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Vol. II. (1839.) No. III.


Art. I.-Remarks on the Slavery Question, in a Letter to Jonathan

Phillips, Esq. By W. E. Channing. ...


II.-A Sketch of Native Education in India, under the Super-

intendence of the Church of Scotland. By James

Bryce, D.D. Late Chaplain on the Bengal Establish-

ment of the East India Company.....


III.-First Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire

as to the best means of establishing an efficient Consta.

bulary Force in the Counties of England and Wales.. 338

IV.-Memoir of Sarah Duchess of Marlborough, and of the

Court of Queen Anne. By Mrs. A. T. Thomson,

Authoress of “ Memoirs of the Court of Henry the

Eighth," &c. ...

.. 350

V.- Reconnoitering Voyages and Travels, with Adventures in

the New Colonies of South Australia; a Particular

Description of the Town of Adelaide, and Kangaroo

Islands, &c. By W. Leigh, Esq. Late Surgeon of

the Australian Company's Ship - South Australian." 359

VI.-Four Lectures on the offices and Ceremonies of Holy

Week, as performed in the Papal Chapels. Delivered

in Rome, in the Lent of MDCCCXXXVII. By

Nicholas Wiseman, D.D.....


VII.-- Historical Sketches of Statesmen who flourished in the

Time of George III. Second Series. By Lord



VIII.-Narrative of the Surveying Voyage of H.M.S. Adventure

and Beagle, between the Years 1826 and 1836. ... ... 393

IX.-An Essay on the Utility and Advantages of Classical



X.-Class Book of Natural Theology, or the Testimony of

Nature to the Being Perfections and Government of

God. By the Rev. Geo. Kater..


XI.- A Summer in Andalucia.....


XII.-A Journal written during an Excursion in Asia Minor.

By Charles Fellows..


XIII.-Account of the Temple Church, London. With Archi-

tectural Illustrations. By R. W. Billings.


XIV.-Nan Darrell; or, the Gipsey Mother. By the Author of

· The Heiress," &c. &c.


XV.-Desultory Thoughts and Reflections. By the Countess

of Blessington...


XVI.-Roscoe's London and Birmingham Railway.


XVII.-Fra Cipolla, and other Poems. By Sir John Hanmer,



XVIII.—The French School. Part I. By M. Lepage, Professor

of the French Language in London.


XIX.-Browne on Oxford Divinity.


XX.-Supplement to the History of British Fishes. By W.

Yarrel, F.L.S...


XXI.-Answers to the Objections commonly brought against

Vaccination. By John Robertson....


XXII.-The Outlaw: a Drama in Five Acts. By R. Story. 442

XXIII.—Charles the Tenth and Louis Philippe : the Secret His-

tory of the Revolution in 1830.


XXIV.-Dodd's Church History of England, from the commence-

ment of the Sixteenth Century to the Revolution in

1688, with Notes, Additions, and a Continuation. By

the Rev. M. A. Tierney, F.S.A. Vol. I.


XXV.-History of the Huguenots, ftom 1598 to 1838. By W.

S. Browning...


XXVI.-Hannibal in Bithynia : a Play. By H. Galley Knight,

Esq. M.P....


XXVII.—The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Vol. IV. 449

XXVIII.-The Vegetable Cultivator. By John Rogers.


XXIX.-Geraldine: A Tale of Conscience. By E.C. A. Vol. III. 450

XXX.-Ianthe. By Nugent Taylor.


XXXI -Floreston, or the New Lord of the Manor, .


XXXII.—The Nautical Steam Engine explained for the use of

Officers of the Navy. By Commander R. S. Robinson,

R. N.......


XXXIII.-Popular Treatise on the Kidney. By George Corfe.... 456

XXXIV.-A Reply to the Rev. Sidney Smith's Third Letter to Arch-

deacon Singleton, in a Letter to the Venerable Arch-

deacon Wetherell. By the Rev. A. Sayers. .... 456

XXXV.-The Religion of Jesus Christ defended from the Assaults

of Owenism. By J. R. Reid ; in nine Lectures. .... 456


Vol. II. (1839.) No. IV.

ART. I.—The Modern Literature of France. By George W. M.

Reynolds, Member of the French Statistical and Agri-

cultural Societies, &c. &c.


II.-Travels in South-Eastern Asia, embracing Hindustan,

Malaya, Siam, and China; with Notices of numerous

Missionary Stations, and a full Account of the Burman

Empire. By the Rev. Howard Malcom, of Boston, U.S. 475

III.-A Diary in America, with_Remarks on its Institutions.

By Captain Marryat, C. B......


IV.-1. The Manor of Glenmore; or, the Irish Peasant. By

a Member of the Irish Bar.

2. Henry Acton, or the Gold Smugglers; and other Tales.

By the Hon. Louisa Sayers.

3. The Forester : a Tale of 1688. By Mary L. Boyle.

4. Solomon Seesaw. By J. P. Robertson


V.-Buenos Ayres, and the Provinces of the Rio de la Plata.

By Sir Woodbine Parish, K. C.H....

.. 515

VI.-The History of the Navy of the United States of America.

By J. F. Cooper, Esq.


