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artifex, icis, m. (ars and facio), an aspargő, inis, f. (aspergo), a sprin.

artist, 1, 455; artificis scelus, the kling upon; spray, 3, 534. iniquity of the deceiver the ac- aspecto, āvi, ātus, i, intens. a. (ad cursed falsifier, 11, 407; subtle and specto), to look at or upon, be

schemer, artful deviser, 2, 125. hold, 10, 4; survey earnestly, 6, 186; 1. artus, ūs, m. (generally in the pl., with admiration, 1,420; with regret,

except in later writers), a joint of 5, 615. the body of man or beast, 5, 422; aspectus, üs, m. (aspicio), a looking a limb, 2, 173, et al.; part, member, at; meton., that which is looked 6, 726; frame, body, 9, 490.

at; a vision, 9, 657; a view, sight, 2. artus, a, um, adj., strailened, nar. 4, 314; appearance, presence, I, row; close, tight, 1, 293.

613. arundineus, a, um, adj. (arundo), of asper, era, erum, ad)., rough, 2, 379; reeds, reedy, 10, 710.

rugged, craggy, jagged, 6, 360; arundo, inis, f., a reed, arrow, 4, 73. chased, embossed, 5, 267; fig., of the arvina, ae, f., grease, tallow, 7, 627. weather, stormy, 2, 110; of temperaarvum, i, n. (aro), arable land; ment, spirit, or nature, barbarous,

land; a field, 1, 246; soil; plain, 5, 730; formidable, fierce, I, 14; the ground, 12, 237; the shore, 2, full of strife, warlike, 1, 291; cruel, 209; pl., arva, orum, fields, lands, stern, 6, 882; angry, 1, 279; bitter, country; waters, 8, 695.

2, 96; displeased, 8, 365. arx, arcis, f. (arceo), a citadel, strong. aspergo, spersi, spersus, 3, a. (ad

hold, fortress, tower, 2, 56, et al.; and spargo), to sprinkle upon, to high abode, heaven, 1, 250; a sum. sprinkle. mit, height, 1, 56; mountain, hill, aspernor, ātus sum, i, dep. a. (ab 6, 783; palace, 4, 410.

and spernor), to slight, despise, 11, Asbýtēs, ae, m., a Trojan, 12, 362. 106. Ascanius, ii, m., Ascanius, son of aspero, ävi, ätus, 1, a. (asper), to

Aeneas, and traditional founder of make rough ; raise, arouse, lift up, Alba Longa, 1, 267.

3, 285. ascendo, scendi, scēnsus, 3, a. and n. aspersus, a, um, p. of aspergo.

(ad and scando), to climb, mount, aspicio, spexi, spect us, 3, a. (ad and ascend, 1, 419; scale, 9, 507.

specio, look), to look at; to behold, ascēnsus, ūs, m. (ascendo), a climbing see, 1, 393, et al.; fig., to consider, 1, or ascending, 2, 303.

526; regard, pity, 2, 690. Asia, ae, f., 1. Asia, a town of Lydia, asporto, āvi, ātus, 1, a., to carry from

near the river Cayster. 2. Asia or away, 2, 778.

Minor , Asia, 7, 224, et al. Assaraci, Õrum, m., the Assaraci, two Asīlās, ae, m. 1. A Trojan warrior, Trojan heroes, 10, 124. - 9, 571. 2. An Etruscan chief and Assaracus, i, m., Assaracus, a king of soothsayer, 10, 175.

Phrygia, son of Tros, brother of 1. Āsius, a, um, adj. (Asia), of Asia, a Ganymede and Ilus, and grand

town near the Cayster; Asian, 7,701. father of Anchises, 1, 284. 2. Āsius, ii, m., a Trojan warrior, ast, conj., see at. 10, 123

astrum, i, n., a star, constellation ; pl.,

12, 661.

741, et al.

astra, õrum, heaven, 3, 158; Tītā- Atīnas, ātis, m., Atinas, a Latin chief, nia astra, the heavenly bodies, the

sun, moon, or stars, 6, 725. Atlantis, idis, f., a daughter or female Astur, uris, m., Astur, an Etruscan descendant of Atlas , Electra, 8, 135. chief, 10, 180.

