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humbly acknowledges his gratitude to the God and Father of mercies, for protracting his life to so late a period, and reserving to him that degree of mental energy by which he has been continued in the performance of his public duties, and enabled to see the completion of this volume. He therefore ardently prays that the Lord may condescend, in some humble measure, to bless the following pages to the instruction, comfort, and animation of his readers, and especially to the glory of his own grace,

'Tis THINE the labours of the pen to bless;
Without thine aid abortive falls each thought,
However strong. However sweet the lay
That tells thy love, it charms not till thy beams
Wing it with power, and through the yielding heart
Make way for mercy. O let then thine hand
Each budding line with fruit in season crown;
And as the pow'r, so be the GLORY thine.


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A SMALL share of knowledge, whether of the natural, the vegetable, or the animal parts of creation, will convince us that all things are subject to changes, decay, and to death. This is eminently true of the life of man. He is born to die. Not that the Almighty takes pleasure in destroying the human fabrick, which is the delightful and astonishing work of his hand, but because of man's transgression; for by sin came death. And this too, is the baneful cause of all the intervening evils and miseries which attend us from the cradle to the grave. Every stage of life has its evils strongly marked; and each afford sufficient cause for submission and humiliation, while they should prompt us to supplicate the throne of mercy for those

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