VII.-1. Fireside Education. By the Author of “ Peter Par-

ley's Tales.

2. Woman's Mission.

3. The Educator.

4. On National Education. By Miss Austin .. 535

VIII.-Fardorougha, the Miser; or, the Convicts of Lisnamona.

By Wm. Carleton, Author of “ Tales of Ireland,” &c. 550

IX.—Tea; its Effects, Medicinal and Moral. By G. G. Sig-

mond, M.D. F.S.A. F.L.S. Professor of Materia Me-

dica to the Royal Medico-Botanical Society :


X.-Memoirs of the Life and Times of the Right Hon. Henry

Grattan. By his Son, H. Grattan, Esq. M.P.


XI.-La Lampe de Fer. Par Michel Masson...


XII.-Adventures of an Attorney in Search of Practice.


XIII - Poems, now First Collected. By Lord Leigh..


XIV.-Costanza of Mistra; a Tale of Modern Greece ; in Five



XV.-Second Additional Supplement to Loudon's Hortus Bri-




XVI.- Etymology of Southwark. By Ralph Lindsay


XVII.-An Etymological and Explanatory Dictionary of the Terms

and Language of Geology. By George Roberts 606

XVIII.-A Reply to the Rev. Dr. Turton's '“ Roman Catholic Doc-

trine of the Eucharist Considered.” By Nicholas Wise-


XIX.-Physic and Physicians; a Medical Sketch Book, &c.: with

Memoirs of Eminent Living Physicians and Surgeons. 607

XX.-1. The Works of the Rev. Sydney Smith.

2. Ballot. By the Rev. Sydney Smith ...


XXI.—Translations and Sketches of Biography, from the Ger-

man, Italian, Portuguese, and French Languages. By

a Lady


XXII.-British History, Chronologically Arranged. By John

Wade, Author of the History of the Middle and

Working Classes,” &c.....


XXIII.-A Tour in Connaught; by the Author of " Sketches in

Ireland ....


XXIV.—The Nature and Glory of the Gospel. By Joseph Bel-

lamy, D.D....


XXV.-The Miser's Daughter, a Comedy; and Miscellaneous

Poems. By John Purchas, a Rugbean


XXVI.-The Present State and Condition of the Colony of Wes-

tern Australia ; embodying a Statistical Report. By

His Excellency Sir James Stirling, Governor


XXVII.—Excerpta of Wit; or, Railway Companion ..


XXVIII.—The Plague and Quarantine. Second Edition. By John

Murray, F.R.S.


XXIX.-Podromus; or, an Inquiry into the First Principles of

Reasoning; including an'Analysis of the Human Mind.

By Sir G. Ch. Haughton, R.H., M.A., &c.....


XXX. - The Shunamite. By the Rev. Henry Woodward, A.M. 618

XXXI.—The Collected Works of Sir Humphry Davy. Edited by

his Brother, John Davy, M.D. F.R.S....


XXXII.-The Past and Present State of Dramatic Art and Literature 619

XXXIII.-Sacred Poems. By the Late Right Hon. Sir Robert Grant 619

XXXIV.-Memoirs of a Cadet. By a Bengalee ..


XXXV.- The Song of the Bel ; and other Poems. Translated from

the German of J. F. C. Schiller ..


XXXVI.—The Dukes of Normandy. By Jonathan Duncan, Esq.,B.A. 622

XXXVII.-Analysis of Savigny's Treatise on the Law of Possession.

By Professor L. A.Warnkönig.....




MAY, 1839.

Art. I.-Notes of a Wanderer in Search of Health. By W. F. CUM

MING, M.D. 2 Vols. London: Saunders and Otley. 1839. Dr. Cumming has been a wanderer over many lands. The four Quarters have been visited, we may add, penetrated by him. It is needless to say that he is also a well-educated and accomplished mau; but it is still more essential to have it demonstrated, as is done in these volumes, that sound sense, superior acuteness, and a discriminating liberality of opinions and construction on whatever subject may come under his notice, distinguish hiin. He is in fact one of the most complete cosmopolitans that we have met with. True, he does not pretend to, nor exhibit more knowledge and taste in classical matters, in the arts, or in regard to antiquities, than may be acquired by any gentleman whose education has been liberal, and who attaches himself to a learned profession ; although Dr. Cumming's extensive observations, naturally sound judgment, and remarkable habits of eliciting information and interchanging ideas, are advantages which few can be said to possess in a higher degree.

Again, the space of eighteen months over which these volumes extend, --when we consider the great variety of places and countries visited, the consequent rapidity of the journeyings, the beaten track generally followed, the infirm state of health of the “ Wanderer," and the fact that we have merely the “ Notes of a Diarist” necessarily speaking much of himself, the whole being in a familar tone,-cannot be supposed to yield any extraordinary novelties. Still, as we have hinted, the author has the faculty and cherishes the habit of extracting information out of what others would deem barren fields, while he with equal frequency and liveliness throws every subject he touches into a framework of his own, which is rich and cheerfully lent; and thus we have a very agreeable as well as instructive Journa). He thinks for himself, and freely communicates ; hence there is sometimes novelty together with abundance.

VOL. 11. (1839.) NO. I.


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