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The Cunning of the Crows In the inn garden I saw a dog eating a piece of meat in the presence of several covetous crows, says a contributor to Our Animal Friends. They evidently said a great deal to each other on the subject, and now and then one or two of them tried to pull the meat away from him, which he resented. At last a big, strong crow succeeded in tearing off a piece, with which he returned to the pine, where the others were congregated, and after much earnest speech they all surrounded the dog, and the leading bird dexterously dropped the small piece of meat within reach of his mouth, when he immediately snapped at it, letting go of the big piece unwisely for a second, on which two of the crows flew away with it to the pine, and with much fluttering and hilarity they all ate or rather gorged it, the deceived dog looking vacant and bewildered for a moment, after which he sat under the tree and barked at them inanely.

one-fourth of a man's life is spent in dining

HOW IMPORTANT, then, that our surroundings and food should be such as to induce appetite, and produce that delightful feeling that a satisfactory meal gives.

IF YOU wish to dine lururiously

... with ...

When Jimmy Comes From School. When Jimmy comes from school, at four,

J-e-r-u-s-a-l-e-m! how things begin

To whirl and buzz, and bang and spin, And brighten up from roof to floor; The dog that all day long has lain

Upon the back porch wags his tail, And leaps and barks and begs again The last scrap in the dinner pail,

When Jimmy comes from school.



* The cupboard latches clink a tune,

And mother from her knitting stirs,

To tell that hungry boy of hers That supper will be ready soon ; And then a slab of pie he takes,

A cooky and a quince or two, And for the breezy barnyard breaks, Where everything cries, "How d'y do,"

When Jimmy comes from school.

and listen to delightful music by the celebrated Ladies' Venetian

Orchestra, go to the


The rooster on the garden fence

Struts up and down, and crows and crows,

As if he knows, or thinks he knows,
He, too, is of some consequence;
The guineas join the chorus, too,

And just beside the window-sill
The red-bird, swinging out of view,
On his light perch begins to trill,

When Jimmy comes from school.

Cor. Third and Morrison Sts.

Portland, Or.

When Jimmy comes from school, take care!

Our hearts begin to throb and quake

With life and joy, and every ache
Is gone before we are aware;
The earth takes on a richer hue,

A softer light falls on the flowers,
And overhead a brighter blue
Seems bent above this world of ours,
When Jimmy comes from school.

James Newton Mathews.

The high-class Cafe and Grill Room of the Northwest. Charges reasonable. Our 50c Table d'hote

Dinners are famous.


Heard and Told. A reporter for the New York Tribune chronicles what he calls a "one-sided conversation" which he overheard recently in a railway car. The moral of the tale lies so much on the surface that it would be an impertinence to enlarge upon it. A mother and her little girl occupied one of the seats, and the mother was absorbed in a book.

"Mamma," the child began, "you didn't speak to Mrs. Brown when we got on.” Her mother did tot hear her.

"She's sitting in front of us"—this in a loud whisper.

“Aren't you ever going to speak to her again?” "No, dear,” said the mother, not lifting her eyes.

"Not if she takes back what she said about the choir?

“No, dear."

Some of the neighbors began to smile, and general conversation was all at once suspended.

"And I can't go to her house again?"
“No, dear."
"Has she got it on ?"

There is no answer to this question, which is followed by a louder whisper:

"Mamma, is that the bonnet you told Papa about?"

"Yes, darling."
"And those the feathers?”
"Yes, dear."

"What made you say she looked like a fright in it?

No answer.
“You told Papa so."
“Yes, dear."

“Mamma, she's looking at you"—in a loudwhisper. Some one titters.

“Yes, dear.
"She looks angry.".

The brakeman slams the door and the mother looks up just in time to hear the child go on:

"I guess she heard what you said about the bonnet.”

“What bonnet, dear?" "Mrs. Brown's, you said"Stop your chattering,” said the mother, sternly, while a blush steals up from her throat to her forehead. "Don't open your mouth again.”

