The lives of the Right Hon. Francis North, baron Guildforfd; the Hon. Sir Dudley North; and the Hon. and Rev. Dr. John North, Zväzok 3

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Strana 283 - In 1616 he was made a knight of the Bath at the creation of Charles prince of Wales. In...
Strana 236 - Society had it recommended to them to be trustees and visitors, or supervisors, of the Academy which Monsieur Faubert did hope to procure to be built by subscription of worthy gentlemen and noblemen, for the education of youth, and to lessen the vast expense the nation is at yearly by sending children into France to be taught military exercises.
Strana 215 - You cannot beleeve the great concerne that was in the whole family here last Wednesday, it being the day that the taylor was to helpe to dress little Ffrank in his breeches in order to the making an everyday suit by it. Never had any bride that was to be drest upon her weding night more hands about her, some the legs and some the armes, the taylor butt'ning and others putting on the sword, and so many lookers on that had I not had a ffinger amongst them I could not have seen him.
Strana 288 - Ibid. vol. 1, p. 170. His sister Mary, " besides the advantage of her person, had a superior wit, prodigious memory, and was most agreeable in conversation. I do just remember so much of her (for I was very young when she married,) that for hours and hours together, she diverted her sisters, and all the female society at work together, (as the use of that family was,) with rehearsing by heart prolix romances, with the substance of speeches and letters, as well as passages ; and this with little or...
Strana 15 - As to study there, I followed my own appetite, which was to natural philosophy, which they call physics, and particularly Descartes, whose works I dare say I read over three times before I understood him. . . . And at that time new philosophy was a sort of heresy, and my brother cared not to encourage me much in it.
Strana 82 - The Principles of Music, in Singing and Setting, with the twofold use thereof, Ecclesiastical and Civil.
Strana 130 - ... coach was fixed upon the castle bridge, and the like. All which the country believed, and accordingly persecuted the wretched old creatures. A less zeal in a city or kingdom hath been the overture of defection and revolution, and if these women had been acquitted, it was thought that the country people would have committed some...
Strana 139 - recordatio» et des études juridiques. Plus tard, à l'âge moderne, les juristes déploreront souvent que la formation théorique des avocats ait relégué au second plan les études de ce genre. «Forms are better understood by writing than by reading.
Strana 177 - ... mind. He foresaw and knew the train of evils to come if the King did not. recover, and it darkened his soul to a degree, that I verily believe his spirits took an infection and were poisoned,, though not immediately appearing. I had the company of my brother Dudley, than whom a braver soul there never was. We walked about like ghosts, generally to and from Whitehall. We met few persons without passion in their eyes, as we also had. We thought of no concerns, public or private, but were contented...
Strana 78 - He was a person of much easier temper than any of his faculty, he was neither conceited nor morose, but much a gentleman, and had a very good sort of wit, which served him in his address and conversation, wherein he did not please less than in his compositions.

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