The Print Collector: An Introduction to the Knowledge Necessary for Forming a Collection of Ancient Prints

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Dodd, Mead, 1880 - 336 strán (strany)

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Strana 170 - At the end of the seventeenth, and beginning of the eighteenth centuries...
Strana 174 - Sculptura; or, The History and Art of Chalcography, and Engraving in Copper: with an ample Enumeration of the most renowned Masters and their Works. To which is annexed, A New Manner of Engraving, or Mezzotinto, Communicated by His Highness Prince Rupert to the Author of this Treatise.
Strana 182 - XVIe. siècles; ainsi que sur l'origine et le premier usage des signatures et des chiffres dans l'art de la typographie.
Strana 183 - Regalia; as also, Chalcographiana, or the Printseller's Chronicle and Collector's Guide to the Knowledge and Value of Engraved British Portraits.
Strana 174 - Sculptura, or the History and Art of Chalcography and Engraving on Copper, 1662; Silva, or a Discourse of Forest Trees, <lc., 1664; and his Mémoire (first published in 1818).
Strana 177 - Idée générale d'une collection complette d'estampes. Avec une dissertation sur l'origine de la gravure et sur les premiers livres d'images, Leipzig, 1771.
Strana 327 - Essai sur l'origine de la gravure en bois et en tailledouce, et sur la connoissance des estampes des xv" et xvie siècles, où il est parlé aussi de l'origine des cartes à jouer et des cartes géographiques; suivi de recherches sur l'origine du papier de coton et de lin ; sur la calligraphie depuis les plus anciens temps jusqu'à nos jours, sur les miniatures des anciens manuscrits, sur les filigranes des papiers...
Strana 185 - Catalogue with interesting anecdotes of the engravers, of a chronological series of rare and valuable prints, from the earliest practice of the art in Italy to the year 1549, now deposited in the British Museum and Royal Academy, in London, by George Cumberland.
Strana 180 - BROMLEY (HENRY).— A Catalogue of engraved British Portraits, from Egbert the Great to the present time...
Strana 240 - The manner in which type is printed is so well known that it is only necessary to say that...

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