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1. Frank Watson, P. L. Willis, W: H. Grindstaff, and Rufus Mallory. Mr. C. L. Parker is manager. The outlook for both exchanges is bright, and their establishment, will go far towards making Portland the leading mining center on the Coast.




An Eastern Oregon mining man says that this will be the banner year in Eastern Oregon mining circles. “Notwith

126 FIRST STREET. standing that it is a presidential election vear, with the usual accompaniment of the cry of hard times and slow business,

Officers: there are 50 per cent more people in the hills of Baker than ever before, and rep

TYI,ER WOODWARD, President. resentatives of large capital are already

L. B. COX, Vice President.

J. FRANK WATSON, Treasurer. making exhaustive examinations of

P. L. WILLIS, Secretary. properties with a view to investments. Not only are such mines as the Golcon

Directors: da and Red - Boy increasing their capa Seneca Smith, Francis I. McKenna, Samuel Corcity for output, but eight or ten new

bell, Tyler Woodward, L. B. Cox, J. Frank Wat

son, P. L. Willis, W. H. Grindstaff, and Rufus properties will be adder to the list of Mallory, producers before snow flies. Today the

C. L. PARKER, Mgr. new 10-stamp mill for the Golconda, including ten concentrators and other ma P. 0. Bor 728.

Portland, Oregon. chinery, arrived from San Francisco and will be installed and in operation by August ist. This will double the output of that mine. The Red Boy deep sinking plant will all soon be on the Mining Engineers and Stock Brokers, ground; Al Geiser will in a few days or

MINES BOUGHT, SOLD, BONDED der a 10-stamp mill for the Brazos, which

AND LEASED. will then soon be a producer; the Chloride will put on a mill or cyanide plant

229 STARK ST.,

PORTLAND, OR. before fall, the Virginia will have its mill up in sixty days; it is more than likely that the Venus will put on a mill before winter; the South Cougar is rapidly getting ready for a mill; the Union Gold Mining Company; near Cornucopia, is talking about a mill; the Copper Butte people will soon be ready for a mill and are figuring on a smelter: Frank Scheibe, superintendent of the Red Boy Hill mine came into Baker yesterday and reported a big strike of rich ore in their

Mines examined and reported upon a specialty. lower workings and says they must have

Working test of Ores by Cyanide process, $5.00. a mill at once. Taking all in all, Baker Rates given on application for partial or com. Camp is in a state of unprecedented plete analysis of any substance. Les Assaying

taught in all its branches.

Gold and Silver re. prosperity, and there will be at least half

fined, melted, assayed or purchased. a dozen new producers this year. Machinery men say that it will be the big OFFICE, 204% WASHINGTON ST. gest year in their line of business in the

PORTLAND, OREGON. history of Eastern Oregon."



Assayer and...
Analytical Chemist



Attorneys at Law



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The Great Morphy. "The following superb specimen of blindfold simultaneous play was contested at Paris in the winter of 1858 as one of eight parties contested by Paul Morphy against the strongest aggregation of players the Cafe de la Regence could furnish. We have no hesitation in saying that, considering the strength of Morphy's antagonists and especially that of Mr. Baucher, who was really really of almost master strength, we consider it the most wonderful blindfold game ever produced -The Times-Democrat.

Philidor's Defense.
Paul Morphy.