Then she returns to her book, but somebow she forgets to turn the leaves, and the blush lingers on her cheek till the train draws into the station and the passengers push their way out of the car.

Rubber-Cement Floor Paint




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St. Helen's Hall. Miss Eleanor Tebbets, of St. Helen's Hall, Portland, Oregon, leaves August 1 for Southern California. She will visit San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Mateo and Mt.

Hamilton before her return to her winter's : work. Miss Vail will spend her vacation at

San Jose, and Miss Honóra Cannon leaves

on July 20th for a visit to the Yellowstone National Park.

Among the late improvements about the Hall and grounds, is the cnlarging of the room assigned to the intermediate department. As it now is, this spacious room, coupled with its new equipments for instruction in that department, is unsurpassed any. where.

A few of the young lady boarders still remain but they will soon leave for their respective homes.

Bishop Scott

et Academy

Founded 1870.

J. W. HILL, M. D., Principal. Christmas Term opens Sept. 18, 1900


A Boarding and Day School, under present management since 1878.

Primary, Preparatory, and Academic Departments; College preparation. Military Discipline, Manual Trai ing. Boys of all ages received. For information, address T. W. Hill, M D.,

P. 0. Drawer 17, Portland, cregon.

We call for, Clean, Press and Deliver one

Suit each week for $1.00 per month.



Jacobson Cleaning Co.

A Young Preacher's Triumph. An interesting incident occurred at the time of the ordination of Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis in his first pastorate. Mr. Hillis had already been examined in theology and licensed to preach by the Chicago Presbytery. But the Presbytery of Peoria insisted on a second examination. During the week following his first sermon the leading clergymen of that district gathered in his church and were about to begin the quizzing process. Hebrew was the first subject for examination. At the last moment it was discovered that the Hebrew committee had forgotten to bring a Hebrew Bible. While the dismay thus occasioned was at its height the young candidate—who occupied an embarrassing seat on the platform before the divines and many of his parishioners-came to the rescue by offering to repeat in the original the first chapter of Genesis, the committee meanwhile to follow him closely and correct any mistakes. He then began, and recited verse after verse from beginning to end of the chapter. Meanwhile the faces of the committee presented a curious study. As the young minister modestly concluded and resumed his seat one of the committee was on his feet instantly, moving that the Hebrew examination be ended. The “aye" that followed was hear a block away. So the examination went on, to the continued surprise of the examiners.-George T. B. Davis in the July Woman's Home Companion.

Established 1893. CLOTHING CLEANED OR DYED. 433 Washington St., Portland, Or.


Bright Young Men and Women

Are wanted in every city and town in the United States, especially in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho, to canvass for subscribers for The Pacific Monthly. During vacation, a bright young man or woman can average $5.00 a day at the least. Some make $15.00. Write for our terms and special induce ments to Subscription Department The Pacific Montbly, Portland, Oregon. References required.

The Correct Place

How Congress Spring Was Named. When John Taylor Gilman, a member of Congress, visited the log houses which chiefly constituted Saratoga in its early history, he was accompanied one day on a hunting ramble by the young son of the woodsman with whom he boarded. When they returned to the cabin the boy enthusiastically shouted, “Oh, ma, we've found a new spring!" who found it?" he was asked. Turning to the distinguished lawmaker the little fellow admiringly exclaimed: “Why, the Congress!" And to this day the name has clung to one of the most celebrated of the springs which made the place a sanitary resort long before it became the seat of summer fashion.—July Ladies' Home Journal.

To have your clothing cleaned and


st AND DYE WORKS s Pressing and Repair Work Carefully Done.

A. CARTER LINDSAY, Proprietor. Oregon Telephone, 408 Washington St., Brown 482.

Next Cor. Tenth St.

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When dealing with our advertisers, kindly mention The Pacific Monthly.

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