cheerfu', and secure his heart. At een, when he comes weary frae the hill, I'll hae a...
Strana 15 - With glooman brow the laird seeks in his rent, — 'Tis no to gie, your merchant's to the bent ; His honour maunna want, — he poinds your gear ; Syne driven frae house and hald, where will ye steer ?Dear Meg, be wise, and lead a single life ; Troth, 'tis nae mows to be a married wife ! PEGGY. May sic ill luck befa...
Strana 79 - With thee upon yon mountain. There will I tell the trees and flowers, From thoughts unfeign'd and tender, By vows you're mine, by love is yours A heart which cannot wander.* FAREWELL TO THE MASON-LODGE, AT TARBOLTON, IN AYRSHIRE.
Strana 18 - I'll employ with pleasure a' my art To keep him cheerfu', and secure his heart. At e'en, when he comes weary frae the hill, I'll have a' things made ready to his will. In winter, when he toils thro...
Strana 38 - Into my Patie's arms, for good and a'. But stint your wishes to this kind embrace ; And mint nae farther till we've got the grace. 115 Patie, with his left hand about her waste O charming armfu', hence ye cares away, I'll kiss my treasure a' the live lang day; All night I'll dream my kisses o'er again, Till that day come that ye'll be a
Strana 37 - Then dinna pu' me; gently thus I fa' Into my Patie's arms for good and a': But stint your wishes to this frank embrace, And mint nae farther till we've got the grace.

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