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Attorneys at Law

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A Beautiful Game.

French Defense.


Black. 1. P-K4

1. P-K3 2. P-Q4

2. P-Q4. 3. Kt-Q2

8. P-Q B4 4. Рx В Р

4. BxP 5. Kt-Kt 3

5. B-Kt3 6. Рx P

6. Px P 7. KI-B3

7. Q Kt-B 3 8. B-K2

8. B-K3 9. Castles

9. K Kt-K2 .10. P-B3

10. Q-Q2 11. B-K B4

11. Kt-Kt3 12. B-Kt3

12. 1-B4 13. K-Kt Q4.

13. P-B5 14. Kt x B

14. Q.x Kt 15. B-Kt4

15. Q-Q3 16. R-K ch.

16. Q Kt-K4 17. B-R4.

17. Kt x B 18. P-B4

18. K KI-Kt3 19. Q R-B

19. B-B2. 20. P-B5

20. Q-K B3 21. QxP

21. R-Q 22. Q x P

22. Castles 23. B-R3

23. P-B6 24. Q x B

24. P x P 25. RxP


Q x P ch 26. K-R

26. K Kt-B5 R-K Kt

27. Q Kt-Kt5 28. Q-K7

28. Q RMK 29 Q-K Kt5

Black announces mate in three moves.

24.000 Volumes and over 200 Per odicals.
$5.00 a Year and $1.50 a Quarter. Two

Books Allowed on all Subscriptions.
MOURS— From 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Daily Except Sundays

and Holidays.

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Lady Assistant.

280 Yamhill St.



Third and Alder Sts.

Portland, Ore.

The Chess-Masters. The London Times publishes the following interesting table:

Albin, Adolf.-Born 1848, in Bucharest, aged 48.

Bardeleben, Curt von.-Born 1861, Germany, 35.

Bird, Henry E.-July 14, 1830, West Eng. land, 66.

Blackburne, Joseph H.—December 10, 1842, Manchester, 54.

Burn, Amos.—December 31, 1848, Hull, 49.

Englisch, Berthold.—July 9, 1851, Austria, 45.

Gunsberg, Isidor.—November 2, 1854, BudaPesth, 42.

Janowski, D.-In 1868, Wolkowisk, Russia, 28.

Lasker, Emanuel-December 24, 1868, Pruss sia, 28.

Marco, Georg.-November 29, 1863, Czernowitz, 33.

Maroczy, Geza.–March 3, 1870, Szegedin, 26.

Mason, James.—November 19, New York, 47.

(Concluded next month )

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Roosevelt on Courage.


.. PRICES ..



Front and Washington Sts.,

Nos. 112 and 114,


Send for Price List.

Governor Roosevelt writes in the May St. Nicholas of the qualities we expect to find in the young American. A boy needs both Physical and moral courage, he says. Neither can take the place of the other. When boys become men they will find out that there are some soldiers very brave in the field who have proved timid and worthless as politicians, and some politicians who show an entire readiness to take chances and assume responsibilities in civil affairs, but who lack the fighting edge when opposed to physical danger. In each case, with soldiers and politicians alike, there is half a virtue. The possession of the courage of the soldier does not excuse the lack of courage in the statesman, and even less does the possession of the courage of the statesman excuse shrinking on the field of battle. Now, this is all just as true of boys. A coward who will take a blow without returning it is a contemptible creature; but, after all, he is hardly as contemptible as the boy who dares not stand up for what he deems right against the sneers of his companions who are themselves wrong. Ridicule is one of the favorite weapons of of wickedness, and it is sometimes incomprehensible how good and brave boys will be influenced for evil by the jeers of associates who have no one quality that calls for respect, but who affect to laugh at the very traits which ought to be peculiarly a cause for pride.

There is no need to be a prig. There is no need for a boy to preach about his own conduct and virtue. II he does he will make himself offensive and ridiculous. But there is urgent need that he should practice decency; that he should be clean and straight, honest and truthful, gentle and tender, as well as brave. If he can once get a proper understanding of things, he will have a far more hearty contempt for the boy who has begun a course of feeble dissipation, or who is untruthful, or mean, or dishonest, or cruel, than this boy and his fellows can possibly, in return, feel for him. The very fact that the boy should be manly and able to hold his own, that he should be ashamed to submit to bullying without instant retalliation, should, in return, make him abhor any form of bullying, cruelty, or brutality..



Oregon 'Phone Brown 462.

Millinery Opening Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

MRS. MARSHALL 330 Washington St.