T. Baucher,

Biack. 1 P-K 4

1 P-K 4 2 Kt-K B 3

2 P-Q 3 3 P-Q 4

3 P x P 4 Q x P

4 Kt-Q B3 5 B-Q Kt 5

5 B-Q 2 6 B x Kt

6 B x B 7 B-Kt 5

7 P-B 3 8 B-R 4

8 Kt-R 3 9 Kt-B 3

9 B-K 2 10 Castles (K Cas R) 10 Castles (K Cas R) 11 Q-B 4 ch

11 K-R sa 12 Kt-Q 4

12 Q-Q2 13 Q R-Q sa

13 R-B 2 14 P-B 4

14 P-R 4 15 P-B 5

15 KR-B sq 16 K-K 6

16 R-K Kt sq 17 P-R 4

17 Kt-Kt 5 18 Q-K 2

18 Kt-K 4 19 B-Kt 3

19 Q-B sg 20 B X Kt

20 Q P x B 21 R-B 3

21 B-Q 2 22 R-R 3

22 P-R 3 23 Q-Q 2

23 K-R 2 24 Q x B

24 P-Q 3 25 R x P (ch)

25 KX R 26 R-Q 3

26 K-R 4 27 Q-B 7 (ch)

And white wins.

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(a) If P-K 3, the Caro-Kann opening, then 4, P-K 5, and the game is turned into a French with White an extra move ahead, as Black, sooner or later, must play P-Q B 4. The present line of play brings the Q B into action, but Black labors under other disadvantages, notably a weak KP, and a retarded development of his King's side. (b) Intending ....B-B 5.

(c) To guard against P--B 5, followed by B-B 4.

(d) Black is tied up badly. This attempt at getting relief does not help him, but infuses new interest into a hitherto very onesided affair.

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A Gem from Russia. This game is a fine example of the manner in which an expert takes advantage of even the slightest slip of his opponent.

RUY LOPEZ. I.. Maximow.

J. R. White.

Black. 1 P-K 4

1 P-K 4 2 Kt-K B 3

2 K-QB 3 3 B-Kt 5

3 Kt-B 3 4 Castles.

Kt x P 5 P-Q 4

5 Kt-Q 3 6 B x Kt

6 Kt P x B 7 P x P

7 Kt-Kt 2 8 Kt-B 3

8 B-B 4 9 Kt-K4

9 Castles lu Kt (B3)-Kt 5 10 P-K R 3 11 Q-R 5

11 P-Q 4 12 Kt-B 6 ch

12 P x Kt 13 : P

13 P x Hi 14 B x P

14 P-K 2 15 B-B 6

15 B x B 16 P x B

16 Resigns.

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Modern Chess. The New York Times, in an editorial, says that the games of recent tournaments remind one of the “strife of the two paupers for a shilling,"

"The modern game, Mr. Steinitz observes, consists in the accumulation of small advantages.' Exactly. That is to say, each player strives to get a Pawn the better of the other, to keep the Pawn to the ending, and then to win with it.

"And yet those curious creatures, the performers, think the public ought to take an interest in this performance.

The fact that the more these games are played, the less interest can any rational being take in the game, unless he be condemned, like the contestants, to play it for his living. It is no longer a game at all. It is a 'cut-throat competition.' There is really no interest in it except to competitors, and their interest is not sportsmanlike, but commercial. There is often, in a whole tournament, not one of the brilliant finishes which the student can find in almost every recorded game of the old players who played Chess for amusement and not for a living, as Philidor and Labourdonnais, and MacDonnell and Morphy and Anderssen. The usual thing is the accumulation of small advantages' and the final winning by the accumulation on account of the inability of the other man to stop the progress of the odd Pawn. It is two paupers fighting for a shilling.'

"In other words that has happened Chess which happens to every sport when it becomes professional. It is no longer a game, but a business. “I never was, am not, I will never be a professional player,' wrote Paul Morphy. And that is partly why, as a recent commentator has said, there are more brilliant endings in Morphy's games than in all the rest of Chess put together."



Individual or Class InstrucSPANISH

tion, Day or Night. LATIN

TFRMS—$2.75 a month for one person, one lesson of one hour a week; $1.50 each a month for two or more persons.