Atlās, antis, m., Atlas, a king of astus, ūs, m., cunning ; abl. astū, with Mauretania, famed for his knowlcunning, craftily, 10, 522.

edge of the stars, and hence said Astyanax, actis, m., Astyanax, the son to have borne the heavens on his of Hector and Andromache, put to

head and shoulders, transformed, death by Ulysses after the capture of according to mythology, by Perseus Troy, to prevent the fulfillment of with the Gorgon's head into the the prophecy which said that Troy mountain that bears his name, I,

should be restored by him, 2, 457. asýlum, i, n., 1. A place of refuge; atque, or ac, conj. (ad and que), and an asylum ; a temple, sanctuary, 2,

in addition, or and besides; and, as 761. 2. The Asylum established by well, and indeed, and, 1, 575; freq.;

Romulus on the Capitoline, 8, 342. even, 2, 626; in comparisons, as, 4, at and ast, conj., denoting addition 90; than, 3, 561; repeated, atque

either with the notion of difference, atque, both and. or of decided opposition, but, 1, 46; atqui, conj. (at and qui), but, yet. yet, still, after conditional proposi. Atridēs, ae, m., a son or descendant tions; in adding new particulars, and of Atreus; pl., Atridae, ārum, the in transitions, but also, but, now, 4, Atridae (Agamemnon and Mene1; denoting indignation, with exe. laus), 2, 104. cration, 2, 535.

ātrium, ii, n., a rectangular area in atavus, i, m., a great-great-great the middle of a dwelling, partly open

grandfather, or forefather of the to the sky; and often surrounded fifth previous generation; forefather, with a colonnade; the court or prin. 7, 474.

cipal apartment of a dwelling : or, āter, tra, trum, adj., black, dark, in a house containing more than

gloomy, 1, 60, et al.; smoky, lurid, one court, the forecourt or first hall; 7, 456; 4, 384; clotted, dark, 3, 622; a court, hall, 2, 483, et al. soiled, blackened, 2, 272; fig., sad, atrox, ocis, adj. (āter), cruel, fierce, fatal, 6, 429; venomous, deadly; of relentless, 1, 662.

the odor of smoke, 12, 591. attāctus, ūs (only in the abl., attāctū), Athesis, is, m., the Athesis, a river in m. (attingo), a touching ; touch, 7,

the N. E. part of Upper Italy, 9, 350. 680.

attingā, tigi, tāctus, 3, a. (ad and Athos (acc. on, ona), m., a mountain tango), to touch against ; touch,

in Macedonia on the Strymonian grasp, 9, 558;. fig., attain, reach, gull, 12, 701.

arrive at, 5, 797; come upon, overAtij, õrum, m., the Atii, a Roman take, 4, 568. gens, 5, 568.

attollo, 3, a. (ad and tollo), to lift or Ātina, ae, f., a town of Latium, 7, raise up, throw, cast up, 3, 574; 630.

rear, build, 2, 185; fig., to rouse,

excite, 2, 381; with se, lift one's self report, 7, 96; p., subst., auditum, or itself, 4, 690; come into view, ap i, n., a thing heard; report, 3, 107. pear, 3, 205; fig., arise, be exalted, 4, auditus, a, um, p. of audio.

49; pass., attolli, to rise, 5, 127. aufero, abstuli, ablātus, auferre, irreg. attono, ui, itus, 1, a. (ad and tono), to a. (ab and fero), to carry, bear, or

thunder at; p., attonitus, a, um, fig., take away, 4, 29, et al.; remove, cut stunned ; agitated, 7, 580; amazed, off, 4, 699; lay aside, leave off, 8, astonished, 3, 172; afflicted, over. 439; with se, withdraw, 4, 389. whelmed, 12, 610; spellbound, Aufidus, i, m., the Aufidus, a river in hushed, 6, 53.

Apulia, 11, 405. attorqueo, 2, a. (ad and torqueo), to augeo, auxi, auctus, 2, a., to cause to swing or hurl, 9, 52.

grow or increase ; increase, 5, 565; attrāctus, a, um, p. of attraho.

load, pile, 7, 111; augment, 7, 211; attraho, trāxi, tractus, 3, a. (ad and multiply, 9, 407.

traho), to draw or bring to, ir, augur, uris, m., and rarely f., a sooth250; fetch, bring up.

sayer, foretelling from any kind of attrecto, āvi, ātus, 1, a. (ad and sign; augur, diviner, prophet, 4,

tracto), to handle or touch, with the 376. notion of violating, 2, 719.

augurium, i7, n. (augur), the business attritus, a, um, p. of atterā.

of the augur; augury, divination, Atys, yos, m., a young comrade of 1, 392; an augury, omen, portent, Ascanius, 5, 568.

