The history of England, from the Revolution to the death of George the second, Zväzok 2

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Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, and Green, 1864

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Strana 438 - of wealth to remove with their effects from foreign parts into Great Britain, increase the commerce and the credit of the kingdom, and set a laudable example of industry, temperance, and frugality. Such, however, were not the sentiments of the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons of the city of London in common council assembled, who,
Strana 311 - whence they travelled to Sweden. In the month of May, the Duke of Cumberland advanced with the army into the Highlands, as far as Fort Augustus, where he encamped; and sent off detachments on all hands, to hunt down the fugitives, and lay waste the country with fire and sword. The castles of
Strana 52 - all persons, being Papists, in Scotland, and all persons in Great Britain refusing or neglecting to take the oaths appointed for the security of the king's person and government, to register their names and real estates. Both these bills passed through the Upper House without amendments,
Strana 47 - Englishman out of his country ; and, as Mr. Law was a subject of Great Britain, it was not even in the king's power to hinder him from coming over. After some dispute, the subject was dropped, and this great projector pleaded his pardon in the King's Bench, according to the usual form.
Strana 514 - Monckton, upon this service ; and three frigates and a sloop were despatched up the bay of Fundy, under the command of Captain Rous, to give their assistance by sea. The troops, upon their arrival at the river Massaguash, found the passage stopped by a large number of regular forces, rebel neutrals, or Acadian?, and Indians,
Strana 646 - sent into the Mediterranean than were actually sent thither under the command of Admiral Byng; nor any greater reinforcement than the regiment which was sent, and the detachment, equal to a battalion, which was ordered to the relief of fort St. Philip, consistently with the state of the navy, and the
Strana 625 - armies, as well as for the support of the common cause; for building and repairs of ships, hiring transports, payment of half-pay officers, and the pensions of widows ; for enabling his majesty to discharge the like sum, raised in pursuance of an act passed in the last session of Parliament, and charged
Strana 211 - which lay to leeward, and might have been reached in less than three days, he resolved to beat up against the wind to Hispaniola, in order to observe the motions of the French squadron commanded by the Marquis d'Antin. The fifteenth day of February had elapsed before he received certain information that the French admiral had
Strana 132 - a marriage dower for his daughter; and a clause for this purpose was inserted in the bill, for enabling his majesty to apply five hundred thousand pounds out of the sinking fund for the service of the current year. The opposition in the House of Lords was still more Debates
Strana 316 - mori." He surveyed the crowd with attention, examined the axe, jested with the executioner, and laid his head upon the block with the utmost indifference. From this last scene of his life, one would have concluded that he had approved himself a patriot from his youth, and never deviated from the paths of virtue.

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