735 Chamber of Commerce

Portland, Oregon


Col. J. F. Harvey begs to announce

the opening of

Some time ago Sewell, of New Jersey, denounced Senator Pettigrew as a traitor in connection with his Philippine speeches. The other day Mr. Pettigrew had his revenge. He was reading some extracts from addresses which he wished to have printed in the “Record.” The sentiments sounded treasonyards wide and outside of this a few more furrows plowed. The space lying between able, and at last Mr. Sewell jumped up. This thing has gone far enough. He objected to such stuff being printed at the expense of the government. Pettigrew's eye gleamed as he informed the Senate that the extracts, every one, were taken from the works of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

* *

The Optimist.
When I am in the dentist's chair

I do not raise a fuss.
I thank my lucky stars I'm not

A hippopotamus.



A high-class and up-to-date Cafe

and Grill Room, located in the

When baggagemen destroy my trunk

I do not rave and rant. But mentally I say I'm glad

I'm not an elephant.


When my new shoes are hard and tight

And painfully impede My walk, I smile and htink, “ 'Tis well

I'm not a centipede."

Cor. Third and Morrison Sts.

Portland, Or.

A lavish expenditure of money in all the appointments of the Cafe and Grill Room, and the most prompt and efficient service, together with reasonable charges, should commend this institution to the people of this city and vicinity.

His Best Production. A grave, scholarly looking man was much attracted by a petite blonde at a dinner recently. He hoped she might prove as intelligent as she was charming, and so drew her into conversation, with the following results:

“You must admire Sir Walter Scott," he exclaimed. with sudden animation. “Is not is 'Lady of the Lake' exquisite in its flowing grace and poetic imagery? Is it not

"It is perfectly lovely," she assented, clasping her hands in ecsatcy. “I suppose I have read it a dozen times."

“And Scott's “Marmion," he continued “with its rugged simplicity and marvelous descriptions. One can almost smell the heather on the heath while perusing its splendid pages.”

"It is perfectly grand,” she murmured.

"And Scott's Emulsion," he continued, hastily, for a faint suspicion was beginning to dawn upon him.

“I think,” she interrupted, rashly, "that it's the best thing he ever wrote.”

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An old sea captain who had navigated his ship many times round the world, persisted in maintaining that our globe is not a globe at all, but a flat surface. No arguments, derisive or painstaking'y educational, could alter his opinion one jot. Some one said to him once:

"But if the earth is as you say, captain, there must be an edge to it. How is it that no one has ever tumbled over the edge?".

"Why, of course they have," he answered, triumphantly; "that's where the ships go that are reported 'missing.


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Rubber-Cement Floor Paint

Falling Hair Stopped. Baldness follows falling hair, falling hair follows dandruff; and dandruff is the result of a germ digging its way into the scalp to the root of the hair, where it saps the vitality of the hair. To destroy that germ is to prevent as well as to cure dandruff, falling hair, and, lastly, baldness. There is only one preparation known to do that, Newbro's Herpicide, an entirely new scientific discovery. Wherever it has been tried it has proven wonderfully successful. It can't be otherwise, because it utterly destroys the dandruff germ. "You destroy the cause, you'remove the effect.”





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Mr. Whistler Again. "A Colorado millionaire-extremely millionarie-one wno is getting up an art gallery, went to whistler's studio in the Rue du Bac," says Vance Thompson in his Paris letter to The Saturday Evening Post. “He glanced casually at the pictures on the walls ---symphonies' in rose and gold, in blue and gray, in brown and green.

'How much for the lot?' he asked, with the confidence of one who owns gold mines. “ Four millions,' said Whistler. "'What!' “My posthumous prices, and the painter added, 'Good morning.'”

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The Awful Weight of a College Education. "In the offices of the American Commissioner to Paris there are ten cr fifteen-they fit about so I've not been able to count them -slim, young college boys, with brushes of football hair, yellow shoes, creased trousers and other appurtenances American,” says Vance Thompson in his Paris letter to The Saturday Evening Post. “They feel the dignity that weighs upon them as representatives of the land across the sea, and are doing all they can to spread the United States language in Paris. Underneath Mr. Peck's offices in the Avenue Rapp there is a big and

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