2, 703; oracle, 3, 89; presage, 5, auctor, õris, m. (augeo), one who in 523.

creases, promotes, or produces ; an augurē, āvī, ãtus, i, n. (augur), to originator, author, contriver, 2, 150; divine, conjecture, 7, 273. founder, father, 4, 365; adviser, augustus, a, um, adj., venerable, 7, 153; counselor, guide, 5, 17; favorer, the surname given to Octavius Caesar patron, abettor, 12, 159; messenger, by the senate, B.C. 27, and, after him, 10, 510; sender, 9, 421.

to the emperors generaily, 6, 792. audāx, ācis, adj. (audeā), daring, bold, aula, ae, archaic genit. āi, f., a fore

warlike, 4, 615; rash, 12, 786, freq. court, atrium; court, peristyle (as audeo, ausus sum, semi-dep., 2, a. and surrounded with columns), hall, 3,

n., to dare; with inf., freq.; dare, 354; palace, royal seat, 1, 140. venture upon, attempt, with acc., 10, aulaeum, i, n., a curtain, corering, 811, et al.; to venture, 2, 347; P., hangings, embroidered stuff, tapestry, audēns, entis, venturing, daring, 2, 1, 697. 347; p., bold, brave, 10, 284; com- Aulestēs, is, m., an Etruscan chief, par., audentior, bolder, more boldly, 10, 207. 6,95; P., ausus, a, um, having dared, Aulis, idis, f., the port on the eastern daring, 5, 792; subst., ausum, i, n., shore of Greece, whence the Grecian

a daring deed; outrage, 2, 535. fleet sailed to the siege of Troy, 4, audio, ivi, itus, 4, a., to hear, with acc., 426.

or acc. and infin., freq.; to listen to, Aunus, i, m., an Italian chief, 11, 700. hear of, 2, 11; to heed, 4, 612; p., aura, ae (archaic genit. i), f., auditus, a, um, heard of, known by the air in gentle motion; a breeze,

119, et al.

3, 356, et al.; air, 4, 278, et al.; a a diviner; fig., a leader, author, pablast; ether, spirit, 6, 747; splendor, tron, guide, director, 3, 20. brightness, 6, 204; favor, applause, auspicium, i7, n. (auspex), an auspice; 6,816; pl., air, 1, 59, 387; ad auras, omen, token, sign, 3, 499; power,

to or into the air, on high, upward. authority, 4, 103; will, 4, 341; conaurātus, a, um, adj. (aurum), gilded, duct, leadership, II, 347.

golden, of gold, 12, 163; embroidered Auster, trī, m., the southerly or south with gold, 5, 250.

wind, opposite to Aquilo; wind in aureus, a, um, adj. (aurum), of gold, general, 3, 70; meton, the south.

golden, armed with gold, 11,-490; ausum, i, see audeo. gilded, 6, 13; fig., beautiful, fair, ausus, a, um, p. of audeo. 10, 16; perfectly pure and happy, aut, conj., indicating. an actual and golden, 6, 792.

positive alternative, and not, like auricomus, a, um, adj. (aurum and vel, leaving the choice to the mind;

coma), golden-haired; fig., golden or, 1, 70, et al.; but sometimes used

leaved, or with golden sprays, 6, 141. indifferently with vel, ve, sive, I, 379; auriga, ae, m., a charioteer, 5, 146; a repeated : aut - aut, either-or, 1, groom, 12, 85.

396, et al. auris, is, f. (rel. to audio), the ear, 2, autem, conj. (rel. to aut), but, yet,

however, truly, indeed, now, moreaurora, ae, f., the dawn, morning, 3, over, denoting contrast, difference,

521; personified, Aurora, the goddess addition, or transition, freq. of the dawn, who precedes the horses Automedõn, ontis, m., the charioteer of the sun-god, 585; the east, 8, of Achilles, and, after the death of 686; the sun, 6, 535.

Achilles, armor-bearer of Pyrrhus, aurum, i, n., gold, 1, 349, et al.; me

2, 477 ton., a golden goblet, 7, 245; golden autumnus, i, m. (cf. augeo), the seabit, 7, 279.

son of increase; autumn, 6, 309, Auruncus, a, um, adj. (Aurunca), et al.

