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We call for, sponge, press and deliver one suit of your clothing each week, sew on buttons, and sew up rips, for

$1.00 A MONTH.


347 Washington St.


Leading Events

July 16—Special cabinet meeting is held in Washington to discuss law chinese situation.

July 17—Shanghai is threatened. Foreign consuls cable for warships. National convention of the Republican League meets at St. Paul, Minn.

July 18—China is reported to have declared war against Russia. News is received in London and Washington of the capture of Tien Tsin by the allieu troops. The Canadian Parliamnet is prorogued at Ottawa by Lord Minto.

July 19-Russia gives the Chinese min. ister at St. Petersburg his passport.

July 20-Secretary Hay receives a cipher message from the American minister in Pekin.

July 21-Germany and England both doubt the authenticity of the Conger dis. patch. Lord Roberts attacks Middleburg. Oom Paul leads the defense. Presient Mc. Kinley receives an appeal for aid from the Chinese Emperor.

July, 22–Colombian rebel forces are ported to have captured Panama.

July 23—Communication with Peking is reopened. President McKinley promises conditional mediation to China.

July 24-Chinese government promises safe escort to Foreign Ministers in Pekin. New Japanese Minister arrives in San Francisco.

July 22—Another message is received at Washington from the American Minister at Pekin.

July 23—Communication with Pekin is reopened. President McKinley promises conditional mediation to Chia.

July 24–Chinese government promises safe escort to foreign Minisier in Pekin. New Japanese Minister arrives in San Francisco.

July 25—Another message is received at Washington from the American Minister at Pekin. July 26—Colombian rebel forces surrender.

July 27–Battleship Oregon is docked at Kobe.

July 28–Lady Randolph Churchill married Lieutenant Corwallis West.

July 29— National quarantine is declared against Cape Nome and Dutch Harbor. King Humbert, of Italy, is assassinated.

July 30—General Prinsloo, wit.. 5000 men, surrenders unconditionally to the British.

July 31-A dispatch is received at Rome saying that the Chinese government holds 600 Europeans as nostages.

Aug. 1-The allied forces are marching on Pekin. The transport wieade sails for Ch:na with 1000 American soldiers on board.

Aug. 2—An anarchist in Paris attempts to assassinate the Shah. Secretary Hay informs Li Hung Chang that the United States will not bargain with Chin..



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Largest Clothiers


Corner Fourth and Morrison Streets

Portland, Oregon.



The British war loan of $50,000,000 $28,000,000 of which was taken in New York—has been the cause of considerable comment and speculation during the last month. It is pointed out that the United States is rapidly becoming a creditor. rather than a debtor nation. Henry Clews, in commenting upon it, says:

This transaction affords us a financial prestige never before enjoyed, and is another decisive step in the direction of New York's advance to the first place in the money center. It is the foreunner of the world's government securities that will ultimately find their broadest market here. We have demonstrated our immense financial strength before all nations, and now make a beginning in reaping the reward, Such a development would be utterly impossible if our finances did not rest upon unequivocal gold basis, maintaining our currency upon equal terms with that of other great nations. The leading exchanges of the world are the Royal Exchange, in London; the Paris Bourse, the Berlin Frankford and Vienna Bourses an the New York Stock Exchange, but the latter is now on its way towards the leadership of all these.

Senator Chauncey M. Depew, in a recent interview, spoke to the same effect :

"The sudden devel ent of our industries,” he says, "and the immense accumulation of money growing out of the fact that Europe is paying $60,000,000 annually for American products has not only brought the bank rate and call loans up 1 and 2 per cent respectively, but the Western banks are now buying paper in the East, because there is no demand for money. The fact that half of the British war loan (all, if it had been permitted), was taken in the United States, demonstrates these conditions which have already made New York one of the financial centers of the world. If the conditions continue, and I have no doubt they will, New York will soon be a dangerous rival of London in hancing the government enterprises of the worla.

“The rapid information we are acquiring regarding the industrial conditions of the world, the necessity of finding a market for our increasing surplus products, and also active participation in the solution of we Chinese problem, tend to make New York an active competitor in the schemes for me development of the far East. I. is a near possibility that the New York Stock Exchange will actively deal in many foreign stocks and bonds.

S. G. Skidmore & Co.


We give special attention to Prescriptions and

the selection of Ligh Grade Bristle Goods.


Portland, Oregon



735 Chamber of Commerce

Portland, Oregon

John H. Mitchell

Albert H. Tanger MITCHELL & TANNER

“The United States, with 3000 miles of ocean from European governmental complications, will never take a military part in the rivalries and jealousies and wars of Europe. These very miseries, the wars, make the United States every year stronger as a financial factor, and will, I believe, make New York the financial center of the world.

Attorneys at Law



Library Association of Portland

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P. O. BOX 157.

TEL. MAIN 387.


ROOM 420

New York's export of gold attracted

A. C. & R. W. EMMONS much attention in Germany, the press comment being that New York is fast

Attorneys at Law becoming the world's banker. Moreover,

PORTLAND AND SEATTLE apprehension is expressed at the grow Chamber of Commerce ing indebtedness of Europe to the Unit Portland, Ore. ed States, which will be increased during the remainder of the year in consequence of the cotton shipments, and it is

24.000 Volumes and over 200 Per odicals. feared that New York will recall gold

$5.00 a Year and $1.ço a Quarter. Two

Books Allowed on all Subscriptions. from England and Germany before the

HOURS— From 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Daily Except Sunday: year is over.

and Holidays.