Portland, Oregon

A Louisville gambler on one occasion thought he had a good thing when a stranger who looked as he had plenty of money came along and suggested a friendly game of poker.' The game ran along smoothly for a while, and at last, when the opportune mo).

you wish to reach the Pacific Northwest, you must advertise in The Pacific Monthly de

mert càme, the gambler dealt to the guile, less stranger four queens and gave himself four kings. The betting became interesting right away, and after all the cash was uv and it came to a show-down the Louisville man laid down his four 'kings and the stranger showed four aces. “Take the money, mister,” gasped the astonished Kentuckian, “take it, if you have the heart to do so; but I'll be darned if that was the hand I dealt you.”-Argonaut.



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Reliability in Toilet Preparations. Naturally everyone wishes to possess a good complexion. There is no more legitimate ambition; and that in seeking to attain it the aid of cosmetics should be sought is not a matter for surprise. It is not, indeed, the use of cosmetics that is to be condemned, but want of care in selecting a cosmetic which is at once effective and harmless. What the physician, in common with the hygienist, demands, is that very great discrimination be used by all who have occasion to employ toilet preparations. If only the kind which is known to be both non-injurious and a true specific for the complexion should succeed in securing patronage, then sanitary publications would have no need for printing articles upon the subject.

The scores of positively injurious toilet preparations which trade upon popular credulity and succeed in imposing upon a sufficient number of people to make their manufacture profitable, should be considered without prejudice to the genuine and innocent article whose use actually does promote the beauty of the complexion. We will promptly condemn in the one case and praise in the other. Having ascertained all the essential facts about any complexion specific, We direct our course accordingly, without any prejudice whatever, as in the case of Wisdom's Robertine, offered by S. Heitshu, of Portland, Oregon. We are prepared to endorse its claims that it removes blotches, pimples, freckles, tan, sunburn and all facial blemishes, and makes the skin soft, white and clear.

In pursuit of the truth concerning the article now under consideration, we accepted no statements of any interested parties, but undertook ourselves the task of examination. The samples of Wisdom's Robertine which were subjected by us to the proper chemical tests, we purchased in the stores, and thus obviated any possibility of being deceived by samples specially prepared for the inspection of analysts. And we are therefore able to say conscientiously that this preparation is one which, having fully satisfied us with regard to the nature of its composition, as well as the practical efforts produced by its use, may be patronized by all who are in search of a speeific for all conditions which it so thoroughly cures.

Toilet preparations which are above suspicion in the essentials of composition, and

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A case of bad health that R.I.P.A.N.S will not benefit. R.I.P.A.N S, 10 for 5 cents. or 12 packets for 48 cents, may be had of all druggists who are willing to sell a low-priced medicine at a modern profit.

They banish pain and prolong lite.
One gives relief Accept no substitute.
Note the word RIPAN S on the packet.

Send 5 cents to Ripans Chemical Co., No. 10 Spruce
St., New York, for to samples and 1000 testimonials.


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of really fulfilling their purpose, always receive at our hands fair and above-board treatment. It cannot inure to our advantage, in any way, to act otherwise in regard to them. Nor is the toilet article which fails in proving its claim to our approbation treated any the less frankly. We forthwith characterize it as unreliable. Wisdom's Robertine has won its claim to hygienic approbation or it would have sought that approbation in vain.

It is highly important that the public should not take risks in the matter of toilet preparations, because the health of the skin is vitally concerned, no less than the acquisition of increased personal beauty. It follows that the absolutely reliable and trustworthy toilet preparation, of which Wisdom's Robertine is an example, should meet with hearty recognition from the hygienist, in view of its value both as a specific and as a safeguard.-American Journal of Health.

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It is a Mistake. To sleep exposed to a direct draught at any season.

To work when you are not in a fit condition to do so.

To conclude that the smallest room in the house is large enough to sleep in.

To think that the more a person eats the healthier and stronger he will become.

To imagine that if a little work or exercise is good, violent or prolonged exercise is better.

To take off heavy underclothing out of season simply because you have become overheated.

To think any nostrus or patent medicine is a specific for all the diseases that flesh is heir to.

To go to bed late at night and rise at daybreak and imagine that every hour taken from sleep is an hour gained.

To believe that children can do as much · work as grown people, and that the more they study the more they learn.

.To give unnecessary time to a certain established routine of housekeeping when it could be much more profitably spent in rest or recreation.

To imagine that whatever remedy causes one to feel immediately better-as alcoholic stimulants—is good for the system, without regard to the after effects.

To eat as if you had only a minute in which to finish the meal, or to eat without an appetite, or to continue after it has been satified merely to gratify the taste.

To expect a girl or woman to be handsome when the action of her lungs is dependent on the expansive nature of a cent's worth of tape.

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"Little Cupid shot a dart
That pierced my hard and stony heart;
Sad, indeed, but what is worse,
That same dart it pierced my purse."

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C. E. WARRENS, Cashier

H. G. COLTON, Manager PACIFIC NORTHWEST DEPARTMENT 311 to 313 Chamber of Commerce

Portland, Oregon

When dealing with our advertisers, kindly mention The Pacific Monthly.

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