Auruncan, of Aurunca, an ancient auxilium, iī, n. (augeo), that which town of Campania, 12, 94.

promotes; assistance, help, relief, Ausonia, ae, f., an ancient name of succor, 1, 571; pl. auxilia, orum,

middle and lower Italy; Italy, in help, assistance, 2, 163. general, 3, 496.

avārus, a, um, adj. (aveo, desire), deAusonidēs, ae, pl. Ausonidae, ārum sirous of gain, greedy ; covetous,

and ūm, m. (Auson, the eponymous avaricious, 1, 363; rapacious, defather of the Ausonēs), the Auso vouring, fig., of the land ruled over nians or primitive people of lower by an avaricious prince, 3, 44. Italy; Italians, 10, 564.


um, p. of äveho. Ausonius, a, um, adj. (Auson), Auso- āveho, vexi, vectus, 3, a., to carry

nian; Italian, 4, 349; subst., away, 2, 179; pass., ävectus esse, Ausonii, õrum, m., the Ausonians, to have sailed away, departed, 2, 43Italians, il, 253.

āvello, velli or vulsī, vulsus, 3, a., to auspex, icis, c. (avis and specio, look), pluck, or tear off, or away from,

one who divines by watching birds ; with acc, and abl., take away, steal,

2, 165; to force away, 11, 201; p., avītus, a, um, adj. (avus), of a grandavulsus, a, um, torn from, 2, 608; father; ancestral, ancient, 10, 752. torn, rent, 3, 575.

āvius, a, um, adj. (ā and via), path. avēna, ae, f., oats; oat-, a straw, an less, 2, 736; devious, unapproach

oaten pipe; a Pan-pipe or syrinx. able, 12, 480; that cannot be tracked, 1. Aventinus, i, m., a Latin chief, 7, inaccessible, eluding pursuit, 11, 657

810; subst., āvium, iī, n., a devious, 2. Aventinus, i, m., the Aventine inaccessible place, or way, 9, 58. mount in Rome, 7, 659.

āvolo, āvī, ātus, 1, n., to fly away, il, 1. Avernus, i, m. (dopvos, birdless), 712.

Avernus, a lake near Naples, be- āvulsus, a, um, p. of avello. tween Baiae and Cumae, in Cam- avunculus, i, m. (avus), an uncle on pania, now Lago d'' dverno. Near the mother's side; uncle, 3, 343. it was one of the entrances to avus, i, m., a grandfather, grandsire, Hades; hence, the lower world, Aver. 2, 457; sire, father, ancestor, 6, 840. nus, 6, 126; portus Avernī, the axis, is, m., an axle; synedoche, car, harbor of Cumae, near Avernus, chariot, 5, 820; the axis of the 5, 813.

heavens, the sky, the heavens, 4, 482; 2. Avernus, a, um, adj. (1. Avernus), the pole; the north pole, the north.

of Avernus, Avernian, 4, 512; 6, 118; subst. pl., Averna, õrum, n.,

B Avernus, 3, 442. āversus, a, um, p. of averto.

bāca, ae, f., a berry, 3, 649. āvertő, verti, versus, 3, a., to turn any. bācātus, a, um, adj. (bāca), set or

thing away from, followed by an studded with pearls; or made of abl. with or without a prep., 1, 38, beads, pearls, etc., 1, 655. et al.; turn or drive away, 1, 472, bacchor, ātus sum, i, dep. n. and a. et al.; transfer with acc. of place, 4, (Bacchus), to perform the orgies of 106; drive away, end, 4, 547; neut. Bacchus, rage, rave, 6,78; rush or by omission of se, to turn away, I, run madly or wildly, 4, 301; fly 402; pass., averti, as middle or dep., wildly, 4, 666; p., bacchātus, a, with acc., to be averse to; to shun, um, resounding with the revels of loathe ; p., āversus, a, um, turned Bacchus, 3, 125; filling with fury, away, 1, 482; with averted faces, 6, spreading fury, 10, 41. 224; askance, 4, 362; remote, 1, Bacchus, i, m., Bacchus, the son of 568; fig., indignant, 7, 618; dis Jupiter and Semele, and god of pleased, 2, 170.

wine, 1, 734; wine, 1, 215. avidus, a, um, adj. (aveo, desire), long- Bactra, õrum, n. pl., Bactra, the chief

ing, eager, 1, 514; eagerly, quickly, city of Bactria, 8, 688. 6, 210; with longing, 3, 132; eager Bāiae, ārum, f., Baiae, a town on the for destruction, devouring, destruc Bay of Naples, west of Puteoli, 9, tive, baneful; with infin., 12, 290; 710. with gen., eagerly, desirous of, eager Bālantēs, ium (um), see bālo. for, 9, 661.

bālātus, ūs, m. (bālo), a bleating, 9, avis, is, f., a bird, 6, 193, et al.


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