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This beautiful Portland home for exchange for an improved

Willamette Valley Farm


We make loans on improved property anywhere in Oregon or Washington. Exchanging Real Estate

Members wishing to exchange property in one location for property elsewhere can list same with us. We have exceptional facilities for making exchanges as our

membership is scattered over the entire country. Rents Collected, Taxes Paid, etc.

We will take entire charge of properties for members, as we have responsible

agents in all towns and cities in the Northwest. Subscribed Stock

Can be paid for in fifty equal monthly payments. Dividends

Profits are apportioned to stockholders semi-annually, from the earnings of

the Company. Subscriptions

Subscription to the Capital Stock received by the secretary. Legend

How many men have you heard say: “I could have bought property where Portland or Seattle now stand for a few dollars per acre.” The chance is here open to invest a small amount, and secure such a return.

Co-Operative Investment Company





Is the most tangible and safe of all investments. Even if buildings are destroyed, the land they covered still remains. Statisticians tell us that during the past fifty years improved real estate in most of our flourishing cities, has paid its interest and taxes, and has largely increased in value, while during the same period a large percentage of the capital invested in mercantile and other pursuits has been lost. Portland is sure of a steady growth, and an increase of population. Real estate in this city must increase in value, No better investment can be made than the judicious purchase of a well located piece of Portland City Real Estate, the purchaser being sure that the title thereto is clear.

We have a complete abstract and chain of title to every foot of Real Estate in Multnomah County. Our records are up-to-date. We buy and sell Portland Real Estate for clients, and we insure and guarantee the title to every piece of property that passes through our hands. In this way only are purchasers of property protected from loss against forgery, fraud, or error. We also appraise and take entire charge of property for clients, attend to the collection of rents, making of repairs, and payment of taxes.

The Title Guarantee & Trust Co. Room 7 Chamber of Commerce,

Portland, Oregon

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The Pacific Monthly

Edited by William Bittle Wells

Volume V.

November, 1900---May, 1901

The Pacific Monthly Publishing Co.

Portland, Oregon

[blocks in formation]

Chas. E. Ladd

J. Thorburn Ross John Gill

C. E. S. Wood
Alex. Sweek

B. B. Beekman
Mrs. Helen Ladd Corbett Sen. John H. Mitchell
Roderick L. Macleay Mrs. Lischen M. Miller
Frances E. Gotshall

Catherine Cogswell
William Bittle Wells

Copyrighted, 1901, by William Bittle Wells. All rights reserved.



A Glance at the Money Question.

..Judge Dell Stuart....

27 A Letter from "Arkansaw" (Poem).

Chas. K. Burnside.

31 At Evening (Poem)....

..Florence May Wright.

97 A National Prayer (Poem).

.Chas. K. Burnside.

144 A Glimpse of the Clackamas River, Oregon.

178 A Woman's Way

..Clyde Dunning.

196 A Psalm of Life (Poem)...

..Chas, K. Burnside.

207 A Glimpse of the Naval Battle at Santiago.

241 At the Setting of the Sun (Poem).

I. D.

251 A View of the Upper Columbia...

252 A View of the Harbor of Portland, Oregon.

284 A Mediæval Medallion..

.Cleveland Rockwell

291 A Modern Red Riding Hood.

.Mary Stark..

297 Bright Columbia (Poem)

Martha C. Hayward.

103 Beethoven (Poem)..

.Frederic Homer Balch. Bright Columbia (Poem).

..J/artha C. Hayward.

103 Bicycle Path in Piedmont, Oregon.

291 BOOKS (Department)...

54, 106, 157, 212, 262, 312 American Fights and Fighters

.Cyrus Townsend Brady...... 106 A Priest and a Woman.

Landis Ayr...

262 A Quaker Scout..

...V. P. Runyon..

263 China

.Robt. K. Douglas.

54 Christianity in the Nineteenth Century. .George C. Lorimer, D. D..... 212 How to Enjoy Matrimony.

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263 Illustrative Shorthand.

Linda Bronson-Salmion.

312 In the Love of Nature...

..W’ill G. Meredith ..

158 Portland Directory, 1900-01.

.R. L. Polk & Co...

54 Prisoner in Buff...

.Everett T. Tomlinson.

55 Poems by Valentine Brown. Stories of Oregon..

Eva Emery Dve.

106 Sweetbrier ..

..L. VI. Elshemus.

263 The Path of Gold.

.Carrie Blake Morgan.

54 The Circular Study.

...Anna Katherine Green.

107 The Magna Charta of the Kingdom of God. George F. Genung, D. D..... 213 The Joys of Sport.

.W. Y. Stevenson.

213 The "Nugget" Series..

262 The Training of Rachel Haller

.L. M. N...

263 The New Don Quixote.

..Mary Pacheco..

312 The Scribe of a Soul...

..Clara Itsa Price..

312 "Yawps and Other Things

William J. Lampton.

212 Comrades (Poem).

..Eunice W. Luckey..

80 Chinese Festivals in America.

.Capt. Harry L. Wells.

81 CHESS (Department)

.64, 113, 167, 222, 273, 325 A Greek Gift....

64 A Brilliant "Evans"

65 A New Gambit..

114 A Test Game of the Rice Gambit.

167 A Great Problem..

325 A Modern Evans.



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