The gilded age, by S.L. Clemens and C.D. Warner. by Mark Twain and C.D. Warner.3 vols, Zväzok 2

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Strana 41 - So thick beset with thorns and briers ? That is the path of righteousness, Though after it but few enquires. " And see ye not that braid, braid road, That lies across that lily leven ? That is the path of wickedness, Though some call it the road to Heaven.
Strana 214 - I am alone in the world since I lost my wife, and I often long for the society of your sex, Miss Hawkins, notwithstanding what people may say to the contrary." " It is pleasant to hear you say that. I am sure it must be so. If I feel lonely at times, because of my exile from old friends, although surrounded...
Strana 13 - Drink deep, until the habits of the slave, The sins of emptiness, gossip, and spite, And slander, die. Better not be at all Than not be noble. Leave us : you may go : To-day the Lady Psyche will harangue The fresh arrivals of the week before ; For they press in from all the provinces, And fill the hive.
Strana 54 - It has the aspect of a factory chimney with the top broken off. The skeleton of a decaying scaffolding lingers about its summit, and tradition says that the spirit of Washington often comes down and sits on those rafters to enjoy this tribute of respect which the nation has reared as the symbol of its unappeasable gratitude.
Strana 157 - Parvenus — as, indeed, the general public did . Official position, no matter' how obtained, entitled a man to a place in it, and carried his family with him, no matter whence they sprang. Great wealth gave a man a still higher and nobler place in it than did official position. If this wealth had been acquired by conspicuous ingenuity, with just a pleasant little spice of illegality about it, all the better. This aristocracy was " fast," and not averse to ostentation.
Strana 101 - Why the matter is simple enough. A Congressional appropriation costs money. Just reflect, for instance. A majority of the House Committee, say $10,000 apiece— $40,000; a majority of the Senate Committee, the same each— say $40,000; a little extra to one or two chairmen of one or two such committees, say $10,000 each— $20,000; and there's $100,000 of the money gone, to begin with. Then, seven male lobbyists, at $3,000 each — $21,000; one female...

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