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Another Evans.

326 Center Gambit..

64 Chess Strategetics.

113 Characteristics of Chess.

274 Evans Gambit....

113 How to Defend the Evans Gambit.

113 "Laskerisms"

64 Lasker vs. the Allies...

273 Notes Condensed from the Field.

168 The Rice Gambit.....

167 The King's Bishop Gambit.

222 DRIFT (Department)...

.67, 116, 169, 224, 275, 282, 327, 330 An Expensivve Pink...

67 A Column of French Wisdom..

115 A Neat Calendar...

I 20 A Bull Fight Awheel a Failure.

I 20 A Genius..

121 A Great Shame.

169 A New Map of Oregon.

170 A Frank Ad.....

172 Amusements of Famous Men.

225 American Manufactures.

227 Actaeon and Artemis.

229 A Hearty Laugh.

280 America's Cup May Leave Us....

281 A Handful of Pointed Paragraphs. A Study in Black.,

329 Bright Boy..

225 Barnum in England.

279 Civilizing Him..

68 Clever Doctor.

69 Could He Have Meant It?.

117 Contentment

170 Content

.Florence Jay Wright.

228 Differeri

275 Dandruff Won't Wash Out.

330 Experience and Genius.

279 Freddie's Bath (Poem).

Adelaide Puigh.

71 Fake Hair Preparations.

169 Fulfillment (Poem).

171 Five Hundred Million Americans by the Yeaar 2000.

174 Famous Young Men...

175 Favorable Conditions, Certainly

330 George Washington's Queue.

116 Gambler and Banker...

226 Gutenberg's Achievement

277 How Strawberries Are Made..

08 Humorism, Etc....

118 His Reproach (Poem).

169 How Otis Boyden Taught His Teacher.

173 How a Lemon Grows.

224 How a Woman Yields.

280 His Finish...

330 How to Keep Your Friends.. Interesting Events Connected With the History of Oregon..

120 Life's Trinity...

..Alice Harriman.



Life a Century Ago..
Little Courtesies..
Milton's Infirmity.
Mark Twain's Philosophy.
Motherhood (Poem)

.Fred Lockley, Jr.
Mount Hood (Poem).
Mother (Poem)
March (Poem).
Meat Once a Day.
Mrs. Gilbert Got the Flowers..
Notice to Subscribers ...
One Woman (Poem).

Only Onions...
On Her Account.
Our Race for Leadership With Great Britain.
One on the Court...
Preferences (Poem)..

.G. M. G..
Reason Why Habit Is Hard to Overcome.
Recollections of School Days (Poem)......George 11. Gage.
Russia Does the Largest Business in the World.
Some Queer Advertisements.
St. Helen's Hall..
Sterilized Barber Shop.
Song of Labor (Poem)

Chas. K. Burnside.
Southern California.
Some of Carnegie's Opinions.
To Kill Dandruff Germ..
The Tryst (Poem)...
The Fraction the Biggest of All..
To the Reader (Poem)

. Chas. K. Burnside.
The Boy's Prayer....
The Greatest Bridge of the World Across the Hudson.
The Bird Song
The Rule of Three.
To a Mosquito (Poem).

.C. H. Sholes..
The States ...
The Ouarrel (Poem)
The Pursuit of Happiness.
The Origin of St. Valentine's Day.
There Was no Room for the Devil.
The Last Straw...
The Only American Girl to Marry a King.
The Broad Exchange..
The Savage Bachelor..
Theodore Thomas' Rural Critic.
The Young Man's Chances Today
The Bent Nickel (Poem)..

Adelaide Pugh.
The Queen Got Her Primroses.
Uncle Sam Takes the Cake..
Value of the Disciplined Mind.
Wealth of College Life.
Why Not Raise Them..
Within the Future (Poem)

Florence May Wright.
Will Telephone Around the World Without Wires.
Will Bradley's Unique Commission..

327 281 66 69 119 119 228 230 278 327 I21 122 171 227 252 276 279 66 69 70 277

09 176 119 226 170 172 275 67 70 70 115 117 117 119 169 170 171 174 176 224 227 229 230 275 275 278 278 282 329 282 729 66 69 122 174 175

230 280 329 213

Wonders Never Cease..
What Causes Dandruff ?.
"Why Don't It Bust?”.

Ere the River Reaches the Sea (Poem)....Florence May Wright.
Electric Tower, Pan-American Exposition.
Early Days in the West—the Pony Express and
the Overland Stage....

.Capt. Harry L. Wells.
Frederic Homer Balch (a sketch).

.Gertrude Balch Ingalls. France Leads....

20 85 301


...60, III, 165, 220, 270 The Triumph of American Industries.

270 How Should an American Citizen Vote Who

Has the Best Interests of His Country at
Heart? ..

Hon. C. E. S. Wood...

32 His Iron Sweetheart (short story).

. Lucia Chase Bell..

179 Hope (Poem)...

Chas. K. Burnside.

50 THE HOME (Department)....

51-52, 104, 156, 210, 260, 310 A Training School for Servants.

210 House Furnishing and Decoration. ..Oraarv

104 Selecting a Wife..


310 The Home-Making Quality in Women

51 The Value of Good Manners in the Home

156 The Age of the Boarding-House..

260 In the Dark (Poem).

Frederic Homer Balch..

87 I-da-ho (Poem)..

....C. W. Pefiey.

88 THE IDLER (a Department of Musical and Dramatic Chat)...

:53, 105, 157, 211, 261, 311 John Philip Sousa on Directing an Interview by William Bittle Wells.

285 King Edward VII's Empire.

223 Linda Bronson-Salmon.

19 Life's Changeful Seas (Poem).

.C. L....

