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Insure your property with the
Home Insurance Co.

....Of New York Cash Capital, $3,000,000.00.

The Great American Fire Insurance

Company. Assets aggregating over $12,000,000.00, ALL

available for American Policy Holders.

J. D. COLEMAN, General Agent, JOHN H. BURGARD, 250 Stark Street, SPECIAL AGENT.




June 19.—Three Chinese forts seized and destroyed.

June 20.-Boer forces routed at Heilbron.

June 21.—Republican convention nominates William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt for president and vice-president respectively.

June 22.—Heavy loss by fire in Pittsburg. Great excitement in China.

June 23.-American and Russian troops are forced to retreat before the Chinese army at Tien Tsin.

June 24.—Chinese outrages continue.
June 25.—Seymour reaches Tien Tsin.

June 26.-Famine and the plague prevail in India.

June 27.-Korea shows sympathy with the Boxers.

June 29.-End of the Boer war confidently expected by the British.

June 30.–Battleship Oregon disabled off Chinese coast. Pay of United States soldiers will be increased.

July 1.—The great Hoboken dock fire occurred in which 200 lives and $10,000,000 in property were lost.

July 2.—The situation in China very alarming, although reports contradict themselves.

July 3.-France declares her intention of protecting Frenchmen in Pekin. The Kaiser announces his determination to avenge Von Kettler's death.

July 4.—The Tacoma car disaster occurred in which 36 lives were lost and many persons injured.

July 5.— Winam Jennings Bryan's nomination as Democratic candidate for presidential honors. Fire in Standard Oil Works at Bayonne, N. J.; loss estimated at $2,500,000.

July 6.—More horrible massacres in China.

July 7.-Japan volunteers to send an army to China to subdue Boxers. Will be paid for so doing by the different governments.

July 8.—Wreck of yacht on Lake Erie by which several lives were isst. Two

more British warships ordered to China. Report from Luzon that the insurgents are slowly accepting amnesty provisions.

July 9.—The great St. Louis strike has been resumed. Empress of China reported to be again in command.

July 10.—MacArthur orders more troops to China. Boxers retire from Senekal. Diaz re-elected president of Mexico. Fish oil works near Astoria wrecked by boiler explosion. Three men killed.

July 11.–Germany sends new minister, Dr. Mumm von Schwartzenstien, to China. National Educational Association meets at Charleston, S. C.

July 12.—Another British force falls into the hands of the Boers.

July 13.—The World's Christian Endeavor Convention opens at London.

July 14.–Panic in Paris at exposition; many injured.

July 15.-Fire at Prescott, Arizona; loss amounted to more than $1,000,000. Battleship Oregon heard from.

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OF HUMANITY Depend upon what you eat. Scientifically prepared foods are made for those who think about these things-those who wish to Be Well Stay Well

Feel Well

GRANOLA, GRANOSE, CARAMEL CEREAL, GLUTEN and NUT FOODS are some of the scientific specialties manufactured by the Portland Sanitarium Health Food Co.

These foods are the result of over a quarter of a century of patient experiments, and have proved by years of use at the Sanitariums and other large medical institutions to be the most needed by the human system. Send for our booklet (free) telling all about them.

Exports for eleven months of the fiscal year now ended have been classified and analyzed at Washington. It is shown that the exports of manufactures increased 28 per cent, the value of the shipments in May ($40,460,367) having been exceeded in only one month before, March of the present year. The monthly average in the calendar year 1899 was less than $32,000,000. The total for the eleven months was $393,800,000, and the total for the entire year was probably not less than $428,000,000, or $90,000,000 in excess of the preceding year's shipments. The most striking advance is shown in the exports of articles composed wholly or in part of iron or steel.

* The condition of the national finances as revealed in the annual balance sheet is extremely gratifying, showing a surplus of $81,229,777. Secretary Gage, in his last annual report, estimated the surplus at the end of the fiscal year 1900 at $40,000,000. The total receipts, exclusive of the postal service, are $568,988,948, and the expenditures $487,759,171. This showing will make the demand for a reduction of taxes imperative. With the gradual reduction of the expenses in the Philippines, the surplus of the year 1901 should be more than $100,000,000, provided we do not get into any new wars.--The Nation.



Portland, Oregon.

S. G. Skidmore & Co.


We give special attention to Prescriptions and

the selection of High Grade Bristle Goods.


Portland, Oregon


"Plentiful rains during the week have

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helped late sown wheat in sections, but have come too late to repair the damage done or materially benefit the crop generally in the Northwest. At the same time the bountiful harvest of winter wheat in the Southwest Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, is virtually secured and must be recognized for the moment as a factor against any extreme sustained advance, when taken with our already liberal visible supply, allaying fears of immediate scarcity and temporarily overshadowing anxiety as to prospective supplies. This situation has had a quieting effect on speculative sentiment, and the trade is awaiting further developments. The most reliable authorities in the Northwest see no occasion to revise their recent estimates of a yield for the three states aggregating from 70,000,000 bushels to 90,000,000 bushels, and we do not believe that such a usually great surplus producing section, marketing much of its product in Europe, can harvest a crop from 100,000,000 bushels to 120,000,000 bushels less than an average without its being felt here and abroad. Receipts at Minneapolis and Duluth are very light, and likely to continue so, with cash wheat strong and Minneapolis millers taking practically everything. This situation is bound to be felt before long. Europe is beginning to show some anxiety and an inclination to anticipate requirements, making inquiries for wheat, and advacing bids to about a parity, but we look for the situation to be fully appreciated and recognized by the trade when Eastern men begin to bid for Duluth wheat, cost, insurance and freight.”— Norton & Switzer's Chicago Commercial Letter.

