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In Literature

up in the person of one man, Dr. John

McLoughlin.” The Dial, of Chicago, has celebrated its twentieth anniversary. It was found H. S. Lyman's "Reminiscences of F. ed May ist, 1880, by its present editor, X. Matthieu,” is not only an article oi Francis F. Browne, who, in his review great historic value, but it is most chargıof the twenty years just concluded, ingly written. gracefully remarks, "We already owe much to our friends, but will be glad The work which Prof. Young is doing to acknowledge a still greater debt." for this commonwealth in the name of The reading public, or at least that part the Historical Society, is of inestimable of it given to intellectual pursuits and a

value to Oregon. healthful and refined taste in literature,

In Art owes a “still greater debt" to The Dial and Mr. Browne.

The beautiful drawings, illustrating a

series of articles in Harper's Bazar, on Amelia Barr, whose last novel is her "Women of the Bible,” must certainly best, if one is to judge by its popularity, possess a deep interest for those who are is getting together material for another, watching the career of the young artist, which shall be of the time of Cromwell, Frank DuMond. They show a remarkand which, it is announced, will be pub able advance in conception, and though lished by Dodd & Meade. Amelia Barr his method of treatment is perhaps unhas but recently finished the sequel to changed, there is a masterly grasp of the “The Bow of Orange Ribbon," that de subject that surprises as much as it delightfully interesting romance which lights. In other words the piccures are continues to sell steadily, though now in quite as "pleasant to the sight," as he its sixth or eighth edition.

could desire, and at the same time they

speak to the spiritual and intellectual The Quarterly of the Oregon Histori consciousness of the observer, which is a cal Society, edited by Prof. F. G. Young, quality Mr. DuMond professes not of the University of Oregon, contains greatly to regard, the object of a picture over a hundred pages of reading matter, being, according to his theory of art, and every page is crowded by valuabic first and last, to appeal to the eyes. The and interesting information. Through face that looks out from the white folds it all looms the heroic figure of Dr. Mc of the virgin's veil, and that is darkly Loughlin, splendid and tall, the domi

clear against the evening sky in the picnant character in the affairs of that early ture of Ruth, gleaning the fields of Boaz, time when Oregon was yet a vast, unde is one that the people of Portland know fined region, slowly taking form and de well and hold dear. manding political recognition.

There has been exhibited in Portland Prof. Thomas Condon writes of “The

during the month, a painting by this Process of Selection” in the early settle same artist, which is most remarkable in ment of Oregon, and gracefully eludes its way, a striking and original piece of the Whitman controversy, while paying work that might puzzle even the critics. the martyred missionary a high tribute. It is a night scene just outside the city "The Genesis of Political Authority and of Paris, whose lights gleam with a of a Commonwealth Government in Ore weird and almost sensational effect in gon," by James Rood Robertson, is as the background. In that dim hour entertaining as it is comprehensive and which precedes the dawn a fisherman is instructive. One reads it with a certain

going forth to set his nets, and with him sense of satisfaction. The author has is his little daughter. They carry a gone into his subject in such a thorough lantern and the warm, red glow it casts manner. He, too, acknowledges the in about their figures, vaguely outlined in fluence of the dominant character of the

the darkness, is the picture—the best time. He says: "The history of govern part of it at least. There is quite enough ment for about twenty years is summed in those soft shadows and that red glow

to make up an entirely satisfactory picture.


Miss Osgood's lectures are the features of the month at the Woman's Club. They are sermons as well, for she preaches the mission of art and artists, and teaches one to see not alone the beauty of the picture, but the meaning, of which beauty is but the visible form. Her presence here has awakened an interest in the fact that Portland possesses ample material in the way of photographic reproductions to keep the student of art busy for half a life time. In Education,

Middlebury College is the recipient of a gift of fifty thousand dollars, to be used in erecting a new science building. Ezra Warner, of the class of '61, is the generous donor.

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Forty-five thousand dollors left to Brown University by Augustus Van Wickle, is to be expended upon new gates and gate buildings.

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There is a wide divergence of opinion regarding the merits of the historical novel as a means of instructing the youthful mind. One very able writer has recently expressed a belief in the historical novel as an aid in stimulating an interest in history and in awakening a desire to know more, to get at the facts in the case, while there are others, equally qualified to judge, who denounce such books as pernicious in effect, claiming that they vitiate the taste of the reader and unfit him for actual study.

OVER 5000

M. Henri de Regueir, the French poet and critic, who is lecturing at Harvard and the leading universities in the east, has been invited to come to Portland. His subject is the origin, development and probable future of French symbolsm.

* * In the magnificent new public library just opened in Providence, Rhode Isiand, there is a department consisting of three thousand volumes and spacious quarters set aside specially for the use of school teachers.


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and nearly everybody has-you know what it means to suffer. We simply want to tell you how to secure relief. You can take ad. vantage of it or not, but if you do what we recommend, we guarantee you will get relief—that the corn will be entirely removed, and a clean white skin left in its place.