184 Land of Lost Things (Poem)

Margaret Stanislawsky. 203 Lick Observatory.

240 Light Beyond (Poem).

Andrew Franzen.

49 LITERARY NOTES (Department).

:55, 107, 159 The Most Brilliant American Poet..

55 The Five Indispensable Authors...

159 Mt. Hood, Oregon (from a New Photograph)..L. J. Hicks...

74 Marcus Whitman (Poem)...

..Daniel Alfred Poling.

125 Map of United States Showing Industries That are making it the Envy of the World

145 Morning (Poem)

..Andrew Fransen.

186 Mine (Poem)....

..Eunice W. Luckey.

292 MEN AND WOMEN (Department)

..50, 102, 155, 208-209, 259, 307 About Mother..

.Eli Perkins..

103 Household Bookkeeping

52 Managing a Husband..

T. F. E.

102 Mark Twain on "Woman's Rights",

208 Man's Burden His Greatest Blessing.

208 The Middle Distance..

Lischen M. Miller.

50 Self-Government in Municipal Affairs.... .J. N. Teal..



To No One Mind Is it Given to Discern the
Totality of Truth (James)..


259 The Home Maker ....

259 The Essentials of Orthodox Christ'anity ..A. W'. Ackerinan

307 Woman's Advance...

209 THE MONTH (Department).

.57, 108, 160-163, 214-219, 2665, 315 In Politics, Science, Literature, art, Education and Religious Thought,

With Leading Events... Nineteenth Century Progress in Travel and Settlement

.Gco. 11. Gage.

198 Our Poet and the Tender Passion.

W. I'. Fidler..

143 Only a Feather (Poem).

Sam L. Simpson.

144 OL'R POINT OF VIEW (Department) by....William Bittle Il’ells..

47-9, 98-9, 146-150, 203-4, 254-302 A Great International Sport.

49 An Optimistic Outlook..

146 A Combination of Interests.

254 An Age of Transition..

254 Civic Pride.....

203 England and the Nicaragua Canal.

149 Honor and Good Taste.. Notice to Subscribers.

47 Our Duty as Voters. The Third Year. Trusts The Handicap of the Pacific Coast. The World a School.

99 The Text-Book Problem.

148 The l'an of Political Legislation...

149 The Census Contest and Other Matters.

150 The March Number.

204 "Tell the Truth”...

255 The Struggle Towards a Higher Life.

302 The Problem of Wealth.

303 Victoria

203 What This Coast Needs.

204 Photographing a Train Going a Mile a Minute. .Geo. 11. I'eister..

125 Physical Hindrances in Children's School Work. Dr. I. Sid gavick.

253 Prize Photo of Frederick Warde as Macbeth.

187 Poem

Richard Le Gallicine.

309 Quatrain

A. P...

142 Quatrain (Poem).

Andreas Fransen.

209 QUESTIONS OF THE DAY (Department).

..100, 151, 205, 256-7, 304 The Plight of the Democracy and the Remedy

... Hon. Grozer Cleveland

151 The Senatorial Situation in Oregon.

243 Teach l's What We Shall do Unto the Chiil.Geo. M. Gage.

257 The Tough Element in Politics..... ..Chas. K. Burnside.

257 The Truth or Falsity of Spiritualism.

l'alentine Brocon..

304 l'ictoria and the People..

..Geo. M. Gage.

203 What is the Future of the Democratic Party?.

IOI Summer Noon in Yamhill (Poem). .... Muriel Gray.

144 Snow Skating in the Sierras.

..Capt. Harry L. Wells.


48 47



Saving the Columbia River Lightship, No. 5).

296 Spring Signs (Poem)..

303 Song (Poem)...

Emma 0. Kelty.

150 The Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo......Edward Hale Brush.

3 The Strange Case of Dr. Manning... .Herbert V. Perry..

15 The Real Issues of the Campaign and Their Sig. nificance

...Judge J. C. Moreland.

24 Ihe Meaning of a Vote in the Coming Election. Hon. A. H. Tanner..

30 The Air From Norma (A Christmas Story)....Lucia Chase Bell..

75 The Ribbon of the Iron Cross (Story).. Rudolph Albrecht.

88 Type of Our Hopes (Poem)....

..J. Mayne Baltimore.

93 The Cathedral on Baranof Island.

..Geo. Melvin....

94 The Music of Life....

Lischen M. Miller.

95 The Morrison-Street Bridge Across the Willainette at Portland, Oregon. 97 To the Mother of M. H. R. (Poem)...

Lischen M. Miller.

IOI The North Coast Limited (Photo by Geo. M. Weister)

124 The Occupation of Taung by the Boers... K. R. Thomas.

130 The Aggressiveness of the American Slave Power

..IV allace McCamiant..

134 The Public School and False Principles. ...C. E. S. Wood...

185 The Wild Poppy (Poem)..

.E. Hofer...

194 The Chinese Drama on the Pacific Coast. ..Capt. Harry L. Wells.

199 The Future Admiral (Drawing).

209 The Prophet of the Mayax; a Tale of Prehistoric

Times on the Western Continent (Introduc

tion and Chapters I and II)... ...Chas. Grissen (Muriel Gray). 233 The Origin of the Tribes..

Lillian May Schnebly.

242 Two Kings (Poem, with Portrait).

. Minnie M. Bode..

243 The Story of Crossing the Plains.

.Mary L. Douthit..

245 The Way of Joy...

John Vance Chency..

290 The Cyclone-Proof Piano.

299 That Barren Shore (Poem)

..Andrew Fransen.

300 Unfolding (Poem).

Delphene Johnson..

52 Willamette (Poem)

.Valentine Brown.. Wawona Valley and Big Tree.



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