STARK STREET, BET. SEVENTH AND PARK. The government crop report was of more immediate interest to the markets than even the situation in China, and the

RODNEY L. GLISAN, placing of the British loan of $50,000,000. Translated into bushels by the statistician of the Produce Exchange, the

PORTLAND, ORE. crop report indicates a total wheat crop of 513,997,000 bushels, against an indicated crop of 510,365,000 last month, EDWARD HOLMAN and an actual harvest of 547,303,840 UNDERTAKER bushels last year. The corn crop esti

EMBALMER AND mate is 2,190,790,000, against 2,240,

FUNERAL DIRECTOR 770,000 estimated last month, and a har

Lady Assistant.

280 Yamhill St. vest of 2,078,143,933 last year. There is, therefore, an indicated decrease of 33,306,840 bushels in the yield of wheat and an indicated increase of 112,646,067

MCCLURES bushels in the yield of corn, as compared with last year. There is nothing in this

Sanitary Abexhibit to cause alarm or dissatisfaction.

dominal Band The crop of this country usually

age for Obesity uodn yoos ‘uoSəsiyi uğ əɔuǝurwoud jo strikes the keynote of national prosperity,

or Weakness of and this year it strikes it loud and deep.

the Abdomen – Philadelphia Ledger.

is not excelled.

Call or write Ineligible.

for circulars. Pilson—"Are you going to take part in that guessing contest?” Didson—"Oh, no; they'd rule me out as a

Pat. July 25, 1899. professional.” Pilson-“Professional?”

The McClure Co., Dilson—"Yes; you know I am connected

417 Marquam Building, with the Weather Bureau.”—Columbus Ohio State Journal.



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Treas. F.J. HARD, Sec.


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THE NOME BUBBLE. Every returning vessel from Nome brings back hundreds of disappointed people who were among the thousands that ventured to that bleak Artic coast in the vain search for gold. Some few have good reports to bring, so far as they themselves are interested, but the remainder-who comprise about ninetenths of those returning-cannot find words of condemnation strong enough to depict the harrowing scenes they have passed through, and are now thankful to once more set foot in the states.

The real value of the sand at Nome has been many times multiplied and grossly misrepresented by the numerous transportation companies. They have made mountains from mole hills, and have thus beeen able literally to coin money at the expense of many prospectors, who spent all their earthly possessions for a passage thither.

The gold beaches at Cape Nome are more or less myths. It is true that some very remarkable finds have been madewhich is true of nearly all boom mining camps--and a few men have taken out some gold, but there have been no great fortunes made on the beach, nor are the prospects for such at all encouraging.

Enough machinery has been sent to Vome to turn the earth. Lines of sluice boxes, steam, gasoline and coal oil engines, dredges, etc., have been placed on the beach, but nearly every outfit has lost money, and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of machinery can be bought for less than the freight charges of getting it there. Thousands of men have lest everything and are compelled to remain in that unsanitary place awaiting funds to take them home, or else have been compelled to appeal to the government for aid. One party of Oregon men spent $30.000 in taking up a big dredging outfit. They went blythly to work, and after a week's work cleaned up $2 worth of gold. The machinery proved a dead

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Mines and Mining Stocks


failure, and now the immense plant is being pounded to pieces by the waves of the sea.

CHARLES GEE This wild stampede to Cape Nome reminds the writer of a little incident that happened at the opening of Oklahoma. Our party, together with many hundreds

I know a Stock selling very low more, including an old grey haired negro

that is a sure dividend payer. mounted on a dilapidated excuse for a horse of the same complexion as himself,

Rooms 318-319, Chamber of Commerce were lined up at the northern boundry of

Portland, Oregon. the Chickasaw nation anxiously awaiting the given signal which would allow us Member Oregon Mining Stock Exchange. to enter and stake our claims. All eyes were centered on the old negro, and the bulk of the conversation was of a nature

you wish to reach intended to interest pity in one so poorly

the Pacific Northequipped for a mad rush to the interior.

west, you must adAt last the welcome signal was given

vertise in the Pacific and we all started at top speed-I say

Monthly to all of all, all but the old negro who jumped from his horse and made the remark that BARTON & CURTIS, "this hear was good ‘nogh for him.' The rest of us rushed far on to the in- Mining Engineers (and Stock Brokers, terior. So it is with those who have gone

MINES BOUGHT, SOLD, BONDED to Cape Nome. They have traveled

AND LEASED. over the best mining country in America 229 STARK ST.,

PORTLAND, OR. while passing through Oregon, but the thoughts of the glittering beaches as represented to them urged them on to what, for many, will prove financial and physical ruin.

Every day fresh news is received of great strikes made in different mining camps throughout Oregon, with the result that practical miners, as well as

J. H. FISK mining investors, are either coming to this state themselves, or are sending representatives to look the field over and locate or purchase properties.

Probably no where is this emigration more keenly felt than among the Portland mining brokers, who report business increasing each month, which demon

Mines examined and reported upon a specialty. strates that a large part of those coming

Working test of Ores by Cyanide process, $5.00. to look the field over are sufficiently satis

Rates given on application for partial or com. fied with the prospects to spend their plete analysis of any substance. Les Assaying time and money in helping to bring the taught in all its branches. Gold and Silver re. state to the front ranks, where it belongs.

fined, melted, assayed or purchased.


Assayer and...
Analytical Chemist


The Common Fate.


Like everybody else, the sea waves arrive at the shore in great style, but go away broke.-Philadeiphia Record.

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