We have experimented

Prof. Edward G. Bourne, of Yale University, in an address before the New England Teacher's Association recently, ridiculed the biographies of our national heroes. He said that we were given to deifying our dead heroes much after the manner in which the Romans deified their emperors, and also that, “In the histories of Marcus Whitman, and his alleged saving of the Pacific Coast to the United States, the writers have invariably seized upon the dramatic picture of the old man travelling acrosss the continent on horseback, arriving in Washington, according to these authors, just in time to change the minds of the president and the committee on foreign relations, and thus prevent the Northwest from passing into British control. Now there is no truth in all this,” sa-si Prof. Bourne, "as is shown by a study of the diplomatic history of the time."

a great many years to achieve this result. One thing will do it. We don't know of anything else that will. You are interested in know. ing what will. It is


A Clear and Colorless Fluid.


This association of teachers of history voted, at its spring meeting, to appoint a committee of six to prepare and submit a report on "practical methods of teaching history, with a view to informing that branch of learning in secondary schools.

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Harvard's new boat house is in course of construction, and will be ready, it is hoped, for the fall rowing. It will be occupied by the Newell Club.


In Religious Thought

At the present rate of increase in foreign mission work there will soon be left no spot upon the face of the globe inhabited by man, which has not been illumined by the light of the gospel of Christ.



Mrs. Leland Staníord, who is not a Catholic, has presented the Bishop of Sacramento with the old Stanford home and an endowment of seventy-five thousand dollars. It is to be used as an orphanage.

.. Bicycles..

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The fifth meeting of the International Catholic Scientific Congress, which will be held in Munich, Bavaria, in the latter part of September, will be atttended by a large delegation from America. Leading Events

May 2-Mafeking is closely invested. The situation in South Africa is practically unchanged. In Congress the Oregon Senators are working diligently for an appropriation for the improvement of the Columbia river bar.

May 3-Brandfort is taken by the British. Democratis in state convention at Des Moines indorse Bryan, and ignore silver.

May Roberts' army is marching to Pretoria.

May 5-Admiral Dewey is enthusiastically received in St. Louis.

May 6-Governor Roosevelt accepts an invitation to be the guest of honor at the National convention of Republican Clubs to be held at St. Paul in July.

May-Towne is mentioned for vice-president on the democratic ticket.

May 8-Boers are steadily retreating before the British advance.

May 9-Roberts' army still advancing rapidly.

May 10—The National convention of the People's Party opens at Sioux Falls. Bryan is nominated for president, Towne for vicepresident.

May 11-Fighting still continues in the Philippines.

May 12-Senator Clarke, of Montana, denies that he has intentions of resigning his seat in the United States Senate.

May 13-General Roberts captures the town of Kroonstad in South Africa.

May 14--Dreyfus arrives in Paris, to the consternation of the French government.

May 15-Senator Clark, of Montana, hands in his resignation.

May 16-The General Assembly of the Presbyterian church meets in St. Louis.

May 17-$3 200,000 in gold leave New York for Havre, France, per steamer La Gascogne. Archbishop Christie, of Oregon, is invested with the pallium.

Columbia Model No. 65, $75.

Columbia Coaster Brake furnished on Columbia and Hartford Bicycles, both chain and chainless,

$5.00 extra.

Good live agents wanted in all unoccupied territory of Oregon, Washington,Idahoand Montana.

American Bicycle Co.

Portland Branch Pope Sales Dept.


The Financial World

Mining Engineers and Stock Brokers, MINES BOUGHT, SOLD, BONDED




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The influences of the wheat market at Chicago have suddenly and radically changed within ten days. Following the government crop report on May 10, there was a break to the lowest price for many months, but there has of late been a recovery on the development of unfavorable crop conditions Northwest and Southwest. The interest at the moment centers in the spring wheat states, where drought conditions prevail. From the price of May 12 there has been a recovery of 2c a bu. That it is not merely an unreasonable scare over a brief lack of rain in the North is shown by the haste some of the cleverest of the bears have made in getting out of their contracts and by the terms in which some of the recognized authorities refer to the situation. The Northwestern Miller, has, for instance, declared the Dakota position “grave.” The situation is complicaed by some new unfavorable features in the winter wheat belt. Kansas has been getting a great deal of rain, and it is felt that this would be perilous if the temperature should rise. There have developed in Illinois and Kansas and Tennessee new troubles from insects. All these new losses are in addition to those of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan, which were made last fall and which cost those three states about 50,000,000 bu. of their prospect.

The Northwestern drought situation would not be taken so seriously if there had not been the conditions through the winter which make lack of rain this spring and summer especially hazardous. Snows were few and light in the northern half of Dakota and Minnesota, The streams are low and many wells dry. The soil has not that reserve moisture, the Northwestern people say, which makes the great spring wheat crops certain and which would make a long wait for rain possible this spring.

So far the situation is not considered



Assayer and... Analytical Chemist

Mines examined and reported upon a specialty. Working test of Ores by Cyanide process, $5.00. Rates given on application for partial or com. plete analysis of any substance. Les Assaying taught in all its branches. Gold and Silver re. fined, melted, assayed or purchased.


Portland, Or.



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