The British Homoeopathic Review, Zväzok 49

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Strana 594 - There's not a chain That hellish foes, confederate for his harm, Can wind around him, but he casts it off With as much ease as Samson his green withes. He looks abroad into the varied field Of nature, and though poor perhaps, compared With those whose mansions glitter in his sight, Calls the delightful scenery all his own. His are the mountains, and the valleys his, And the resplendent rivers. His to...
Strana 603 - ... the more striking, singular, uncommon, and peculiar (characteristic) signs and symptoms of the case of disease are chiefly and most solely to be kept in view; for it is more particularly these that very similar ones in the list of symptoms of the selected medicine must correspond to, in order to constitute it the most suitable for effecting the cure.
Strana 275 - It is a curious fact that while most of the States of the Union have laws for the regulation of medical practice, there does not exist an authoritative legal definition of medicine. Perhaps, as satisfying a definition of it as does exist, is to be found in the Standard Dictionary, in the phrase which defined it as "The healing art ; the science of the preservation of health ; and of treating disease for the purpose of cure.
Strana 626 - Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way ? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.
Strana 62 - It is an uncontrolled truth," says Swift, "that no man ever made an ill figure who understood his own talents, nor a good one who mistook them.
Strana 387 - After dinner, I walked to Ham, to see the house and garden of the Duke of Lauderdale, which is indeed inferior to few of the best villas in Italy itself ; the house furnished like a great Prince's ; the parterres, flower-gardens, orangeries, groves, avenues, courts, statues, perspectives, fountains, aviaries, and all this at the banks of the sweetest river in the world, must needs be admirable.
Strana 723 - The symptoms attributed to an oxalic acid diathesis, with the exception of those due to local irritation in the genito-urinary tract, do not appear to be due to the presence in the system of soluble oxalates, but are more likely to depend on other products of fermentation and putrefaction.
Strana 121 - Feb. 1. 1906. which had bothered me not a little for several years. The gentleman had been subject to attacks of neuralgia for fifteen or twenty years, affecting the right side of head, and which had been the cause of the almost complete destruction of sight in that eye. The attacks were caused by fatigue, cold, or derangement of the stomach. The pain...
Strana 456 - Anteriorly, the right is covered by the right lobe of the liver, the descending portion of the duodenum, and the ascending colon...
Strana 629 - As a mode of defense autobiography is a failure; it too often confirms the old saying, that a man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

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