The outcasts, tr. from the Germ. (of the baroness de la Motte Fouqué) by G. Soane

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Strana 253 - Her heart, replete with this love of literature and serious studies, and with tenderness towards her husband, who was deserving of her affection, had never opened itself to the flattering allurements of ambition ; and the information of her advancement to the throne was by no means agreeable to her. She even refused to accept...
Strana 253 - Greek languages, besides modern tongues ; had passed most of her time in an application to learning; and expressed a great indifference for other occupations and amusements, usual with her sex and station. Roger Ascham, tutor to the Lady Elizabeth, having...
Strana 284 - And while she dress'd it in her lap Her husband made the infant pap. Anon, the sexton thither came, And finding them there by the fire; The drunken knave, all void of shame, To drive them out was his desire ; And spurning out the noble dame, Her husband's wrath he did inflame.
Strana 280 - When God had taken for our sin That prudent Prince King Edward away, Then bloody Bonner did begin His raging malice to bewray ; AH those that did God's word profess He persecuted more or less.
Strana 250 - Virgin, whose flesh, being the outward man, was sinfully begotten, and born in sin ; and consequently, he could take none of it : but the Word, by the consent of the inward man of the Virgin, was made flesh n.
Strana 284 - With cap and knee they court'sy make, But none of them would pity take. Lo, here a princess of great blood Doth pray a peasant for relief, With tears bedewed as she stood, Yet few or none regard her grief. Her speech they could not understand, But some gave money in her hand. When all in vain her speeches spent, And that they could no house-room get, Into a church-porch...

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