Has been re-fitted and newly furnished. Everything first-class. In connection with the Hotel,there are Launches, Sail and Row Boats on Shoalwater Bay. Livery, six horses. Special attention paid to amusements,

Fine Jersey milk from ten Jerseys

furnished guests.

A most delightful and satisfactory

place to spend your vacation.

A report on the Klondike gold fields shows that the yield of the precious metal for the last three years has been: 1897, $2,500,000; 1898, $10,000,000; and 1899, $16,000,000. The director of the mint, George E. Roberts, estimates $300,000,000 to be the world's gold output for 1900.

For further particulars, write MANAGER HOTEL TIOGA,

Tioga, Long Beach, Washington.

Mr. Rockefeller has given the Chicago University over seven and a half millions of dollars.


Mines and Mining Stocks


I know a Stock selling very low

that is a sure dividend payer. That Oregon is rapidly pushing to the front ranks of gold producing states,

Rooms 318-319, Chamber of Commerce is more apparent each year, as the vast

Portland, Oregon. quartz bodies, which have hitherto been untouched in the mad rush for placer

Member Oregon Mining Stock Exchange. "liggings, are being opened up and dividend-paying mines take the place of the cabin of the hunter and hearty prospector.


wish to reach

the Pacific NorthGold has been known to exist in

west, you must adOregon for many years, but owing to the

vertise in the Pacific limited knowledge—or ability—of those

Monthly based one of seeking it, and the primative methods employed in its extraction, the annual output of the yellow metal has not com

BARTON & CURTIS, pared favorably with some of the more eastern states, where gold is found chief- Mining Engineers and Stock Brokers, ly in quartz formation.


AND LEASED. As one difficulty after another pre

229 STARK ST.,

PORTLAND, OR. sented itself to the placer miner, his thoughts naturally turned toward his more successful brother mining in quartz, and his energies have since been spent in that direction. That his labor has been successful is no longer a theory, but a demonstrated reality.




Assayer and... Analytical Chemist

One of the most striking features to be considered in connection with quartz nining in Oregon is the fact that the formation is confined to no particular tract or district, but is distributed from one pod of the state to the other. After assurance was given that quartz mining was destined to be successful in this state, miners from Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico and the Black Hiils began to pour in, and to prospect the mountains and locate and develop c'aims. Where but a few years ago lay these undeveloped claims, we now have the rich gold fields of Eastern Oregon, the productive mines of the Bohemia (listrict and the attractive resources of thie southern part of the state.

Foremost among the mines of Eastern Oregon are Golconda, paying, half a gent,

Mines examined and reported upon a specialty. Working test of Ores by Cyanide process, $5.00. Rates given on application for partial or complete analysis of any substance. We do Assaying taught in all its branches. Gold and Silver re. fined, melted, assayed or purchased.


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F.J. HARD, Sec.

DIRECTORS-L. G Clarke, J. E. Haseltine, David Goodsell, P.J. Jennings, I. G. Davidson, F. V. Drake, E. A. Člem.

per month dividend; Free Coinage, Bonanza, Red Boy, producing about $40,000 per month, and many others equally good, if not as prominent producers. Reports of ich strikes, in the different properties, formerly created considerable excitement among mining men. Of late these reports have come with such frequency as to be but little commented upon. However, reports of two rich strikes, made simultaneously in different parts of the state, again sent mining interest to fever heat, i. e., that on the Red Boy in Eastern Oregon, and the Knott, in the Bohemia district; the latter being on old abandoned shallow workings, which, upon renewed activity and deeper sinkings, showed wonderfully rich ore. This strongly confirmed the opinion of old and experienced miners that the deeper the workings the more gold will be found in the quartz.



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Prominent among the mines of Bohemia are Musick, Grizzly and The Helen Mining Company, the latter owning 110 acres located on Grizzly Mountain, in the heart of the district. This latter is one of the very few mining propositions to be found anywhere which has been self-supporting from the start; enough cre and of sufficient value having been extracted during the process of development to place the mine on a basis where it is yielding the shareholder 20 per cent. per annum on his investment.

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Southern Oregon, long famous for its placer workings, is rapidly gaining prominence with other sections of the state as a quartz mining district, it having been discovered in many of the older workings that the values in gold came from the lode formations, which, to the experienced eye, are easily traced. While comparatively few properties in this section are on a dividend-paying basis, no district boasts of more promising prospiects than those of Southern Oregon, prominent among them might be mentioned The May Queen and Greenback, both located in Josephine County. The latter was recently purchased for $30,000, and is now netting the owners about that per month.

DAVIDSON, WARD & CO., Will Bond, Buy and Sell Mines.

Will buy and sell for their customers such mining stocks as can be approved by the OREGON MINING STOCK EXCHANGE. 408 Chamber of Commerce.

Oregon Phone, Clay 833.

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