The Female Sublime from Milton to Swinburne: Bearing Blindness

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Manchester University Press, 2001 - 279 strán (strany)
"The Female Sublime from Milton to Swinburne examines the feminisation of the post-Miltonic male poet, not through cultural history, but through a series of mythic or classical figures which include Philomela, Orpheus and Sappho. It recovers a disfiguring sublime imagined as an aggressive female force which feminises the male poet in an act that simultaneously deprives and energises him. This imaginative revisionist study suggests a new interpretative framework for Victorian men's poetry, while providing detailed and extensive re-readings of many major poems The Female Sublime from Milton to Swinburne will be required reading for anyone with a serious interest in the English poetic tradition and Victorian poetry."--BOOK JACKET.

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Orpheus Sappho and the feminised
Milton and Shelley
from Sappho to Satan
when Power comes full in play

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